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therapy it's been a hot minute since we've done logo therapy so I'm super excited to do local therapy with you and we have a brand new therapist on the show today it's Mart and Everton he's gonna fill the big shoes that Davi has left behind but I think I was the right person for the job if you're new to the show in the format to the channel will welcome beautiful people we're gonna be doing two logos from two designers today 2×2 is what we call this with Mart's and Everton first up is going to be Mart if you don't know who he is you can check him out on Instagram and studio op Mars he's from the Netherlands and it's a massive heat wave going on right he's trying to stay cool but looking good well while he's doing it this is some of his work really neat work nice nice work here and brand-new to the show we've been trying to find him a dance partner I couldn't find him one and then the opportunity opened up and so here he is all the way from Campo Grande Brazil is Everton Everton this is his work look how fresh this work is hey Jonah will you stop doing that Hey I've been told by the team I need to mention this as some of you guys don't know this but we actually sell courses on designed and logos and you might want to check them out so that's all I'm gonna say about that just to let you guys know so first up you picked a guy named Daniel young and he did something called or for Brooks flooring so some kind of lumber flooring thing now I'm going to turn it over to you take it away my friend all right so I've got a finest video of the process okay and you can talk about it oh yeah I just saw your first I made some notes of myself when I was going to change and what I think could be a proof so first of all the typography was traced a bit with next to the side and also on the bottom so that was the first thing I was changed next to the symbol and then I start just sketching like creating my own version of his symbol and working on proportions because it's felt a bit like it was stretched and wash it felt a bit off so I was just redoing his logo basically and then after a while give it my own little twist I guess mm-hmm so I'm just this your style of work just open up Photoshop get create some sketches so here I got the idea maybe adding to be inside the yeah like the initials of the company later on you'll see that I also tried to put the D F on the floor because it's a Florida company so yeah I'm just creating a really basic grid to help me create get the right proportions and just clean up discussion on it quick before us so basically I'm just copying and pasting everything I'm doing constantly just to be able to like go some steps back if it's needed and also have like some back-up plan in case you did something wrong or in case you want to chase something I think it's easy to constantly just keep copying and pasting your work so that you can always undo your mistakes did you draw a vanishing point are you free handing that no basically the vanishing point artistry is 2.0 but I'm free I think most of this mm-hmm I'm using the the lines of red lines basically as guidelines I think so this is where I so you're just trying out things maybe a black background or I'm also creating a version with like just the border are used to the bar going but my final logo that I actually created it's far different from this so it's completely different the other thing is always when I'm creating and quitting like these designs and just one I'm working constantly like I like you know ideas popping into my head right I also when I'm putting on Pinterest or the ants or whatever I see something that inspires me sometimes I just start over it's different right so the next step here was I had this random idea of trying a different perspective because perspective on that one develop it's forced to meet fellow bits I don't know what's very suitable for logo so why don't you create something a bit cleaner so yeah I'm just basically using this geometric shape to use that as a foundation for mm-hmm but it's not even the final one yet I constantly kept changing the direction I was taking but yeah here's a bit more clear at the office actually on the floor yeah and this is with like more isometric perspective right yeah so restore the bits most suitable for low very low mm-hmm because you want to be able to read it on the old small skills well and I think the one on the Left which goes down goes a bit unreadable so this was actually the direction that I ended up you see I saw a picture on the internet of like I don't I don't know if it was some bogus what else but of the width of the floor curling up a bit so I thought it was pretty cool to have like this curling effect whether it be is actually like the shadow of the of the earth oh so that's just a couple of variation that's the idea and I think somewhere between working on this I also went back to the other idea try to have another thing here but I didn't been abusing this something really liked it so it is like constant back and forth of you having like new ideas men or make this this will work on the old idea and back again I know exactly what you mean when you're working it's like you're your hands can't move as fast as you're Ryan you do this and you're like this and then you just try to quickly get that down and move on to the next one this is where I think having proficiency in tools is really important because you can move at the speed of thought right like look at how many different things he's iterating on so he's not stuck on one direction this is really critical so when you're designing marks and symbols it's important that you try as many ideas as you think are valid worth exploring not just because you're limited by your skill set so I'm just this we skeptics wall party because I made this cache on another computer when I wasn't but I basically same idea but it's a bit more straightforward but I didn't end up using it because it was a bit boring and I also liked the perspective of the one that bought this because it gives more the impression of a shouldn't be in the floor okay one is your head which is so far is that it's Brooks flooring right not flooring Brooks