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Being the outsider in school is hard. Hell,
high school in general is a mess, you are going through one of life most confusing moments
and everything is not helping. You know what makes it worse? Suddenly discovering you can
go back in time, because with great power comes a lot of freaking pressure and confusion.
You know what even makes it worse? Having to experience it with very low framerate. But no worries, because things will get better.
Welcome to 2016 everybody, one of my new year LowSpecGamer resolutions is to try some new
genres and where better to start that that with a graphic adventure game that has made
me curious since I first read of it. This is the LowSpecGamer, where graphic adventures
are still high end and where we love big configuration files. So forget about shadows and most of the details.
We may not be able to turn back time but we can make this game run. Oh man, are you cereal? This is the default configuration on this
game. Full HD resolution and Medium preset, no the best start. And as you guessed, this is a bit hard to
play with… which is a lot to say for a slower paced adventure game. Changed the resolution back to 720 and preset
low. Only thing left to disable is vertical sync and done. I am pretty sure you can play like this with
some patience, but that is not enough for us, specially when there’s ways to make it
better. Life is Strange is an Unreal Engine 3 game
as the game reminds you every time you boot it up. I have covered some unreal engine 3
games here before using certain tweaks and although some games refused to be tweaked
or simply hide all configuration files, Life is strange is not one of those games and we
can learn from past experiences. The first thing we are going to do is screw
a bit with the level of detail on textures, which is a great thing to do if you are low
on memory. To do this we need go to the default configuration file located at the installation
directory of the game. For Steam this is at program files x86, Steam, steamapps, common,
Life is Strange, LifeIsStrangeGame, Config… and open a file called DefaultEngine.ini At the System Settings area you will find
a set of texture groups, and what you need to do is too change all MaxLODSizes to 1.
So all of this. I will try and leave a copy of this texture group sections in the description
if you prefer to copy and paste, just make sure you paste it on the right area of the
file. Run the game so these changes are saved on
all the other configuration files and change back your settings. Modifying the default
engine file resets all your settings back to default. What his will do is decrease the level of
details on most of the environment and in the characters themselves. Even tough the
game already has a very characteristic art style you will definitively notice the difference
in the faces of the characters. Now, for something a bit more useful we need
the user configuration file located at Documents, my games, Life is Strange, LifeIsStrangeGame,
config, LifeIsStrangeEngine.ini. Open it with notepad and look for the system settings area. We are going to turn off a bunch of things,
starting with decals, followed by Dynamic Lights, Shadows and some other types of lightning.
This will get us a lot of performance at the cost of the game looking a bit dark. However,
I recommend you leave DirectionLightMaps on. Turning it off will result in a very significant
boost in performance but a lot of the game´s surfaces will be dark. Very dark. You can
still play the game like this if you are desperate but I am going to leave it on. Just in case we turn off a bunch of other
effects, such as Motion Blur and… Oh… do be careful about depth of field.
It is another one that gives you a significant boost in performance but disabling it removes
all item and action prompts on the game which can be a major problem unless you want to
button mash your way through the game. And then we disable AmbientOcclusion and Bloom,
followed by Distortion, SpeedTreeLeaves and Fronds… and finally LensFlares and FogVolumes. MaxDistanceScale is another good one, it controls
the draw distance so we can reduce it just 0.5. Let´s give it a try! Oh, if only I
could do this in real life, I have broken
so many things. No, no, no, that is too much. How do… ? Mm. Man, look at all these fancy clothes. So beau…
I have no idea what this is. I think this was supposed to be a mirror here…
Or something… Oh, there is supposed to be something like a, like height line over there.
Context. Very important. Now… how do I put music? Ha ha. And I thought it was just me that disabled
the lights… That is marginally better. Another drawing that is simply not there. Almost? Oh dear (deer). That… mm… that is kinda scary. Wow. Ok. Now I know that this switched to
pre-rendered. Haha. That completely broke the illusion, didn’t it? Now. Let me… oh, let me tell you something.
I have been trying very hard to avoid any story spoilers during this video because this game
is all about the story and it has an excelent one. And it is set on a high school where
high school things happen as you can observe right now and where the character feels like
an outsider and it’s a human feeling, you grow up, things are complicated, friends change
and you feel like life is completely out of control but if you search deep inside of you,
you can always find the strength to keep on going. Did you notice the draw distance there?
yep. That is fun. Haha. Also, this is game is really interesting to
play and I am considering playing it on a different format so I can make more meaningful
cometary about the story and about the characters. But, I will talk a little bit about that in
an upcoming video. In the meantime you can keep enjoying this… whatever this is. I meant what I said. School is hard and life
is confusing. But I believe that if you keep looking deep inside of you… you will find
the force to keep pushing on. Now before we go. Time for the continue the
tradition of the: LowSpecGamer giveaway I have a bunch of winners to announce from
last year, but those winners will be announced on a special video coming out soon. This question is themed: “What is your best video game related high
school memory?” if you are still on high school well, it´s going to be easier to remember
I guess This week there are two prizes. The first
is a copy of Bionic Commando donated by Lechuga194. To participate for this one leave your answers
on comments or twitter. The second one is a region locked steam copy
of Just Cause 2 donated by The Doctor, who left the following message: “This is Rico, treat him well! Прощай!”
according the google translate the last part is read like this: This game is locked to these countries. If you qualify go to LowSpecGamer steam group,
and you will find a discussion where this question can be answered. You can participate
on both giveaways if you want. Wooo, 2016 is finally starting for the channel
and there is lots to do. See you on the next videos everyone!


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