Living 30 Years In Isolation

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– Could you live alone for 30 years?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– ♪ (Everybody needs a little time away) ♪ ♪ (I heard her say
from each other) ♪ – It’s true. It’s not just a very catchy…
– (whispered) Nice! – …Chicago song, which I am downloading
– (whispered) That was so nice. immediately after that. And it’s gonna be
in your brain — if you know the song — the rest of the day. You’re welcome. If
not, you should look into it. It’s a – great song. But it’s wise.
– (exhales) Wow. – Everybody does need a little alone time.
– Yeah. – I mean, we just spent…
– A few weeks. – Vacationing apart. And now our
– Apart. – relationship is healthier because of it.
– You think so? Our relationship with the Mythical Beasts
is healthier because of the hiatus. I believe it. I believe it. But there’s
some people, as it turns out, who need a little bit more than “a little time
away.” They need decades away. – Maybe 30 years.
– I’m talkin’ ’bout hermits, y’all. Okay. We’ve got some insane hermit
stories for you today, and we have a special little surprise packed into the
middle of that hermit sandwich. – Stay tuned for that!
– (laughing) Lemme start by telling you about
Christopher Thomas Knight, – A.K.A. the North Pond Hermit.
– ♪ (Why don’t you tell me about) ♪ – ♪ (Christopher Knight) ♪
– Are you gonna do Chicago the whole time? – ♪ (I’m sure it will be all right) ♪
– Now, I say that in a really sensational voice, but it’s actually kind of a boring
story when you think about it, because… – Bore me!
– back when he was 20 years old in 1986, right after Chernobyl happened, he went
off into the woods in central Maine. Not because of Chernobyl. He just uses
Chernobyl as a way of remembering when it – was. He has no reason why he went away.
– Okay. He just went. – Hey, hermits need not reasons.
– And he stayed there for 27 years! He didn’t tell his family where he was
going. He made no contact with anybody the entire time, except one hiker who
happened to go by his campsite, and apparently he said, “Hi.” That’s it. – 27 years, he says, “Hi.”
– 27 years, “Hi.” That’s it. For 27 years. Now, before 1986,
this guy had never been camping. Ever. This is like your first tattoo being
full-body leopard spots. – (laughing)
– he went full, headlong into this right – into this experience.
– By the way, I’m sure that’s been done, too, but we should save that for
another episode. He never lit a fire, for fear of being
found. He never went away from the camp – except during the nighttime.
– Dude, we went camping that one time — and it wasn’t the first time we’d ever
been camping — and they wouldn’t let us start a fire. And we were immediately
like, “Well, we should just leave.” Yeah, he’s like, “27 years I could do
that.” No campfire! The best part of camping. He didn’t even get that. But how
did he live? – Poor guy.
– If he doesn’t have a fire, if he’s not doing anything except saying “hi” to
one person in 30 years… – (laughing)
– He stole stuff. A lot of stuff. – Oh, really?
– 40 robberies a year. Over 1000 robberies over the years that he was out
there. – Oh, wow.
– He would go to homes, schools, summer camps, and he would get all his supplies,
including his underoos. He would steal… – Dude would steal underwears?
– Yeah, probably dirty ones. Just off of the floor. That’s why you
should never put your dirty underwear on the floor. You always put it in the
hamper, because a crazy hermit might – come and be like, “Oh, free underoos!”
– “Scoop it up! Pull it up!” – Don’t do that. He also stole…
– I picture him wearing the underwear – outside of his clothes, like…
– Yeah, I’m sure that’s what he did. All hermits do that. It’s called the
exo-underwear-skeleton. – (laughing) No, it’s not.
– No, it’s not. – “No, it’s not.”
– He even stole a 10-year-old’s – Halloween candy stash.
– (laughing) I don’t know how they knew that he
did that, but… – This dude has no moral compass.
– It was not a video for a Jimmy Kimmel thing. It was actually just a legitimate —
he just stole the candy from [the kid.] – Did he have an actual compass?
– He obviously wasn’t out there forever. He was caught. What did he do? Well, there
was a guy, a game warden named Terry Hughes, who made it his life mission to
catch the North Pond Hermit. And so – what he did…
– This sounds like a movie. He would be played by, like, that guy
from Avatar (gruff voice) “Who looks – like this!”
– The general. “Hey, man! I’ve been huntin’ for you for
27 years.” (gruff voice) He set up a camera at Pine
Tree Summer Camp, because Christopher had been known to go in
there and steal things. And he put a motion sensor behind the ice machine, because,
“I figure after a while this hermit’s – gonna need some ice.”
