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hello from Dubai hi you guys welcome or welcome back to my youtube channel it's your girl Shivangi if you see my face for the first time make sure you hit the subscribe button the like button and the Bell notification button and if you haven't done that yet you might because if you're you're wanting to pursue a career in fashion design and you do not have an educational background in it this video might help clear some of your doubts in this video might be a great boost of motivation because I can do it so can you let's do it the first fashion that I really wanted to ask you before I even get started on this video is have you really missed the train do you really personally feel that you do not have it in you to pursue a career of your dreams anymore do you only think you cannot make a good designer or you cannot pursue the dream design job that you really wanted to pursue all your life because of external factors do usually think you're too old or too young or you're married or you have kids and you cannot pursue it well I am here to bust all those myths because if I can do it anybody can and I agree that I come from a privileged where I was educated in the field but I am here to share my knowledge and my experience of being in this field for the past eight years and telling you guys that anybody with great determination hard work perseverance and smart usage of their brains can pursue a career of their dreams and whatever fields that they want to get into because you do not lose until you decide that you've lost you do not lose until you say that I give up giving up is not a part of my dictionary and giving up is not a part of something I will let you guys to so this video is hopefully gonna motivate you if you've decided you don't want to pursue your dream and if you really want to pursue your dream I am all about it and I want to push you and I want to make sure that all your dreams come true so let's get started into this video something that my father's always told me is that experience beats education and I will write very close to my heart because I personally believe that those words are the truest words ever set the case education comes with a lot of privilege agreed you are grilled and you taught all those things in the design schools which you wouldn't learn in the real world straight up but experience is something that comes and it never leaves you it is experience of the real world and the real world is also a big big institution it is one big College one big school which teaches you a lot in life so if college hasn't taught you things that you wanted to learn real life will teach you those things just believe in yourself and believe that you can do it being keen to learn is key to becoming something successful in life if you really want to learn something you have to be a hard worker you have to be up for any challenges and you have to be willing to start from the grassroot level so even though you have experience as a bachelor's of engineering and you have experience as an MBA graduate or maybe you have an experience as a medical student if you want to pursue a career in design you have to realize you have to start as a baby you have to be willing to learn from scratch and from the grassroot level and you have to be willing to learn whatever is being taught to you because that attitude that comes with age has to be something you have to get rid of if you really want to pursue this as a career you have to realize that apni field may biology or something here you might be the best in your field whatever it is that you were pursuing but if you're pursuing a new field you have to act like a big nerd and begin like a beginner and only then you will be able to learn because life is a school in itself and it is teaching you things every day it depends on how good a student you are to actually observe and then implement those things in your life having said all of those things that I had to say once you have let go of your inhibitions once you've let go of all those things that you have learnt and you've unlearned things that need to be unlearned we will talk about the real material that matters and that is gaming experience as I said beginning of this video that experience beats education where does this experience come from this experience comes from internships the easiest and the best possible to learn about the fashion industry is to intern under plants that you feel fit but another thing that you need to keep in mind is that because you do not have a strong CV or because you do not come with a very sound academic background when it comes to designing you will have to not be very picky about the brand's you work with you cannot aim even the stars of course please do but you have to be ready you know before you aim at the Stars you have to be ready for them you have to be prepared for them your CV has to be that strong so initially I would personally suggest my number one and best tip that I can give you today is work for startups there is nothing no place that will teach you as much as a start-up will because it is a small company it is a small set of people working together you will be working under directly hopefully the owners and you will get to learn so much about designing about C is about production about