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today I have a very very cool audio
spectrum vector tutorial for you to design for yourself in Adobe Illustrator
also I’m going to review and show you guys a very cool resource called
portfolio box they’re sponsoring today’s video and at the end of tutorial I’m
going to show you guys how to use it so you can make a very cool pool earlier
for yourself in a matter of minutes what is that people welcome back to Utah
graphics the home of graphic design content right here on YouTube
today’s video is based around a suggestion by a subscriber on how to
design audio spectrum vector in Adobe Illustrator and like I said at the very
end of the video I’m going to review and show you guys quickly how to use
portfolio blogs so if you guys want to have control over your in portfolio
online and you want to do in a quick and easy manner portfolio box might be your
answer portfolio box it’s offering my
subscribers and my viewers 10% off LinkedIn description below so check it
out and use portfolio box and make your own super couple earlier today the first
thing we need to do in Illustrator for our audio spectrum vector design is to
make a circle with the ellipse tool you can press L on your keyboard to locate
it or you can go to the tool bar make a black circle by holding down shift and
another gradient at the stroke you can take your time modifying your gradient
in the gradient window but try and get a nice blend between a various vibrant and
bright colors I’ve spit at this part of the tutorial
as I did spend quite a long time choosing the gradient for my audio
spectrum vector so increase the stroke weights and then
if need be make the circle smaller so you can see what you’re doing on the
canvas the trick here is to increase the stroke
until the black midsection disappears so once you’ve done that open the
gradient window and choose this option here which will set the stroke around
the circle like so pretty cool huh a quick tip it’s gonna help you guys in
this tutorial if you turn on the scale stroke options in Illustrator so when
you change the size of the circle the stroke over size in unison move this
circle up to one side because we’re going to use that later make another
circle but this time use a light gray color press command will control our to
open up your rulers and bringing guides intersect directly through the middle of
your circle vertically and horizontally it’s very important that these lines are
perfectly aligned with the circle so zoom in and take your time to set them
up correctly if you can’t see you guides right click on the artboard and make
them visible so once you set up the guides select the
circle and lock it in place who doesn’t move around you like to use a black
stroke with no fill and press P on your keyboard to access the pen tool draw a
small line like I’m doing here and hold down shift to make sure it’s perfectly
vertical you can then press Shift + W at the same time to access the width or and
carefully adjust the line so slightly thicker the top take your time to create a nice contrast
between the top and the bottom but make sure it’s not too different once you’re happy select the line and
press R on your keyboard access the right a tool you need to track the blue
icon all the way down to the midsection of the circle on your guide intersection
it needs to be placed perfectly so once it is placed click once then hold down
the alt/option key and click again in the new window type in 1.8 and then
preview and make sure the new line will not touch the original line and then
click copy you then it’s all down command or ctrl + D to repeat the
process all the way around the circle you can right-click the canvas and hide
the guides because we don’t need them anymore this part can be tedious but it
is essential press a to access the direct selection tool and then click and
drag the anchor point of one of the lines to change the length you must make
sure that it follows the original path so you need to go ahead and do this for
every single line on your vector design and make sure that everything is aligned
all the way around the circle I’m gonna go ahead and skip this part of the video
because it’s gonna take too long for you to see so I’ll see you again soon so you design should look something like
mine here you can click and drag to select all of the small lines and then
change the stroke weights you wanna have a nice gap between each of the lines to
make sure they’re not touching then you need to drag the lines off to one side
and outline the stroke open up the pathfinder window and unite
them all together as one shape we’re close to the finishing line for
today’s vector design with the line selected created compound path then
resize the circle and bring the lines over the top in a way that you think is
going to look good for your design so when you ready select both the lines
and the circle and they right click and create clipping mask next unlock everything and then we’re
going to want to create a black shape and send it to the back of the design look this shape in place because he will
act as a backdrop for your audio spectrum design you on the circle flick the fill over to a
stroke and then add the same gradient as we did before you can use the option in the gradient
window to generate the gradient all the way around the circle Oh Stewart our design that have that
quick look at the tutorial on the portfolio box at event video so stay
tuned for that if you’re interested in making a cool portfolio for your work
with the line section of design selected go up to effect stylize and outer glow I’m gonna use a pinky purple color for
mine but you can experiment different colors you can then click preview to see
the outcome and then click OK to generate and they have it you already spoke from
design you can now add the outer glow’ to other aspects of your design like
I’ve done here on my logo and the inner circle so next a brief look at portfolio
bugs so like I said you can check in the description below for a link to get 10%
off a fully fledged account with portfolio bugs I made a quick portfolio
in around an hour and a half to show you guys how it works and how easy it is the
user interface is very easy to follow and it took me a few minutes to get used
to but there are guides I’m gonna show you later that do help you create page
by page where selecting the page you want to make and then click create each
page type has different layout options and if you upgrade to pro status you can
unlock multiple options so once you’ve created the page you can starred in
content in a very easy manner you have control over things such as the
pixel size and you simply locate your image in an uploader then clicks insert
image this is going into my logo section of my
portfolio in the bottom corner of the screen you can see a learn button that I
found very useful he will show you what you need to do in a very logical order
he will present red icons for you to follow and click which helps a whole lot so here’s my final portfolio design
which I did a rush for the purposes of this video but as you can see I have
social media icons in the bottom left I probably should edit those to make them
more visible but it’s super easy to link your social media by the way you’ve
accessed your pages at the top menu and one of the coolest pages you can add is
the Instagram page which all you need to do is log into Instagram via their page
and it’s going to automatically add all of your Instagram posts that you’ve ever
made then there’s my about page which has an
email link and there’s so many ways to customize your portfolio it’s a very
easy and clean way to make your portfolio website so yeah check out the
link in description for 10% off and get exposure on your designs with portfolio
box also quickly oti magazine asked me to do an interview
with them and you can check now in the description below because it’s a link to
the interview Sturridge today’s tutorial on how to
design an audio spectrum vector in adobe illustrator
let me in the comment section below what you thought of this video and also leave
a like if you did enjoy it share my content on social media if you do find
it useful and remember to subscribe to cetera graphics weekly graphic design
content just like today’s video have a great day everyone and until next time
there’s only future today peace you