– “I put underwear’s all over the floor.” “I lured him in with dirty underwear right
to the ice machine.” – (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
– So then… – And it worked?
– …sure enough, on April 3rd, 2013, at 1:00 AM, the silent alarm goes off. And
he goes up there and he finds the North Pond hermit in the kitchen, snooping
around. He has a gun — not the hermit, but the general — and he holds him at
gunpoint until the authorities show up. – They end up catching the dude…
– You called him the general. – …arresting him, (laughing)
– (laughing) He’s not a general. Only seven months in prison! Seven
months in prison, which he said did more damage to him than the 30 years that he
spent in the wilderness, and now he’s out and he’s on probation. And I’m assuming
that one of the conditions of probation – is no camping.
– Right. – And underwear on the inside.
– (laughing) Wink, wink did the judge. (laughing)
I hope the judge didn’t wink, wink. – Mm-mm. He didn’t.
– All right. I have another super sensational hermit story, but first, it’s
time to get to the meat in the hermit sandwich: a little new surprise that
we worked up. It’s time for “It Was the Best of Times,
It Was the Worst of Times.” Okay, here’s how it works. One of us —
and it’s gonna be you, ’cause we’re going – alphabetical — has to do something
– Yes. that is the best and the worst, good
and bad… – (unison) At the same time.
– …and then make a decision if you’d – ever do it again. Link,
– Okay. Pick a card. Any card. Rhett, I’m gonna pick this card. This
one card. – “Get a massage while being fed sardines.”
– Okay. ♪ (rock music) ♪ All right, we’ve got this new spot to do
stuff like this. – Whoa, you took your shirt and your
– (laughing) – glasses off.
– I’m getting a massage. Okay, let’s bring in the masseuse. (crew laughing offscreen) – Chase is the masseuse?
– Chase is the masseuse. Did you think we were gonna get
an actual masseuse? – Like a Swedish masseuse.
– I will be feeding Link the sardines. – Link, again…
– A massage from Chase is not under – the “best” category.
– No, no. Chase is good at a lot of things. – He owns a chinchilla.
– Period. – (Chase laughing)
– Okay, listen. I’m gonna be feeding you these whole sardines while you
get this wonderful massage. I’m thinking the massage is the good part,
and the sardines are the bad part. – (laughing)
– The best of times, and the worst of times, and you’re gonna tell us whether
or not you’d ever do this again. Okay, you can start the massage whenever
you want to, Masseuse Chase. Something just dripped. Was that off
of you, Chase? He’s got lotion. He dripped some lotion
on you. – (through laughter) You’re kidding me?
– No, he’s not a profesional. – He just owns a chinchilla.
– Ooh. Ooh. – Ugh!
– (crew laughing offscreen) – Ooh! I bit it!
– (Rhett) Bite it! Man. It’s just so awkward that, like,
Chase works for me. – (muffled) But not as a masseuse.
– Think of him just like — you’re at a resort. You’re just [at a] resort…
No, you’re at the mall! You’re at the mall, and one of those guys
stopped you and said… Don’t hold back, Chase.
I need this. (broken voice as Chase is hitting his back)
Okay. I don’t wanna eat this – [inaudible] sardine.
– Oh, you just… come on, man. I don’t wanna use my hands, ’cause
I gotta be limp. – (Chase and Link laughing)
– Oh my goodness, this is awkward. – I don’t wanna eat any more of this.
– That’s part of the experience. – I don’t want any more!
– (crew offscreen laughing) – Okay.
– I got some — ooh! (Rhett) He’s really working the
elbows now. Oh. Oh, gosh! A little higher! – Okay. Oh, there you go. Oh…
– Okay, Link. Have you gathered – enough information about this…
– (Link) OoooooOOOHH! – (Link) Good gosh!
– …experience to gauge.. – (Chase laughing)
– …to gauge whether or not you would – do it again?
– Yeah, I’d do it again. – (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing)
– All right! This has been… It Was the Best of Times,
It Was the Worst of Times. ♪ (rock music) ♪ – All right.
– Oh, man. – How you feel?
– Good. I’ve been chipmunkin’ this stuff, – though, I’m… (chewing)
– (laughing) – I still hav to get it down.
– Oh. Well, just proceed. (hits table) (loud chewing) Oh, gosh! There’s some noises being
made. Mm. Very oily. – My back. And the sardines, like I said.
– Oh. All right, got another hermit story for
ya, and really great breath for this part. (inhales) Oh, wow. It’s like a cat got
out of a dumpster. (laughing) And crawled into my mouth. 1974, during the Vietnam War,
Ho Van Thanh. His home — this is kinda sad, to start
off with — his home was destroyed by a bomb that also killed his wife and
two of his sons. This is during the Vietnam War. Well, he immediately just
grabs his other son and runs into the jungle. Yeah, which totally makes sense,
– Gets outta dodge. – right? Not necessarily a hermit, except
– Mhm. – that he stayed there for 40 years.
