MacBook Pro 2016 vs iMac 5K (Disk Speed, Graphics, CPU Benchmark)

July 30, 2019 posted by

This being a benchmark of two unmatched machines the imac 5k a desktop computer with a different form factor from the macbook pro a notebook however it may be useful to evaluate some features the most obvious in this case is the test of read and write off the disk speed the new pcie-based flash storage in the new macbook pro is the way to go if you really want to get higher disk read and write speeds although the fusion drive option in the imax still get great results the new pcie-based flash storage is even faster in terms of the graphic card and cpu performances is so expect some differences between this two machines but never left to say that this macbook pro of 2016 does the same of the ice takes is more time to do so meaning if you need to work with video for example rendering images high-resolution pictures and video records you will be satisfied with the imax Oh


11 Replies to “MacBook Pro 2016 vs iMac 5K (Disk Speed, Graphics, CPU Benchmark)”

  1. Mr .robot says:

    Hello, macbook 15 2016 or imac 27 ? Help)

  2. Mohamed Benbah says:

    Hello, thank you for your video
    and pls I want ti know if the imac i7 32go ram, its good for execution on photoshop ! or mac pro its better !!
    tahk you

  3. Donejail says:

    It's a great video in all, but I can't take it seriously with that text to speech voice

  4. MightiestArm says:

    So according to this video, the only thing going for the MacBook is the read /write speed

  5. Joel Arriaga says:

    I want to get a apple device for video editing and music but I'm not so sure which one to get

  6. Theyy.løve.ramyiahh 07 says:

    I prefer iMac 5k so I can play roblox easier I hate playing roblox on a mobile device like my iphone

  7. maddie buxton says:

    Too much music and bollox and not enough dialogue

  8. TriFlix Films says:

    It sounds like Joseph from info wars lol

  9. kremits dad says:

    Wat voice changer do you use ?

  10. Justin Preiss says:

    I think an iMac is the better way to go, a MacBook is still cool but for me, its a Laptop and I​ like strong PCs more

  11. Joshua Bedford says:

    Learn share, you are comparing a dual core i5 processor to a quad core i7 processor. Not a very good comparison. The SSD vs Hybrid Drive type comparison is a good one, as that actually are two differences between the two products, but the laptop IS configurable to a quad core i7 processor, which would be a more realistic comparison.

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