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  1. Satori Graphics says:

    Kicking this week off with a lengthy and more advanced Illustrator tutorial, hope you guys found it useful!

  2. Satori Graphics says:

    Check out Portfoliobox via the link in the description, as well as my interview for Occhi Magazine ^^^

  3. Kobe says:

    Cheers Tom!
    Really nice Video which I'm definitley gonna try out since a Producing friend asked me to do a Logo for him. So Thanks for most of the Work Tom <3
    Hope you have a wonderful week buddy!

  4. Mohammad Bilal says:

    Excellent design!!

  5. Tati says:

    Hi, Tom. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Thanks for that very useful tutorial! Really great show! Your tutorial brings me exciting ideas that I need to implement immediately 😉 it gushes in my creative mind. YEAH!!! Have fun and take care, see you soon.

  6. Swarup S says:

    sir thank you for this tutorial. Its a nice piece of information. 😊

  7. Ryuu says:

    thank you very much for this ! I learned a couple of new things on this tut !

  8. vishakha singh says:

    Nice tutorial

  9. D24 says:

    good design tutorial also good

  10. Micky Weir says:

    Great tut. I would like to see this for an actual waveform of a track.

  11. Alexandru Grecov says:

    look very nice.

  12. Christopher Bbosa says:

    Good idea

  13. Hotel Valentino BD says:

    That's Called Passion.

  14. Joe Luckey III says:

    Great tutorial! You have good creative mind. Thanks for the video.

  15. Graphic Designer says:

    I just finished basic graphic design. And your tutorials helped me enhance my knowledge about GP. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work and more things to learn from you.

    Cheers from Philippines (Y)

  16. PJ Cassel says:

    I have a thought, on the wavy black lines. Would transform each with random parameters be a faster way to resized all of those lines?

  17. Til Fly says:

    Excellent ! i like you tutorial

  18. Creative Mind says:

    Nice design I like it very much. Keep uploading such kind of video.

  19. Sven Fraefel says:

    Which fond is this in your Logo which Satori Graphics?

  20. Christabell Arebame says:

    Thanks for taking out time to make this video, I learnt a lot. But most short cuts did not work like the "make clipping mask" maybe because I use a Windows PC.

  21. TechLord says:

    can you please show us how to do this in photopshop

  22. Germiah Cunil says:

    you dont show what format you used nor the circle thing with gradient at the begininig

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