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July 30, 2019 posted by

I’m Seth Schneider,
here to tell you about the exciting new features
in the Intel GPA 2017 R4 release. We’ve added Windows Mixed
Reality Profiling support, added a beta feature for
profiling DirectX 11 games with the new Graphics
Frame Analyzer interface, and added a new profiling
feature called Hotspot Analysis Mode. Remember to download Intel GPA
for free in the links provided. Intel GPA now supports
profiling Windows Mixed Reality applications directly and
through the simulator. To analyze a WINMAR app,
launch the mixed reality portal with your HMD connected and
launch Graphics Monitor. Once Graphics Monitor is open,
click on the Windows Store applications tab
and simply select your application profile. Once GPA is injected, you
can capture frames and traces for offline analysis. We have also added the
ability to profile DirectX 11 applications using the DirectX
12 and OpenGL Frame Analyzer UI as a beta feature. This UI provides
many new features to the DirectX 11 tool suite
such as resource history, hotspot analysis mode,
bar chart grouping features, and much more. If you have any feedback
regarding the new UI, we would love to hear it
on the Intel GPA forums. In addition to the new
UI, hotspot analysis mode has been enabled in
Graphics Frame Analyzer. To access this mode, simply
click on the flame icon in the top left hand
side of the bar chart. This mode re-orders
the bar chart based on hardware bottlenecks,
with the larger bottlenecks represented as the larger
bars within the histogram. This mode essentially
groups events by bottlenecks and/or states making it easier
to identify the most impactful slowdown within the frame. Thank you for watching. For more information about
the Intel GPA 2017 R4 release, follow the links provided. And remember to like
this video and subscribe to the Intel Software YouTube
channel for more Intel GPA news and updates.

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