Intel NUC Pentium J5005 Review Gemini Lake NUC7PJYH

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Hi guys Chris here back with Intel’s
note now this is the Gemini Lake version I’m looking at but the slightly more
powerful one so this one here has the pentium J 5005 whereas the model I
looked at last week is the more weaker version so this is a quad core that as
dual call this one right here and that’s the cell run J 4005 so the dual causes
ideal for really really light tasks but if you want better multitasking
performance and better graphics you’d go for this model here which in fact is the
one I feel to definitely go for now the GPU on this has 50 megahertz more turbo
which may not seem a lot but it also has 18 executional cause where this one here
has 12 executional core so it’s a more powerful GPU the turbo is the same it’s
2.7 gigahertz but it can hold the 2.7 on 4 cause there so it does bolster up the
performance and with heavy multitasking on my tests I found it actually held up
quite well and even let me edit 4k video which is something that really did
surprise me so 4 ports we’ve got quite a few we’ve got 4 USB 3 ports on this and
the front you can see we’ve got one there that’s colored yellow this one
outputs power even in sleep so if you need to charge your device the power
button also has incorporated within it an IR receiver so you can get an
optional remote for this they control it as say a media ton it’ll me media PC
you’ve got two little microphones there too you can see there’s little dots
either side now if you ever look at the back we’ve got an exhaust vent here so
it is actively cooled there is a fan inside here but to comment on the fan
noise it is really good you will not hear this fan only if you put your ear
up to it even under 100% load it does not surpass 80 degrees and it does not
have any thermal throttling and even then the fan it’s quite hard to hear
especially if you have this hooked up behind the TV with the included visa
mount or a monitor you’re really not going to hear this fan they’ve done an
excellent job with the cooling on this one Intel now you see to that on the
side we have an SD card slot this is full-speed card that supports it’s white
up via a USB 3 hub so you don’t have any issues with speed limitation so you can
use the fastest cards out there and you can get really
and speeds out of that so for storage we’ve got a 2.5 inch storage slot sata3
inside that is it we do not have em setter or your MDOT two spec s his D
slot on this which I feel is a bit of a letdown if it had that it would be great
but Intel wants you to get se the core i5 models and different models if you
wanted that slot then you can put an SSD or a spindle harddrive in here of course
that’s going to be a little bit slower but it all depends on your needs now for
RAM you can put either 4 gigabytes up to 16 gigabytes that I have tested it does
work but it must be double data rate full spec 2400 megahertz so that’s the
big improvement worth the Gemini Lake as the round speeds gone from 1600 double
data rate 3 up to double data rate for now that 2400 so it’s a big boost in
performance as you see later on in the review now I’m not going to go into a
lot of detail with the unboxing if you want to see more details on unboxing
please check out the review of the dual core version so first start out with
having a look at the CPU so this one here is faster than the dual-core
version I looked at that dual core jiminy Lake that J 4005 that only had
two calls with a maximum turbo the same turbo actually 2.7 gigahertz but of
course now quad core performance is better but not only that there’s a big
change with the GPU so the GPU is the new HD graphics 605 so it’s 50 megahertz
faster but the main key difference is right there right here you can see 18
executional calls instead of the 12 so this is going to help with performance
and it really does show when you take a look at benchmarks when I will show you
in just a second not only that graphics performance in game says that is the big
step up with this particular model here so one other thing I wanted to point out
is I’m running 16 gigabytes of RAM so that does work even though Intel’s
website states 18 gigabytes max the maximum throughput the maximum link
speed and this is about what I can get with an FTP file transfer test is 350
megabits per second is all you’re gonna get out of this Wireless even though it
is a newer chip with Bluetooth 5 which is great it’s not the fastest one I
would have loved for them to have put a gigabit internet card on here but that
probably would the price right out if you want faster
speeds use the the land port as well because this Gigabit LAN that this has
on board so benchmark so just start out here with the Geekbench for score you
