Mario Themed Graphic Design with Sketchup and Vray

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We’re going to be attempting to recreate
something similar to this graphic here. That was made by…not sure where his name is…Liam Keating. It’s a pretty cool graphic. We’re gonna try to create that
in Sketchup. So let’s check that out after the intro! Alright, so I’m just gonna save this file here to my downloads. And then we’re gonna upload it
as a reference image to just make a new file here. We are going to import
that as a reference. So, we click…you want to make sure, let’s do match photo. I
think that’ll be the easiest for us. So the…you just want to make this match
photo, that angle here…choose this guy. So the parallel, but this is basically a
parallel projection. Now the trick is, that we want to render this with v-ray.
So it’s gonna be part of the thing that we’re tasked with. Is how you get a
parallel projection render in v-ray, and I’ll tell you right now. I have a trick!
Or at least something that I plan on trying. So we’ll see how that goes. we’re
just gonna clean these up a little bit. And Wow! Let’s just try to get this line
vertical. That’s pretty good, you know. So we’re just gonna leave it at that. And
we’re just gonna use this as a reference. So it doesn’t need to be a hundred
percent perfect. It’d be nice if it was, but it doesn’t
need to be. What I’m gonna do is…I don’t feel like modeling these things. So we’re
gonna see if the 3D warehouse has some. So these are goombas, these are no coin
blocks, maybe…and pipes. Oh, remember save early, and often. So we’re going to call
this “Mario graphic”. You can see in here that there’s like all of this stuff in
the backgrounds. So there’s like some hilly things going on. And that’s big big
shadow’s being cast over here. There we go! Boomba! Already searched that. So we’re
just gonna load this guy in. It’s pretty cute. He’s got a split in the
back of his head, though. I got some extra particles over here. I’m just gonna…oops.
Not do that. Just gonna hide these lines. Looks like maybe it wasn’t modeled best,
but…so we have a Goomba. Cool. Goomba’s in. Now let’s see Mario. Let’s call this
“Mario pipe”. The pipe will be easy to create. If it’s not in here already.
Try to pick a good one. Got the block… …this one looks good. Probably get rid of
this person. Scale this. We don’t actually need this like black inside, because you
shouldn’t. We’re gonna hide that. Hit B for the paintbrush tool. So we
have that guy. Now I’m gonna hit S for scale. Just scale it down. That seems like
it might be a good size. And then going for our coin block. “Mario lock”…shut up.
More generic…here’s one. And the thing that, oh. This one looks good cool. That’s
actually a really good one. And then go back to our model. And then just scale
everything. So it’s roughly the size that we want. I think I scaled this the wrong
way. Scale…let’s go to negative one. There we go! It’s pretty good. And then rotate this just so that. The question mark is facing
the right way. Actually, let’s go 9D. So that it’s the
same. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. So let’s just put this
one down. There last one. And then divide it by five. Yes.
So we have those guys in. How to choose shape here. Push-pool. I want to put
parallel projection on now. Or I can’t… That’s fine.
Make this a group. And then I’m gonna make a new texture. Call this pink. And then just try to find a color that is
similar. So let’s go here. I think it’s brighter. Maybe a little bit more
saturated. This is pretty close. So we have our pink. And then our blue. Blue.
Choose blue. More like a cyan almost. Close…so it looks good to me.
I’m just kind of trying to get a color that makes sense. So if I move this, you
can see that you still have that guy. I want to turn off, I don’t want have to go
through that animation every single time. So I am going to go to it’s model info.