marketing about digital media about social media about exhibiting about selling in e-commerce these are all the things that you will be learning under a small start-up because those are people who are just growing they don't have the big pocket size they need you as much as you need them because you are willing to work for a mere stipend or maybe even free for that matter because remember we are unlearning few things and starting as a beginner and a big now is not really offered a salary right if they give it to you it is a bonus but please consider this as a training school consider them investing their energy in you as a training period for you to get better at the craft so that then eventually you can charge the price you actually deserve my number two advice for you guys would be investing in short-term courses I know the train has long past to actually pursue a design bachelor's degree or like a master's degree and the reason why you're watching this video is because you don't want to do either of the two so in that scenario if you have the pocket size if you think you can afford in you know investing in short-term courses I would personally suggest that invest in short-term courses six-month course evening courses money or diploma evening courses three-month crash course maybe a course specialization say for a month which is for part on making for embroidery techniques or fashion illustrations this way you are basically building up on your CV you are validating your CV or your resumes you're adding value to it pile at the same time working for other people what you're doing here is that you do not have a bachelor's degree from a a great school doesn't matter what matters is that you know your craft and to get to know your craft this is another way of approaching you know the entire fashion industry by indulging in short courses so that you get a grasp of the language you get a grasp of the subject you get a grasp of the entire design industry you get an insight learning so that eventually if you even want to start something of your own nobody can cheat upon you you know your basic pattern making a master cannot tell you that I cannot cut it this way you can tell them that you can't do it because I learned it this way right they don't have to know that you come from a bachelor's degree or you come from a diploma what they need to know is that madam knows no tricks or sir knows what he's talking about the third important thing is investing your time and energy in fashion material and getting as much information knowledge about the industry as possible be it fashion magazines subscriptions to them bead attending fashion events happening in your city there are so many free events that happen in bigger cities if they do not happen in your city it's okay you can always look up courses online you can always look up YouTube videos where they're training people or teaching people something about the fashion industry buf our business of fashion is such an amazing platform for example where you will find so much inside scoop about the fashion industry is so much knowledge that they have to share there are so many more blogs in so many more platforms on YouTube and otherwise but you can go and find information because to be honest you have to keep motivating yourself every day to be in the groove that you really want to be a part of this industry because it can get a little depressing your first few rejections are a little difficult it is very tiring and it may get a little exhausting that I really want to pursue this and but I'm not able to pursue it because nobody wants to take me in without experience in the fields so in situations like that you would want to work by yourself and make sure you are educating yourself and whatever way possible as I said earlier life is your biggest school it is a big educational institution which is teaching you so much every day so taking one day at a time and take in as much as you can every day there is so much content and so much knowledge in so much information out there to give you some inspiration and motivation in examples Anju Modi was never trained in fashion designing Sanjay Garg was never trained in fashion designing these are pioneers in the fashion industry today and these people do not come from an educational background where they were taught fashion designing they did it with the grit the determination their idea of business their mindset their design skills their thought process and also they're never giving up attitude so that's all that I had to share with you guys in this video if you like seeing it make sure you give it a big fat thumbs up if you have any questions for me leave them down in the comment section and I'll try addressing them in my next video maybe I also if you feel that this content has helped you make sure to share it with your friends and family or anybody who wants to pursue a career in design and feels like they've missed the bus because you haven't you haven't missed that train you haven't miss that bus you haven't missed that cap you haven't missed anything because life is only begun and only when you give up is when you lose you do not lose until you do not give up and giving up is not a part of this challenge we do not give up and we do not let each other give up right I'm going to see you guys around