can see this is a step up from the J 4500 vision which is right here so that
get single core score is the same because it’s really the same
architecture it’s the same turbo as well as I mentioned 2.7 gigahertz but look at
the multi school core difference so 3444 on the J 4005 and then this goes right
up to five thousand two hundred and eleven that’s still quite a low score
remember this is a low-end chip and the performance is very similar now to a two
three well actually a few years old now about four year old core i3 or the core
m35 white in that I reviewed some time ago now the big difference in
performance is the GPU as I mentioned because it’s got those extra core
slightly faster so it gets the dual core version around 8200 but look at the
difference now stepped right up to eleven thousand to one hundred and
sixty-four so that’s a really nice increase boost there now the score is
pathetic compared to a dedicated GPU of course this is really really low but for
the type of hardware that says this being a Gemini Lake which is basically
like the old atoms it’s actually not too bad and definitely a huge step up now
just like the dual-core model I want to test out the system performance with
multitasking in real world stuff so not a synthetic benchmark I’m just trying to
fill up the RAM right here so I’ve got it almost full Wow so I’ve got twelve
point four gigabytes of it full here and what I’m running at the moment is I’ve
got Photoshop open so yes you can do minor edits in Photoshop but it’s not
going to be super fast I recommend at least for Photoshop and Premiere prime
things that they at least have a Core i5 CPU so you can do basic stuff you just
need a lot of patience really when it comes to Photoshop and bear in mind –
I’m multitasking really heavily for this particular CPU at the moment I Premiere
Pro they do have loaded I’ll show you more on that in just a second or what
you can do with it chrome here with many tabs open and swapping between those
tabs you can see is a little sluggish not the fastest
you’ll see and same goes for scrolling speed you can see a little bit of
stutter there but not too bad considering I am running so much at the
moment I also have edge open there and I’ve got the emulator there compiling
shaders the case shaders there and that is very demanding on the CPU so it’s
handling this real life workload really well it’s just so much
going on at the moment and it is bogging down a little but it’s really surprising
me the performance is actually pretty good because I am quite a heavy
multitasker and I find that for a Gemini Lake this is doing particularly well so
my test out the system performance hang and a load up my website here see how
long this takes continue on and just to show you that really the scrolling and
edge is very smooth so the best browser experience with the juvenile lake and
just like the apollo lake and even atoms is still edge edge still runs the
smoothest on these particular chipsets now I do have some documents open here
so first up is a spreadsheet I wanted to show you so this one here runs fine so
this kind of hardware is gonna run your spreadsheets you Doc’s perfectly fine if
you’re going to be searching massive huge spreadsheets then go make sure you
go with an SSD as your main drive because a hard drive will really slow
things down and document edits it’s gonna be perfectly fine for this so I’m
using OpenOffice here and no issues with that whatsoever you can see I’m still
pushing that CPU really quite hard it’s almost maxed out and with a lot of
things still going on but I will load jellyfish right here so this is a
hundred and eighty me whip is sick in 4k HEV C codec file 10 bit and you can see
a little bit of a stutter at the start and then then is perfectly fine and
smooth and that is running there 30 frames so no issues with that same goes
for Cody Cody playback is all good we’ve got native a TVC codec support so that’s
decoded and the hardware same with vp9 codecs something with head since the
Apollo Lake now HDR supports and another thing that is doesn’t seem to be enabled
on this I think the hardware can clearly to me the hardware indoors but Intel
doesn’t seem to have this and with the drivers so I couldn’t get that
to work you can also get Netflix 4k and Full HD as well you just need to install
all the codecs and things and go through and use the Windows Store application
for Netflix so really good and reasonable powerful a media player now
for a quickie YouTube 4k streaming test so set it to the 4k setting which it is
actually already on and Nabal the stats here and you can see drop frames nothing
so far which is good but normally when you go to full screen in wool no okay I
expected it to drop frames because the dual-core model did say the J 4005 will
drop a few frames but this seems to be rock-solid so really good for 4k YouTube