– In the woods. 40 years in the woods without contact
with anyone except the son. Now, he was 42 years old when he went in.
So his son, who was 2 at the time, grew up to be a 42-year-old in complete
isolation. They were even isolated from the ground, for the most part.
He built a… – They were flying?
– No, he couldn’t fly. He built a treehouse, 16-foot off the ground.
They fashioned loin cloths out of – tree bark.
– They went all in. They went all in. He had pants, but he folded his pants
up neatly in the corner of the treehouse, and they stayed there for 40 years. He
used bomb shrapnel to make knives and axes,and he cultivated tobacco,
like he and his son smoked tobacco – and just lived out there for 40 years
– Could be worse. until locals — I say locals, but there
were kind of venturing out farther to get firewood — they come back with a
report of two “junglemen” – living out in the forest.
– “We found some junglemen.” Of course, it’s Ho Van Thanh and his
son, living in their treehouse. And they sent the authorities out there.
The authorities bring ’em in, and it turns out that he spoke
a few words, but (stammering) His communication had broken down
severely. – The dad.
– The dad. But the son didn’t know anything, except for just a couple of
words. over the course of their 40-year isolation, they stopped speaking, even to
each other. – This is a little sad, at this point.
– No, but they were thriving out there… – But they were communicating.
– …smoking cigarettes. They were communicating.
(grunting) (inhaling) Yes, with hand signals, they
communicated. And so that’s how they would communicate when they were
brought back into civilization. They were given 1900 dollars to build
a house, which they built. Oh, you can build quite a house for that. Well, they built a nice house. Here’s a
picture of him sweeping — the son — – sweeping out in from of it.
– And are they now speaking to each other? They’re starting to speak a little bit
more, and the son is learning to listen – to music on his cellular telephone.
– That is a tough thing to learn how to do. – (both laughing)
– You know, lemme teach you how to do this. But I can totally relate. When I worked
for my dad for a summer — he whisked – me away and we built a treehouse —
– (laughing) no, we would lay tile and paint houses.
But my dad got into this… – Pretty much the same.
– rhythm of not speaking to me. He would grunt and use hand signals.
And it was extremely frustrating. And then I found that sometimes, I’ll
do that with the kids. – You that with me. All the time.
– Yeah, if I want you to pick up something… – (grunting)
– (lauhging) – I don’t grunt like a caveman.
– (grunting) But I’m more like (stammering) You sound like the Swiss chef.
(impersonating the chef) So I believe this would be my life if I went to a treehouse. I would come
back doing hand signals with one son. Well, you outta take Lando to the woods
and see how it turns out. And when he comes back, I’ll teach him how
to listen to music on a cell phone. – (both laughing)
– But yeah, they’re adapting back into society. Good for them! The junglemen,
coming back strong, man. Are you a hermit? Uh, that watches
Good Mythical Morning? – (laughing)
– If so… – Leave a hand signal dan below.
– Please, yes. Thanks for hand signaling and
liking this video. – Well, it is a hand signal.
– Yeah. You know what time it is. – I’m Riley.
– I’m [Aubrey]. – It’s time to spin The…
– (unison) Wheel of Mythicality! We’re on Snapchat. Our account is called
realrhettlink. Real. Rhett. Link. It’s real. We’re Rhett. And Link.
Snapchat. Do it. Follow that. Click through to Good
Mythical More. Rhett’s got an amazing story of an amazing encounter while
being a hermit on vacation. – I got a vacation story, too!
– “Soccer moms!” – (southern accent) Laureen.
– Hey, Joanne. – (whispering) Did you hear about Marlene?
– Marlene? She got a new… minivan. It holds 14
people. 16 babies. – Well, that’s a maxi-van.
– Hoo hoo hoo! – You know what I’m sayin’?
– It’s got a built in cracker machine, too. – It builds crackers?
– I makes Goldfish crackers. You press a button, and every
little toddler gets a Goldfish cracker. I’ve heard that it’s got a cannon
in it, too. – A cannon.
– It shoots t-shirts. (laughing) Yeah, it’s got a t-shirt
cannon in it, too. I heard about that. she goes the NBA basketball games and
shoots them from center court. That doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t
know about that. – I thought that’s where they shot t-shirts.
– Mm… – Arena, football?
– Well, but you know what? She’s such a – gossip. I hate her.
– She is. She cannot… – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– …shut her mouth! [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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