Installing and working with Visual Studio 2019 for MacOS

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hi guys my name is Karthik and I am from ESRI automation calm and today we are going to talk about visual studio 2019 for Mac preview insulation and getting started so today we are gonna be talking about enough the pre-released version of Visual Studio which is totally 2019 as you can see this software has not yet released they have released this particular software in two different operating system one is for Windows and another one is for Mac it seems like they have updated the logo a little bit here and let's see what else they have updated with the visual studio at least in the software side so I'm just gonna download it and as you can see once it is downloaded you're just gonna bring me up the dmg file so I'm just gonna open that and once I open that in the meantime it is gonna ask me the installation within my machine you can see there is an installer so I'm just gonna hit that there same just gonna double click this and you can see it's asking me the verify installation and it's gonna install the viscosity of a Mac preview in my machine but it's gonna download within my machine now so I'm just gonna hit open now and you can see there is a cool new installation wizard this time so it seems like Microsoft has improved the installation process a little bit and you can see that it's currently checking the Android location that I have in my machine and also it is looking for the H AMX insulation because I already have associate 2017 in my machine and if you have already not watched the installation of facility 2017 in my Mac operating system I have already covered that in my video so please go and watch there it is pretty simple and straightforward and that's exactly the same thing this time as well so we'll see how it works as well and now I'm just going to begin with the hitting continue button and you can see it has is saying that there is an existing missile studio instance detector this update will upgrade your existing missile should reaffirm a constraints and all workloads to the latest stable versions do you want to continue hmm since this is a preview version I don't really want this to be updating the existing missiles video of a Mac in the machine but it seems like Microsoft has told that they work side by side even if you go back in your early access page he says try side by side so experience the new ID alongside you will remain release leaving your production instance undisturbed and there is a star there it says required minimum of visa you have a max on point seven and all these things so I guess even if I install this is not gonna affect my existing installation so I believe in Microsoft so I probably going to update this and I'm gonna see what's gonna happen but this is not my production machine yet so I prominently use Windows though so I'm just gonna believe Microsoft now and I'm gonna start installing the business through 2017 and I will see what's really gonna happen so once I hit install you can see that it is gonna download all the components so it is preparing to download and there are like 4.4 to jeebies left and the speed is not that bad in my machine it is like 3 Mbps so once the whole download process is done I'll be back alright so as you can see here we have completely downloaded the whole components and now it's installing the Android SDK and it is also gonna install the other SDKs that it has guard along with it there you go the installation is successfully completed now you can see that there is an all new window from vsauce3 2019 for mac this time so it seems like the window has been completely revamped at this time from Microsoft team and I could see all my older versions of projects being recognized here so you can see all the days are like 2 36 days ago I think I have access to even before that but it just shows some date here which I probably don't know so this is the EA a test project framework that we have in our advanced framer dollar premium c-sharp course and you can see that it is currently opening here I think the loading is pretty faster this time then before and there is an download being happening here for xamarin dot Android which is ok and I could still see the windows are pretty much exactly the same like how it was before and there is no great improvements here this time so once I hit this debug button you can see it is trying to do but for me and I could see these are pretty much exactly the same like how it was before so I see the intelligence is still the same there is no change over here as well but Microsoft has brought few more changes here which is nothing but the sign-in page and they brought this new window change that you saw even before so those are a couple of changes very quickly and there is this little changes over here as you can see you can see the expression body for the constructor and I could see there are some difference here during the intelligence pop up here for all these options so other than that I don't see much difference here at least for the existing project so if I create a new solution you can see this window has been changed a little bit so I'm just gonna save that and you can see this window has little bit revamped here at least the logos and if I select the test here so now it has a dotnet core support raise close Ely there are so many new project templates been supported so you can choose one of them and you can hit next and let's call this demo create here so that you can see that it's gonna create a new project I think the speed is really really good other than that I don't think there are much changes at least in the installation side and other than that I see everything is pretty much like how it was before so you can see that the icons have been changed a little bit here and these things are kind of very cool pretty faster than before and yep that's it so these are the changes guys this all changes for me so to 2019 and not much change here it is not like the vsauce3 2019 which is available for Windows operating system but yes this is a completely new Jean Mac operating system you cannot get the same look and feel of Windows operating system though but yes this is what is the insulation so that's it guys once again the super simple installation offices to 2019 is this and this is the first test office to 2019 and Microsoft is really working hard to bring a lot of new changes for Visual Studio 2019 so once again thank you very much for watching this video and have a great day


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  2. suad alshammri says:

    an unknown file is downloaded and when I click on it it opens with TextEditer

  3. Brandon Tseng says:

    f*ck I hope Microsoft and the Visual Studio team adds C++ in Mac because they are tooo stubborn to add and has C# and F# only. WTF Microsoft add C++ in Mac for Visual Studio 2019

  4. ChanHo Kim says:

    is this better for c++ coding than xcode? or vscode?

  5. HOTBOINICK says:

    My solution folder only appears when I RUN application??

  6. Juan says:

    Man your intro! What's the name of that song?

  7. AZ-Farmers says:

    Kartik Thank for this content on EA channel…share it with us.

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