Yes, and go to animations. And then disable scene transitions, aren’t worried
about that. Let’s get my Goomba down. Actually let’s rotate this first. I had
control there to make a copy. Just using the arrow keys…scale now this isn’t going to be like a
hundred percent, but it just gives me an idea of… it’s my pink, yep. It just allows me to really quickly do everything. So these are all the same
size, which is really cool. It allows me to do this pretty quickly. Let’s copy
this guy. Rotate, press the up arrow key. After I press Q for the rotate tool. And
the same thing with this guy. Just making sure everything lines up. Now we’re
starting to get wonky, so. But that’s fine. The thing here is…that I don’t think we
picked we made a square shape, which is okay. We just need to make sure that that
doesn’t reveal itself at any point. So I’ll choose this. Scale that down, scale
it down some more…looks like there’s like a really cool glassy texture on
this. Make these taller. So I’m just gonna select that. So it was actually already on there. So
I’m just gonna move this down and push it up. Alright, again And like I said, it doesn’t have to be
perfect. We’re just trying to get something similar. So we’re just gonna
move this in this direction. And then the green direction. And maybe we just make
this ticket to the limit. Okay, so that’s in the middle. And I may want to fix that
later, but these guys, and then do the same thing with this, just copy down to
there. Choose this guy, put him there. Now hopefully this doesn’t reveal that our…
don’t forget there. Putting M to move, and then scaling to the right size… Just kind of nice the way this was done.
Come on, there we go. And scale. Okay, and then we need to put this guy there. So we
have those guys put in, that way you just need to move these. So…move to here, over and then up. Make a copy of him so he goes up a little bit. I just want to make
sure that these aren’t actually like in the middle of this shape. They’re not
even close. So we’re okay, yeah. So we just want to fix all this. These guys I don’t
think make a big difference, but this was back to some of the things that I said a
long time ago. With just being sure that when you make something in Sketchup, that
like when you’re using photo match that it can be wildly different than what you
think. You just want to always reference your 3D model, make sure that it looks
like what you think it looks like. It’s good. I’m just gonna go straight up. With
this copy and it’s getting a little bit out of whack, but that’s fine. Choose these guys, copy there, dumb here,
move it over a bit. Now we’re just gonna put them down. Just
trying to stay orthogonal with everything. Okay, so that guy’s there, this
here. You’re just moving that locking to the axis, go up, set it going like left or
right. I’m just using these two axes being vertical. And then back and forth.
So that I’m staying locked in that middle. These the same. These are rotated.
What isn’t a big deal, you could do it however you want. But I’m going to go to
here, and then rotate from that point, 90. These up a little, back, up back. So this
one looks like it’s a little bit of a different spacing. That’s fine.
Choose this guy…so make sure that you do not…so I’m getting some clipping right now…of these shapes. So, well…let’s make sure it’s in the middle first, and then we’ll
push it out a little bit. Those guys aren’t exact, so what I’m gonna do
actually just select these, and just make sure it’s the same. That’s the other guy.
So it’s a little bit off, but I don’t… mind I don’t mind. And then this guy has a third one. I’m
not sure why, but whatever we’ll do it. It’s a little bit of variety. Okay, so
then the last thing we need to do is just put the goombas in. So we’ll scale
this, scoop it down, a little bit bigger. Right to him, press the up arrow key to
lock. Especially because he doesn’t have any flat sides. So we’re just gonna go
180. Move him. Now I want to make sure that he is on that plane. This is almost
perfect. Wonder if that’s the exact Goomba that they used. I don’t actually
don’t even know if they made this in Sketchup. Just figured it’d be fun to try.
So let’s rotate this guy…90. So we’re almost there. That guy, so we have two, and
then we have two up here…so let’s put him on there. It’s up Goomba Move teeny tiny bit…rotate them. Up
arrow key…90. Now this one’s off a little bit so I’m just gonna keep that. And then
just look really quick and see if everything makes sense. Delete our scale
figure save before I render that’s always something you wanna make sure you
do. So this looks pretty good. Now, there’s also this hill. That’s in here.