so there you know that's I was going to mention this I've actually switched it around here like I read your mind there goes using the one about the efforts becoming first because some reason I just liked it more because the F is a bit more hidden on the beat and for me to be is more important but the s more like hidden gimmick like it's not something that you notice right away decided to keep that way but I knew this was going to be the first feedback because this was also my own mind like I didn't like because this is my report lines probably if this was like client projects I'm pretty sure the client would have also pushed back on this like we want to be to want to be to be the first leather right but I was like I'm just going to pick the one about like most visually because it's not much time in this case right why not I mean it's you're doing this for fun it's part of your explorations so do the thing that you love yeah and also because in this case like in the later stages I think the techniques that I'm using are naturally people ask this question all the time which is how long is it taking you from start to this point right now how much time in these bad I think this was spots two or three hours okay no I think you'd be shorter because I think the whole process of from start to finish was about three or four hours like dropped into 15 min senior Wow so here I'm using the shapes of the like the gaps between death using it to build the typography which is kinda spell the name because I was because I was pretty cool in proportions as something that's returns like they're the thickness of the medicine the symbol also the same as the thickness of the medicine obviously mm-hmm this doesn't really quick just quick scratch to get an idea of what it might look like in length so this is actually you still motion with the letters turned around right I switch to expect at the later point that's almost like if I could just go mm-hmm just Union let's train arrows in Photoshop master in Photoshop I'm just if I in the sketch at this point because it looks I know what it's going to look like an illustrator but I need to refine it the bits who will be able to like funny said compute faster you know administrator I don't want to get stuck in industry so I'm already planning a bit ahead here so I'm not a proportions like the thickness of the FB is twice the thickness off to get off the B so I know that in my head when I go in to illustrate it's usually a bit great for guidelines a question for you how did you learn and when did you develop this technique of working like this with quick sketching in Photoshop and working on proportions and things like that well actually I used to do a lot of illustration which the arts or the drawing parts this comes natural to me mm-hmm on the government so like actually full-time branding since about a year now two years maybe like basically I used to work a lot for DJ's and grades that cover odd works and then they asked me like can you also do a logo and I was like okay sure I'll just do it without even know how to do this so I kind of applied a lot of thickness by use while illustrating to my global design process that makes sense mhm so for me to drunk was actually the easiest part and then they illustrate a part of me is something that I'm still learning about above and basically just learning everyday in one so that makes a lot of sense with your background I should that's that's why he can draw so fast right and your drawings pretty tight yeah so most of it is free ends and then get a question about all your trophy yeah like so clean but it's just by doing it above practicing a lot mm-hmm and it also helps to have a Wacom tablet or whatever other tablets because you can easily go back in time and just removing things or going back in your history yeah so that's why I'm very sketching on Photoshop me next to sketching on paper well I think that's also pretty personal he's whatever works yeah so this is also still polish up on you I'm just using the geometric shapes like circles and lines to make sure that's going to be clean the ends you use use Photoshop like the way I use illustrator you're very organized with your files and duplicating things it's sometimes I'm working in Photoshop and I got three layers and I can't undo anything it's all destructive at this point yeah that's exactly the reason why I always duplicate the layers because I've made so many mistakes in the past they couldn't undo because only same layer so I got used to always keeping a backup now mm-hmm well I think the sketch is almost finished mm-hmm sorry I'm just quickly redoing the typography because the proportions gets a little bit so as you can see they're the thickness of the the book of these the same size as it gets up symbol mm-hmm I don't know why it's just I'm like just might wouldn't like this it's the only way you you're hitting me like it gives me the rest in my hand I should say right I noticed something your vertical stroke is thicker I mean your horizontal strokes are thicker than your vertical strokes no that's why because optically I became all yours eyes right yeah because if you look at it at least the you know what maybe I take that back because my screen is stretched right now so I'm like I'm gonna take that back but if you make I got what you mean a lot of lot of fun stuff for differences in the way the strokes are yeah so I know it should be but I think in this case because the book is pretty geometric I know it's yeah so just for people don't know that Martin are talking about which is if you make the vertical stroke mathematically the same as the horizontal stroke optically it'll look like the horizontal stroke is thicker than the vertical stroke it's just the way things work so you want to take it and just push it in a little bit for most things if you're trying to keep everything like a mono stroke like what this logo looks like then generally speaking you'll want to keep it the same that's the function okay all right this is a lot tighter than I would ever take in Photoshop is interesting how you work so Kathy go ahead basically my process in Photoshop is about the same as little straight about just unlike that like a really