Make money without invest earn 500$ to 3000$ daily and withdraw by payoneer

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hi I am Mercer obaid in this video you will learn to make three hundred dollars to three thousand dollars daily without spending penny joining link is given in description squad help platform of business squad help was founded in 2011 ad is a crowdsourcing platform that helps companies name their business or create new logos the company is an international company and anyone worldwide can join many companies look to squad help for audience testing machine learning helping and find a creative name for the business they want to open and new logo designs the company is headquartered in Chicago and has created an innovative platform that a business owner can use to help him find the perfect name for the company they want to create this is a crowdsourcing platform where the business owner will post a contest on the site any member of the site has the opportunity to take part in the contest the winner of the contest is chosen by the business owner once the contest has closed the winner will be paid for the contest by the business owner squad help earn three hundred dollars to three thousand dollars daily works on squad help a the business owner will need to sign up with the company and create an account be afterward they can choose between one of three platforms they'd like to use a naming contest B premium domain marketplace C agency level managed contest C if the owner is looking for a name for his new business he can deposit the funds with the company and create a contest D in order to create the contest the person must fill out the information on the site and answer a few questions about the business in order to help the freelancer on the site think of a name for his company e after the information is completed he can launch the contest F the community will start to provide suggestions to the content creator gee it is up to the content creator to review the suggestion and give feedback he has three days to do this age on the fourth day of the contest the contest creator must narrow down the list to the top five to ten names I the company will now test the names on the list for the business owner to see what people prefer this takes four days to complete this process J the top three names chosen during this phase are sent to a trademark attorney for a comprehensive trademark screening Kay the contest creator has 30 days to select T winner based on the final results from the audience testing and the trademark validation l once the winner is announced the person is paid for their submission freelancing benefits eh this is an international company and anyone can join B just fill out the registration form and submit it to the company C as a new member the site will assign you just to contest that you can participate in D you will need to earn likes for your ideas in order to get full access to the site and be able t participate in all the contests on the site e once you receive full access to the site it is easy to participate I all the contest on the site F at this time you will decide on which contests you'd like to enter and submit your ideas or your logo design G during the contest the contest holders will rate your ideas and provide you feedback daily you can earn a there is absolutely no guarantee that you can earn money on this site unless you win one of the contests B if you are a contest winner you can earn between $300 to $3,000 per day there are a few contests that pay a lot higher reward for the winner C the more likes you receive it is possible to earn points and badges from the site this gives you the opportunity to enter a higher-paying contest for a chance to earn the reward when your idea has been selected how does squad help pay a the company requires that you have a verified PayPal account to be paid B if you live in the United States you'll be required to submit a w-9 form to the company before you can be paid see people who live outside of the US will need to submit a w8 BN to the company see these two documents are required if you are required to pay taxes d the site might need to ask you for additional documents or account verification before they send you the money you've earned from the contest future about the company a like all types of crowdsourcing companies who are online today there is no actual guarantee that you can earn money from this company B you will need to be creative and compete with over seventy thousand other members worldwide to win a contest in order to be paid C you could work for months or even years without earning a dime from the company D unless you are chosen as the lucky winner you will be wasting your time and talents working for this company you need to realize that this site claims they have over 70 thousand registered freelancers on the site there is no telling how many people will enter a single contest if any of the members will even vote for your idea or if the person who created the contest will like your ideas conclusion this is a legitimate company to sign up for and submit your ideas for the different contests that are held on the site like suggesting business domain and logo design etc however you will need to consider that entering a contest does not guarantee that your idea will be chosen and you'll be paid for your time and efforts there is only one winner per contest and there are a lot of people competing for a single cash prize entering contests such as this can be stressful and also disappointing if you are not selected for your ID and submissions you could enter over 1,000 different contests before you even earn any money from this site your entry and ideas may be great but if the person who is running this contest doesn't like your idea then you are wasting your time

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