Inside Excel – Episode 1: Insert data with picture

January 5, 2020 posted by

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Using Microsoft
Teams, we asked the global team behind Insert Data from Picture
to give us an inside look into what it takes to
develop a feature for Excel. Insert Data from Picture allows people to convert printed data
into editable tables, making it easy to edit,
analyze, and share. But, developing the feature
meant that teams from Serbia, and India would need to build
on existing technologies to create something
truly special for Excel. (upbeat music) With so much printed data, people often spend hours on manual entry. Those are hours they could spend focusing on much more strategic problems. – They actually need to hire
people to type it out for them, or they type it out themselves. – [Narrator] But, fixing that problem is easier said than done. They needed to build the right team. The lens team had expertise
in capturing an image from the camera, and readying
it for photo processing. The Serbia team had expertise in how to convert that image into data. – And then we built a full-fledged user experience on top of it. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] With the building blocks set, the team now had to figure out how users would interact with the feature. – One of the key things that I wanted, was how can we make it
more friendly for the user? In fact, how can we make
it delightful for the user? – [Narrator] The machine
learning component of Insert Data from Picture
is critically important. Crucially, it allows users to
identify and correct mistakes. From there, it improves. – In only two clicks,
you can basically get the whole thing in your Excel spreadsheet. – [Narrator] Users can easily spot and correct possible error values. – We wanted to make sure
that when it just works, users are delighted, and when it doesn’t, users are in control. – [Narrator] In the end,
users can spend more time focusing on what matters, and
less time on manual entry. And that’s only the beginning. – This feature is becoming the framework for how all scanning features are going to work going forward. – [Narrator] Now that the
feature’s been in the hands of some users, the team has
been thrilled by the reception. – There was a question
where Satya was asked, what is Microsoft doing to our consumers? He specifically talked about this feature. People are full of praise about it, and that just makes me feel really happy. (upbeat music)


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  1. •私の愛• says:

    Microsoft where your cellphones like the Lumia 950xl I loved your settings and their functions 🙂

  2. ved prakash says:

    Good android smartphone feature

  3. Ontime Edu says:

    It's superb with feature 👌👌👌👌😉😁

  4. Prasanna Nadagoud says:

    Not understand!

  5. CHANDAN says:

    Good bye Microsoft Because, Microsoft Mobile Dead But OnePlus Mobile Hit So It's time for Google Suite because It's a future Microsoft office to Google Suite and Chromebook

  6. Excel - VBA - JavaScript says:

    Can it be done from Excel itself?

  7. Andrea Zerbinati says:

    Is It already available? I have an Office 365 subscription, I'm italian and I use Android on a Samsung s9+. Actually I can't find the "insert data from picture" button.

  8. Nicola De Santis says:

    Bravissimi guys …

  9. Henny van Egmond says:

    Can you make the same feature for text in Word?

  10. Gaurav goel says:

    Please request to Microsoft Excel for give us searchable dropdown list option.

  11. Andrés Cervantes says:

    Is this feature available on iPhone? I can´t find it…

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