streaming so video editing 1080p is fine it’s not too bad the export times are as
you’d expect quite slow but I’m editing a 4k clip here and all the timeline
performance it’s actually so much better than I thought it would be considering
this week Hardware just give you a playback example status nothing it’s
only at half resolution of 4k but that is working let’s see I’ve got it fine
now I’ve noticed that sometimes the preview window here will completely
freeze up on you now export times as it expect for this particular hardware is
going to be very very slow and I’ll give you a quick example what to expect for
just about a one-minute clip it’s going to take about five minutes to export one
minute of 4k that’s the YouTube 4k preset so I don’t really recommend
editing 4k videos on this particular hardware but I just wanted to test it
out so you can look now at Counter Strike global Offensive and this is 720p
lowest settings and there’s a lot of players on the server I feel it’s doing all right this isn’t
bad at all considering honey players are on at the moment now if there weren’t so
many players on then you see what we sing now about 45 frames per second so
in the first Gemini Lake review that I did that was the dual core model I
didn’t check out any emulators but I got a lot of comments people saying please
check out some emulators just this one I’m gonna check out so this is the only
emulator that I personally run and this one here is a Wii U emulator it’s called
sea EMU this is version 1.1 1 and you can see at the moment we’re getting
around 40 54 frames per second 55 that’s actually pretty good considering it does
seem a little kind of slow so you probably look at some of those graphics
packs and things to have just tweaked things up a little bit but overall very
playable this one’s running smooth I’ll check out now Zelda breath of the wild
that one’s a lot more demanding as if that’s gonna be playable okay so for
Zelda it’s not looking good at all what only getting like five frames per second
so this is really just unplayable you really do need a dedicated GPU I feel
for this game this title now you might be able to tweak things with those
graphic packs I haven’t had enough time to test that so there’s probably maybe
some lower settings and things you can enable to hopefully boost that framerate
but you know this is just not good so let’s step things up even further now
with Grand Theft Auto 5 is to say reasonably demanding title especially
for this chipset considering and it’s doing not too bad I’m you can see 16
frames per second that’s really quite choppy and laggy and slow but I have
seen it get up to 30 frames per sec you know I think it does surprisingly well
again considering that this is only a Gemini Lake this is you know a low watt
process has a quad core but this is handing this so much better than the
dual-core version that I checked out I mean if your cone vision didn’t really
have even up to this kind of frame rate that was struggling and only got like
about 10 or twelve frames per second now if you
understood in the resolution its 800 x 600 and of course the lowest settings I
have not applied any of those scripts there are some scripts out there you can
apply to remove some of the shadows and things like that to boost the
performance of it so you might get it closer up towards hopefully 30 frames
per second but I kind of doubt that but even so surprising performance here this
is really good to see that the graphics performance has stepped up quite a bit
from the move from a polar lake to gemini lake and a quick peak here at
fallout 4 so as expected very low framerate this is on the lowest setting
720p you may be able to get some improvements if you can run it at 800 x
600 lower resolution but I wouldn’t call this playable it’s just too choppy but
still this Hardware considering is doing really well to be able to run it with
this framerate so let’s talk about the thermals now so it barely gets warm to
the touch hardly at all I mean I’ve had this
running all night I lived it actually running Grand Theft Auto just running
the whole time and the temperatures are pretty good I mean grandpa thought it
was on from not the whole 16 hours but for about 6 hours and you can see here
the average temperature is 64 degrees Celsius and at 78
– well 79 as the maximum you will see so this is really good no somos throttling
fan noise is really really good on this it’s just like the dual-core version so
you just hear a tiny little hum and when it’s even gaming gaming it’s a little
bit more than just a hum but it’s so quiet if you have this behind a TV or a
monitor you are not even going to hear it so perfectly fine to keep this until
nuke on 24/7 I feel the cooling is perfect now when we look at the power