We’re gonna do it, but I’m not too experienced with the tool that I got to
use. So bear with me on this. So we’re gonna…we’re gonna try this out. Okay, so
we’re gonna extrude…extrude this a little bit. Put this way down. Okay,
so we’re just gonna go here. Then we’re gonna draw another guy. And then let’s
say…yeah, okay. So we’re just gonna push pull this up, get a little bit of
stepping action going here…push it in…so I don’t know how to use this. So smooth
selection…that’s funny. Like the first thing I tried to choose. This point
subdivided spin. So this gives me like a preview, I think. Okay… I think…yeah, that makes it smoother. So we have that guy, just take this. Push it up… So you got a little bit of a hill. Go in.
I just want to go like super far out. And then make it a softer edge here maybe. Very crude. Right, so let’s try this. Looks
pretty good. It’s not obviously exact, but does give us what we’re going for. Is
really let’s go lime…there’s like a lime green color. I’m not sure how to, and just subdivide
it smooth. woooof That’s fine Maybe smoother… How do I subdivide more?..There we go! That was too much. This isn’t too bad. So we just want to…
have to be like kind of over looking at turn off hidden geometry, make sure that this
isn’t eating anything. And then we’ll do the same thing. I’ll
just take this, we will reverse this face. Well, actually let’s make it a component.
And then we’ll copy, make a copy of it… and then rotate it, Q. You maybe then use
that here. The same thing again. Okay, and hopefully that is smooth enough
that it doesn’t look really weird. So we have that guy. Yeah, hopefully this. So I
think this should be good. Now the trick is: always save before you render
anything. We’re gonna choose render interactive. In v-ray, and hope that it
eventually comes up. This is like the struggle that I have with v-ray. Yes, so
the thing with Sketchup and this is like based on my perspective. We’ll talk
about this maybe more a little bit later in another video. But you spent six
dollars on this software, and it’s less than a lot of other programs. But when
you go, and you want to do really nice renderings, what happens is – you lose, or
you simply give up some of your ability to do things. Where are you gonna
render and you need to then buy software that will render. So it’s just
something to consider if you’re considering v-ray. I do like the way
things look from v-ray, but often, like right now. I feel like I am fighting with
v-ray to get sort of what I want. So this is a decent start. What we need to do is
fix the Selective, I zoom in. We need to fix the angle. And I think there’s
actually…I was thinking that we might have needed something else. But I think
really, just if we fix the sun angle, I think we’re good. So let’s choose shadows.
We’re just gonna change where the sun is coming from. Now one thing to also know, so we have a later month picked. So I don’t
want that. I want the shadows to go behind everything. I’m just trying to
understand where the shadows are. Unfortunately, I think we picked. We model
everything in the wrong direction. So what I’m gonna do is hit ctrl+A to
select everything and rotate 180 degrees. Sorry, reference photo. Do the same thing.
So let’s add. I’ll just add this scene here…go back to our render interactive.
If it comes up. Okay, so we want to get in here so that our frame is nice and tight. I’m going to try to minimize the amount
of extra things we have. That looks pretty good. So I’m gonna actually click
on lock. Lock camera orientation, and then also update. So then we’re gonna mess
with the shadows. We want them coming as much closer. Somewhere between those two times. And
then like I said. We had longer shadows. So if you go earlier in the month, or
around June. June is when the Sun is highest. So the shadow will be shorter.
December is when they are longest. I love the color of this. So let’s try to
just figure out the angle. A little bit longer. So we get more of
those shapes. That looks…this looks pretty good.
I’m pretty happy with this. I’m gonna make sure I update that scene, so it
saves. Now, if I zoom in, everything is really pixelated. And that’s because I’m
rendering this relatively small, so what I wanted to do is come to v-ray, go to
render output. And I want to change this to, whatever makes sense. Typically I do
an increment of this width, but you don’t have to. So if I do 2400, this will update.
And we’ll get a much crisper looking image. It’ll take obviously some time to
render. But then when you’re finished, you have a much higher resolution image to
do your graphic with. So yeah. Hopefully this helped. If you liked this video,
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