King sketch before I go into Australia yeah I know that's what what I'm going to run into right you're like a comic book artists who gets the pencils really really tight so that when the inker is doing their job they don't have to make up anything and I like that because there's a lot that gets lost in translation you guys know what I'm talking about you design something yeah now you're an illustrator going great is what make sure that's all clear inside yeah so now you're doing the same process again but just an illustrator stone yeah and it's nice it's nothing to the grid so it's exactly what needs to be yeah and then function was like British bo-zone okay so Katherine is saying right here there's also like a small difference between the grits and don't strain on the grid from Photoshop right so this pretty much but I made a mistake enforceable right okay so Katherine is saying loving the process just letting you know that people are always complaining about our guests their microphones because we're using $400 mics and amps and crazy things so and we're in an isolation booth so there will be a difference but one day we'll get everybody a nice mic when we're making some serious money that way all our therapists sound as good as we want them to sound so this is also the same as a photo book it's actually like snap to the grid so why should all the same mm-hmm I always like to create my own typography create my own phones yep but I guess in some case you can also just buy one get a free one and just try it once I just I swear I'm just this way PDP tutorials saying hey your process is mind blowing nice and then YC is asking is this a recording I thought it was real time yes mark is that good you guys come on guys he can't work like that fast I mean he's pretty fast you could tell he's pretty fast but yes it's sped up a little bit for the sake of our audience I think well speed us 2000% mm okay so that's good good frame of reference I would have said I sped it up 10% guys and normally work percent slower mm I'm just going to open a PDF all because like I know how much people always like local looks and mock-ups it should be yes create some death I didn't go as far as ideal the boss episode because what she did was insane yes come on this is the final one you got to represent for the dudes out there ideals no can you have any right now okay so this is our some variation with quality and also vertical horizontal buckle and some secondary color variations mmm cymbal and some applications so this might be like their storefront maybe you saw a little book on shirts like business parts and like their own piece of wood you know makes anything they can spray there are some lowest rhymin on using mock-ups to show clients all over might look at most times people relevance like I don't want to use that's not to do with their business okay very good job okay so everybody that's in the chat right now all 180 people in the chat let us know do you prefer the original on the left side or the new logo that marked finished on the right side so let us know a or b ches the original B is the revised one regardless of whether you prefer one or the other because at some point it becomes really subjective I think he solved some balancing issues and and reducing the complexity of the the first one while making it highly legible and I think he found an interesting way to show the flooring without literally showing the flooring it's more implied my only comment is that probably should be bf like this and best friends for Bryce but it's okay you know hey whatever man you could have easily changed the name if you wanted to okay here we go everybody reading here oh look at this new new new mostly new one person says original but you know there's always got to be one other there's two people there B is – yes and a bunch of them definitely a new one B obviously duh okay B is better is a lot of potential my deal school okay all right with that whose phone is that Jonah I told you turn off your cell phone God dangit that ambulance ringtone okay why don't you hit mute smart is killing all of us right now oh my god okay you meted them okay good okay so let's switch gears let's move on to what Everton our brand-new logo therapist is going to do so let me bring up evidencing so he is working with as local submission from Hodgdon held o vac ROG didn't held them back I know I butchered it sorry and the logo looks something like this this is pretty nice logo using futur ax as the logo type the word mark slider and probably some custom thing hopefully at least it looks like that some kind of interesting s okay real quick mark can you stop sharing your screen yeah Marge stop sharing please and then I'm sorry yeah it's okay there's a joke in there but I'm not gonna do it not kind of do it so Everton then you can share your screen yes by hitting that green share button at the bottom bottom center there you go sharing the screen all right I guess alright okay hold on wait wait for Jonah to say we're good to go he's like you were you kind of like showed up one minute before nice reven to go Everton you're in Brazil somewhere right yeah yeah where's how's the weather there in app right now it's it's pretty it's pretty hot pretty horribly near mark but it's just normal or is it just it's you got to go through a heatwave – no no it's uh it's just super hot like it's super heavy every day every year and every day basically that's what you're used to then yeah yeah how do you say cool man air-conditioning okay so good air conditioning I thought you're gonna say a certain kind of clothing or just it comes naturally okay nothing crazy like that alright okay Jonah be ready okay so go ahead take it away so I just want to start saying that Marv is so prolific right oh my god it's just so many things happening on his screen damn I'm just more rational okay and I just started to ask achtung like a couple of questions to understand better like the whole picture of what is siter is about so it was it is I start up they are new guys they are like super fresh people in the industry and they believe in details and quality and all the kind of stuff so they believe they're building high quality premium brand it's