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today here at Satori graphics we’re
going to embark on an illustrator minimal text design tutorial so follow along
and make this cool text design in Adobe Illustrator what is up people welcome
back to Satori graphics the home of graphic design content right here on
YouTube let’s waste no time today and jump into this illustrator minimal text
design tutorial the font I’m using here for the minimal text design is called go
bold we need to duplicate the text by holding
down the alt option key and then move them off to the side choose a color for
your background prefers to make a block at the top of the canvas because we
needs later we’ll see background on the canvas send
it to the back and then lock it in place with the stroke selected only use the
pen tool to make a vertical line you can hold down the shift key to make sure
it’s perfectly vertical we want to retain the line by 315
degrees so it slants like so again use the alt option key to duplicate this
many more times like I’m doing here and then align them more with the same two
settings that I’m using in the alignment Oh this is where you should change the
stroke color as we won’t be able to do that later in the text design tutorial with all of your line selected outline
the stroke and then group them all together by hitting command G or control
G for PC users open the Pathfinder window and then bring the lines over the
top of your text you then need to ungroup your text select the lines and copy them by
hitting command C or control C you will now want to make sure that the line
selection has been sent at the back and then select the lines and one latter use
the crop option in the Pathfinder window if you then press command F for
control F it will paste back into place like so and then send them to the back
again and repeat the process over and over once you have your line section for the
minimal text design group them together and then bring them to the front bring
it over onto your canvas and then drag the second sample of texts and bring it
to the front we need the appearance panel open for
the next part of this text design tutorial select the blue block at the
top and then copy the color code by hitting command or control C then in the
appearance window add a new stroke and drag it below the fill layer you can
then click the stroke color and paste the color code in so it matches the
background layer add a color to the fill and then adjust a stroke to whatever you
feel looks best so here I’ve made another design where I
used the same method as we did in the tutorial the font of the lower part
attacks is shown here so have some fun with this technique and let me know if
you found this illustrator minimal text design tutorial useful if you did
enjoy the video drop a like on your way out and subscribe to Satara graphics for
weekly graphic design uploads have a great day everyone
wherever you are in the world and it’s the next time there’s only future today



  1. Satori Graphics says:

    Hope you enjoy this vid everyone, and get creative with this technique in your work 😀

  2. Mikaël Dufresne says:

    Press ctrl+B to paste in place but behind everything. You'll save time instead of pasting and sending to back.

    Nice video 🙂

  3. Carmen Isart Fabra says:

    Nice! Good video! Thanks : )

  4. Usman Ansari says:

    give some ideas on offset path tool

  5. Khamal Boyce says:

    Why not make the text a compound path and then crop everything together?

  6. CallMeZarkN says:

    thanks for the video bro ! 🙂

  7. John Valatos says:

    Great fun design, thanks for sharing.

  8. OLALA DAVID says:

    Thanks for the video

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