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we're looking at this really complex blue scape workspace what are we looking at here I'm trying to capture kind of like the lifecycle of a design and the way it starts is you know when we when we have an app that we want to create we want to kind of pick and choose just UX patterns that we've seen around before so from anywhere in like dribble that we've seen or maybe behance we have you know a website here a browser window we can just go ahead and scroll through for inspiration if we want to take some screenshots and then just highlight UX patterns that we feel would solve the solution that we want to do we don't want to reinvent the wheel and sometimes as UX designers it's the most creative solution isn't necessarily the best solution so we just kind of see what's already out there what people are already used to using and so that we can kind of just re-implemented into our design and then from there we take that inspiration the output from that and we just kind of throw it up in these kind of really quick sketch to wireframes and these are just flows really simple three-step flows that you know we capture just literally like as if we were just walk up to a whiteboard and draw the straw stuff out just gonna see how things fit together and then from there we kind of go through a couple of you know iteration sessions just any any feedback from the team maybe we're doing this in front of the team and then we're just spitballing back and forth from there we just go into our prototyping app in this case Adobe XD and we just create these hi-5 mock-ups just to kind of see how it's all how it all looks like fleshed out and then from there we can just throw back into the workspace continue getting feedback and then iterate from there that process continues until the app is finished so what are the kinds of feedback that you would get at this stage before you generate the high markup so for example in this stage it's very very like slapdash very low five so at this point it's easy to kind of visualize the process the user experience does it make sense for the user to go to this screen after they hit login it doesn't make sense for them to go to the this particular screen after they hit this this photo if it makes sense great if it doesn't then we can always just like switch these around for example you know and it's really easy to just make really quick decisions without being to invest it in like the visuals and stuff like that so eventually you guys get to the stage where you're able to draw generate some hi-fi markup right and then what kind of feedback are you getting at this stage sure so for example right in this login screen one designer or one developer or PM could say like hey it would be great if we had like a forgot password flow right and so you know it would make sense at this stage to display some kind of one forgotten password link and so the designer would then go back take that information go back into Adobe XD add the forgot password and then re-upload it so do you find that blue scape is a good tool for doing that yeah absolutely yeah it's nice because you know when you're drawing on a whiteboard or on pieces of paper for me it's really hard to just kind of forsake a design because you just see spent so much time kind of like drawing stuff out with blue escape it's nice you know if you like this version you could always just duplicate stuff right and then save it for later yeah there you go thank you save it for later and then iterate on on this line so that way you have version history that makes sense yeah

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