a little bit focused on tourism right now they are developed to own their own products their mobiles and web applications so I asked about the symbol and he said that they tried to incorporate the letter S in that kind of boat in dynamic way represent movement action mm-hmm and any it you were right it's the Torah like the side of my face and then they're thinking to be like a master brain sometime you know like with more sub brands and products that are not entirely tech oriented in that way even though they have like these big goals for the futures about this company but for me it kinds of it kind of I have to choose like what I what what should i do I should I do like the cider company as it it is right now so I start up like web applications mobile or should I try to to bring it up to another level like being like a global master brand so that's it's something that we should talk about brand architecture right man perhaps it's not on my first show let's talk about it later okay you're like hey let me not try to kill yes the first time on my show all right let's get let's go yo my first analysis about the logo was I have I kind of have mixed feelings about the symbol you know it's it's had these round corners and the typeface has like super bold and tight and geometric super heavy so I wasn't feeling like about startup Association I wasn't not sure about like this premium quality either because when I saw like logos like Virgin Records for example they have this signature right that's it's hand drawing like and it's helped their attitude and I wasn't feeling that way on this sign hit this word mark here so but what I liked about it it was that it was simple legible and it's well balanced too so let's go to my video that I started to this is my main structure to design logos I just love that eight-point grid system I don't know if the audience is familiar but real quick it's something a video we're not seeing the video you have to share something else now which still CLT a screen yet cutting back to me and somebody pointed out why does this a copyright 2018 yo its 2019 so I'm going back in to change all of that just for you guys just for quality control yeah a little bit of QC here okay ready already mm-hmm okay there is so it's an eight-point grid system and what it does is that it's it's more like a layout to scream it's based on pixel eyes and all that stuff and what 88.3 does it kind of gives me more control about the pixel I can't I hate bro first you can spur size as I'm working and then when I use this this grid system the forms it gets we have like crisp edges we have more consistency we have more feeling more precision so I kind of started to do like that so and then I was like so let me speed up a little bit okay okay so I started to like drawing thinking about forms and shapes and just to get loose whatever it comes to my mind so I start first thing that I did was the most dramatic OS I could possibly remember so and from that I went like exploring different shapes and forms I tried this as in a circle to just to get the handle of it you know to get familiar with the shapes that I have to build and then I went explored this a little bit oh I see you're drawing the the s in in knocking it out of the circle yeah yeah and then from this study here the sketch was trying thinking about like that switch on and off buttons that UI has so kind of get familiar with all the things startup does and programming applications and trying to get into that that environment try different things thermo as and then I tried to explore like different ways to represent an ass also and then eventually I went back to the first option and went to explore it a little further so we'll take that in a moment mm-hmm so you're just yeah working on forms right now different SS and seeing what may or may not work for you yeah okay so instead of sketching in Photoshop or in paper you're sketching very tightly using illustrator yeah okay yeah makes sense so somebody's asking this question radoo mirin is asking hey future academy when it comes to expressing a warder emotion through the logo how can you do that without making a complex logo I think the the question that you're asking is setting yourself up for failure I don't think logos are supposed to express communication or emotions at all because over time when the company grows and changes or launches different marketing campaigns they now become anchored to this one encapsulated idea so you have to kind of think about the longevity of the logo and to see how long can live as a singular expression so the idea is when you get into like really high-end corporate branding that you get paid a lot of money for it it shouldn't be following trends it shouldn't be too expressive it's not supposed to illustrate anything Oh something weird well Oh eighties video effect okay I had to get ahead okay go back I have to share another video okay we're seeing it yep good you're testing Jonah's ability right then right now he's like glued fast okay go ahead and play okay so it's not my screen right yet oh okay maybe what you can do is share your desktop and just play whatever is on your desktop instead of sharing did your application because every time you switch it it won't show it okay it depends on how many things you have to share and if you have a really messy desktop to know that you guys like the artwork behind me look at that there you go there you go there you go okay all right all right cool go ahead and play okay so I ended up like finding that that form that really sticks to me I wasn't feeling like but I tried to to to improve it so the way it the first video stopped I wasn't feeling it like that logo wasn't balanced it's to take not refine it and a little bit confused so I went back and make some improvements it's the same process like shapes and aligned to the green and like dropping lines in getting the super tight like as as last anchor points that I can get to a form so and then I was satisfied with this final version and then I went back to to the compare so comparison so this is what it's I ain't it up like okay so wait do you know mm-hmm these are the different days you've explored yeah all sketches that I did and