  1. A 2 Z Tech says:

    Thank u sharing its really heaped me

  2. Ayushi Sharma says:

    First thing first, I would like to thanku from the bottom of my heart cz you take out your time for us everytime. My air is 5226 and this was my second attempt and I'm 21+ and I'm really low on confidence but the fire inside me is still there and asking me not to giveup. I'm mad about the niftian title or I guess I was. I'm in such a fix that even I don't know what to do with my life anymore but there is still a ray of hope for me only if you could tell me more about studying abroad. My age makes me realise my failures and failures ain't letting me breathe. I would be more than happy if you just take out 5 mins of yours and read my comment and look after my request. It would be really helpful if you can make a video on studying abroad and how to end in making some of the best design institutes, thankyou!

  3. Aditi gusai says:

    I appreciate your work…Thank you Shivangi for educating lots of love ❤️❤️❤️ and can you please make a video about nifts contuning education programms .

  4. P.S. Roshna says:

    I heard about MBA in fashion designing… please make a video on d same

  5. Ishani Ahuja says:

    Heyy…your video ws helpful bt just a bit of more knowledge we need…can u plzz tell regarding how we can pursue fashion designing even if we don not hve bachelors degree in fashion… Which course to take up in nift for post graduation?

  6. Pranita Khamkar says:

    Hola ! I've done my UG in International business management and want to pursue design for my masters. I am keen on studying and working abroad but currently i don't meet their eligibility criteria. So I've planned to do my Pg diploma first and then go for abroad Masters.But is this the right way to proceed? Also I am worried that my time, efforts and money should be used in the right manner.

  7. Shashikant Pawar says:

    Thank you so much diiii

  8. Deeps 24 says:

    I like your video but the sad reality is that even for internships, companies look for the candidates who have knowledge or experience in designing and worst part is that they give priority to candidates who have degrees or diploma from renowned colleges instead of giving importance to their talent and creativity.

  9. GULAL TAK says:

    Thanku di it is very helpful

  10. Piyali Choudhury says:

    Hii , I want to do some crash course in fashion designing ? Can you suggest me some good institute that provides one.


    Hi Shivangi.. I am really impressed with your dedication towards your profession . I have also dreamt of designing clothes from my childhood and wished to have a career in that field. See this m getting super excited as well super nervous as m not a person who doesn't sketch or draw well..Can't i pursue my dream without being able to draw or paint

  12. A. Kamboz says:

    Thankyou soo much dear, keep motivating us like this as I am a beginner & I really need someone who can guide me about this field & your vedio helped me out alott! Keep posting such vedios ..much love to you! ❤ 🙂

  13. Iqbal Zehra Syed says:

    Hello shiv
    I wanted to do FD but not getting enough time to enroll myself so can u help me letting me know the online source. Thanks

  14. Nidhi Saxena says:

    what is the scope after doing B.Des. from IIT?? Which is better IIT or NIFT or NID??

  15. Ashapurna Das says:

    I have a bachelors in psychology and want to pursue masters in designing? is this a wise decision? what should i do to crack the entrance exams

  16. shagufa Khan says:

    Thank you so much 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  17. Model Singers says:

    Hey dii i am mariya nd mai designer banna chahti hu pr mere parents bahot poor h so i cant do this please aap bataiye mai kya karu please koi bhi reply kr k bata do help ki bahot zarurat h hmko😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭mai apni family ki trah zindagi nhi jina chahti

  18. Nikita Saini says:

    Hello di you are so amazing and please tell us how we got success in the career of craft because i love craft and I don't know which types of career have in the field of craft please make a video about this thanku 😀😘 soo much love to you di

  19. nidhi jain says:

    Hello , i really wanted to ask what coaching institute you joined for NIFT's preparation?

  20. Abhilasha Chouhan says:

    Thnx for d lovely motivation 😊

  21. Kalpita Taldevkar says:

    Mam I am normal student of fashion designing 😶and I don't know wht to do for payment I mean me free time me kya Kru kyuki abhitak basic hi chlu hai so please give me ideas for free time jisse mujhe payment b mile aur future ke liye fayda b🎀

  22. Tuhina Haldar says:

    Hey there… Nice work… Pls give me a suggestion… I got rank 44in bftech … Please suggest future prospects … N the scope of growth, avg starting package also …. Thanks in advance

  23. AMAN KUMAR says:

    Di,can you please suggest some of the institutes where I can take my diploma from…the experience of following my passion!?

  24. Sonal yadav says:

    can u post more such vids pls i was depressed but this again raised a hope within me to pursue wat i want too

  25. Sonali More says:

    Di situation test ke liye write up ka ek format banao 😓😓plz Just for the idea.


    Hi Mam can make a vedio on Fashion Buyers and how to start career as a buyer

  27. Jay Vikram Singh says:

    Hii Shivangi dii , I want to ask u that if I'm doing my bachelor's from pearl they r not UCG recognition so if I want to do masters in fashion design can I do that from NIFT please help me dii.And the video really motivates me thanks dii❤️

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    This video is very useful

  29. God first says:

    it helped me alot… thnk u Sis. pls keep uploading more.

  30. Sheetal Sharma says:

    Thank you 💝

  31. pratty p says:

    I'm so glad I came across your channel few days ago and have been binging on your videos ever since. Not only are you informative and helpful, but your overall tone while talking is so comforting like you mean it when you say it's all about lifting each other up. And we know you meant it. Never stop, please 💜

  32. Anushika Jaiswal says:

    Thank alot.. really made my day..

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