27 Replies to “Make Windows Look Like mac OS Sierra || UPDATED”

  1. francisco lopes says:

    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates want to know your location

  2. master 123 says:


  3. FoxFleare says:

    My Nexus Dock Backup link is broken aigan

  4. Zebastian Plays says:

    What the music?

  5. Romano Puccio says:

    backup.wbk doesn't work…

  6. Learn New says:

    how to get back to window

  7. _stashman says:

    Download links are not working. its just never ending ads.
    Pls fix

  8. jalesveva jayamahe says:

    Use Hackintosh bro.
    Its very easy to install on windows machine 😂

  9. Swetter1000 says:

    Thumbs down… Download Links aren't working…

  10. Highlander says:


  11. QueenCharmingDiva says:

    When i restarted my computer it went to pc

  12. somboon srifa says:

    how to download file , I can't download file

    suggest me pls.

  13. ATp says:

    Is there a video tutorial on how to uninstall all of the changes made? I am scard to install because it might cause malfunctions in my system. Thank you!

  14. Piotr Grabarczyk says:


  15. Harnoor Dhindsa says:

    if i shut down my pc and restart the theme will be still or move to default

  16. Uncommonly .Anxiety says:

    how do you download the files?

  17. lemler 3 says:

    why shrinkearn, why

  18. Alex XX says:


  19. Misiaczeq ;3 says:

    I don't know how to download those files…

  20. Ali Ayadiya says:

    if Steve jobs and bill gates got married.

  21. AieX says:

    Thx you, you really cool!

  22. Abs Bappy says:

    If i want to go back my previous mode,what should i do?

  23. Christian Frisbie says:

    see that intro rip headphone users

  24. key 8痴白 says:

    will it be lag in intel7

  25. Ahmed Yiğit Gökdemir says:

    i can t open the links

  26. IHome Weak says:

    hey , please upload on mediafire , i can't download! Dont get money on this site called shortener!

  27. Jordan says:

    I prefer light mode :/

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