just to reach that final version that I would go for it mm-hmm right so explore a bunch of things circle bunch of ass like different bars different wait for the logo and such and then here's the the old version and here's the new version and I was kind of like thinking about like oh man like IBM like so base the Continental Airlines I kind of get gives me that Formula One vibe you know like that kind of movement boat and excitement and I just went for it mmm cool and then I did this to explore a little bit more like how could an identity system could works like lines and dots and to bring luck like that tech vibe that I would that I wanted to achieve and I missed on the older one so here's another video that way a lot of people have before you move on I really like how you've taken the elements is you know and and did this like silver emboss well stamping on there is it's a nice look it adds adds like a feeling of luxury yeah yeah that bring that premium quality that I talked about on the brief mm-hmm nice so yeah and then people a lot of times the people love mock-ups right so a lot of times I get questions so where did you get it where did you get it and the trophy is that I made them on 3d so of this process okay to encourage others designers to do the same thing you know yeah that's a good word encourage more like I showed you up when I get a smock up I made it I made it okay okay so they're just uh what program very designer yes moto look so like moto super short video just to to see how it works in a to get people familiar with you know because a lot of times mock-ups for me I don't know man I I don't know I like them but I like to control my scenes I like to control the way I thinking about the printing techniques and other kind of stuff so there are strangelets different scenes and and so on and then I enter it so mm-hmm I love how Brazilians say the are its with an H sound so he hindered it how did you hinder it yeah he entered it he handled his business is what he did okay beautiful I know obviously if you can do 3d and control your lighting and the setup it's a lot more you know we've been awesome here if you had one of those cards like flipped in 3d and there's like shallow depth of field like floating in space you know above the rest yeah I had them I have another project that I did that so anyway and then I was trying to like bring bring on the table like some some like a different kind of type you know so we can so we can compare to one another so – like how does it say that to confirm that typefaces brought to us like a very specific mood and you know so I wanted to bring that decider an upper case to get that premium quality and like a major brain going on so that's why I did that and it's the the older one the new one nice job okay now everybody you get a chance to let us know which do you prefer the original on the left of cider which is we'll call that a and then now we'll call the new one done by Everton how we handed it that will that'd be so what do you guys prefer you like a or B let us know your thoughts and anything else that you want to add to that okay good job man good job both you guys is there anything else is there anything else you want to share with us every time being this is your first time on the show yeah I'm pretty nervous man I want to do better next time but you're doing great what did you say Jonah he's got some Brazilians in the house okay you wanna you want to welcome the Brazilians in the house in your native Portuguese language go ahead there's like there's my people Oh golly are you Cara really is a don't ye Brasileiro wanna know the future beautiful all right obrigado obrigado okay well good job oh my goodness all right okay everybody's like giving us our comments right now and I'm hoping I'm hoping I'm encouraged that this may be the new dynamic duo between Mart and Everton to keep bringing the fresh logo designs and next time maybe he'll do some master branding stuff and school all of us in that okay you guys both did a great job I want to thank you for doing that I need to share my screen hold on Jonah entertain the people for a second you're not entertaining okay let me mirror this there we go boom okay Matthew just handed me a note here so go and share my screen I just want to let everybody know I don't know if you know this or not but we actually are able to sustain a living by making videos courses and kits to support doing these videos on YouTube it's not a lot but this is how we do it so if you guys scroll down here on if you go to the Academy I'm sorry Academy dot the futurecom there's one here called logo design it's kind of relevant to our topic right now so for some of you guys it might be out of reach a $149 but we try our very best to give you the most value per dollar just so that we can keep doing this with you guys and you'll get a whole bunch of content you can check it out I just want to let you know that something like this exists there's my ugly face and we design a bunch of different things with our amazing designers Emily min and think somebody else I can't and and I don't know maybe Molly yes Molly – Emily Molly and min working on this kind of stuff so if you want to get better at logo design I would encourage you to do this and having said that let me just get us out of here guys thank you very much for doing this let me do this okay if you are having a case of missing out FOMO fear of missing out the way that you guys can participate on this is to look up the future on Facebook where we call for entries and submissions and one of our amazing logo therapists might pick you that's how it works now just keep in mind we get a lot more submissions than we have time to do we're human beings we have work and we have other things to do but that's how you do it and that's it I wanted okay Jenna well we're both a little rusty it's okay don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and hit the bell notification because of the way YouTube's algorithm works if you don't hit the bell you won't get notified it won't appear in your feed like it used to that's it for us guys thank you very much both you guys have a great and cool weekend I'll see you guys next time bye everybody