consumption figures here so this is the what’s that it’s used so maximum wattage
is around sixteen point four so that’s a little bit more than the Polo Lake that
I typically saw it maxed out that one at least the entity 450 at around about 15
now you can probably add an extra waddle too if you plug in an external hard
drive things like that so maximum I would estimate to be proximately 18 to
19 watts max that this is going to pull so very low power consumption when you
compare that to a normal typical Tower PC with a dedicated graphics card and you
like that alright to wrap up the video as you seen for their some surprising
performance when you have a look at okay the synthetic benchmarks you see
Geekbench for oh that’s nothing amazing that will be horrible but when you do
multitasking in heavy multitasking that I was doing I’m surprised that I could
switch between the tabs quite easily edit videos and just do lots of things
at the same time now that probably is aided by the fact that I was using 16
gigabytes of RAM so do bear that in mind consider that maybe with 8 gigabytes or
4 of course it’s definitely not going to be as good there because it needs more
RAM windows but over the performance is good now I’ve noticed about an increase
depending on what game it is of up to around 35 30% over say the Apollo takes
graphic performance now the massive difference we’re getting
of course is the RAM speeds and that is aiding and benefiting that GPU mostly
not really the CPU cause now I did some tests as well and those noticed that
when I ran them for example resident evil’ benchmark but I got a very similar
result around 25 frames per second versus the 26 or 27 that I got almost on
this model here so that’s not much of an increase but running games like Grand
Theft Auto 5 with almost semi playable frame rates that’s kind of unheard of
with previous generations definitely with this kind of mini PC so what does
this mini PC really for I feel it’s just for light computing tasks very light
gaming spreadsheets make a good little server very light file server or
something like that you can keep it on 24/7 it doesn’t consume a lot of power
definitely as a media PC really good for a little media center things there
playback with your fork a file but unfortunately it doesn’t support HD I
don’t know whether HDR sorry is going to be added by Intel or not hopefully
that’s going to be patch that’s gonna be changed with a driver update because
this hardware can do it that’s whether or not
Microsoft sorry not Microsoft that Intel wants you to actually be doing that
because they probably want you to buy a more powerful version so not for gamers
if you were gaming you want a mini PC for gaming then you go for something
like the cable 8g that incorporates AMD radeon GPU as well with the intel or
much faster core i5 and i7 so that’s one to go for for gaming but for everything
else for I think for personal computing for most people something like this is
absolutely wonderful now price-wise it
Supercheap when you factor in the RAM and it depends on your configuration of
course so if while I went for I went for an 850 Evo is his D and then 16
gigabytes of RAM that pushed the price up to close to about 400 or so us in
total so that’s when it starts to get a little bit pricey now for around 328 us
you can get something like this that I got from how to express this has a core
i5 8250 you and also has in the MC storage
which is much much faster so you can use really fast it says these in this and
that’s a really fast mini PC and a lot better for video editing and things like
that but of course we add on the cost of the RAM and there is this D then it’s a
probably about close to 600 us so it all depends on what your needs are so should
you still get the dual-core version I don’t think you should in fact I don’t
even know why Intel has this dual core version when the price difference is
about 20-30 US you’re so much better off getting the quad core version that’s the
way we recommend to go for arroyo fantastic little mini PC considering the
hardware very good thermals great fan noise plenty of ports just the shame
that it does not have an MDOT two SATA 3 SD slot as well in here this would be
then I feel a perfect Jimmy I like little mini PC thanks a lot for watching
review and I hope to catch you back in the channel later on with the unboxing
and preview of this mini PC I was talking about the core i5 model thanks a
lot for watching hopefully you like this video if you did please give a like and
subscribe to the channel as well bye for now


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    09:08 – 4k Streaming test
    09:41 – It can edit 4k video!
    10:34 – Gaming tests (Wii U emulator)
    12:23 – It runs GTA V even
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