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  1. Pedro Diniz says:

    Incredible as always, so good to see Brazil represented (:

  2. abhay verma says:

    I can't believe that you guys are providing such awesome and super high quality content just for free. Thank you sooooo much for all the efforts you guys are putting in it.

  3. wahid tusher says:

    I love logo therapy ♥ i dont when i see these videos, i feel more confidence about work and the funny thing is different ideas randomly rounding on my head🎃

  4. ImDXpert M says:

    Mart has amazing talent and a distinctive style.
    The original logo still looks better. It's not perfect but it looks more 'approriate'
    Chris, you should also give your comments.

  5. Zyte Studios says:

    This was an amazing video and I loved the process Mart took within photoshop. Loved that you came up with so many variations within your logo design. I love the new version.

  6. Matthew Guyette says:

    Maybe have the therapists send the vids to the futur before hand so they have total control over everything, minimizing the long lapses in the stream when there's technical difficulties?

  7. Joao Pereyra says:

    Too much playing with the first "logo" (too many subjective decisions), adding too many things. A mark that hast the initials inverted, a customize the B, K, F, R, G and they don't even look related to each other. He should listen to what Sagi Haviv says and keep it simple.

  8. Anthony McNeil says:

    Love the redesign of the first one but as Mart said hilariously that you read the "F" first…but I won't lie tho, visually, it looks amazing. His process in Photoshop is awesome…I'm still more of a pencil and paper guy.

  9. J Bram says:

    Lol, would be nice to know what the guy is doing, what shortcut's he is using and why he's doing what he's doing tbh, the low framerate of his video and the speed of it makes it pretty hard to learn from. Still great content as usual.

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