I Tried To Fix A DEAD Graphics Card…

July 31, 2019 posted by

Hi guys, Skuez here and today we’re gonna
try to bring this baby, which is R9 270, back to life. This is my brother’s old GPU and it died
like 6 months ago and it’s been collecting dust ever since. He never tried to fix it, until now! We had lots of fun and laughs making this
video and I hope you enjoy it. Btw yes, there is kinda face reveal in this
video, but you can expect a proper face reveal soon. And sorry for the shaky camera, I really need
to invest in a Gimbal (stabilizer). First we needed to replace my current GPU,
which is GTX 1070, with the faulty one, just to make sure and show you that it really doesn’t
work. Which didn’t quite go as planned, but more
on that later. Here we’re just removing the tempered glass,
it’s pretty easy, doesn’t even require a screwdriver. Btw this is NZXT S340 Elite case. This isn’t really rocket science so I’m
gonna let you just watch this and come back later when we replace the GPU. And it’s replaced, just need to plug in
some cables and we’re good to go. Power on. Wait, no, no, no, this can’t be. Yep, it turned on. I was so sad here, which is so ironic considering
that it’s working and that should be a good thing. Right? No! But that didn’t last very long. It turned on because there were no drivers
installed and as soon as we installed them, we got a blue screen of death and the screen
never turned back on after that. GPU fans just kept spinning and stopping
like this. So, yeah, it’s time to take the GPU out
and disassemble it. So, a million screws later, we now just need
to unplug the cooler. I’m gonna speed up the cleaning part, too. This is just a normal hair dryer, set to its
maximum speed and power. We were planning to hold it like this for
15 minutes, but the hairdryer actually turned itself off after only 8 minutes. I thought it died, but it was just a safety
measure to prevent overheating. We figured 8 minutes might be just enough
and decided not to mess with it any further. So we let it cool for about an hour and then
it was time to apply thermal paste. That’s about enough. Plug in the cooler and now screws again, which
I’m gonna speed up, of course. You can see we’re very careful with the
screwing here to ensure that the paste spreads equally across the chip. All that’s left now is to put the GPU back
in the case and see if it worked. Power on. I gotta tell you, I was 95% sure that it wouldn’t
work, but, somehow, it did work. Pure magic. It’s been a couple of days now and it’s
still working great, I even edited most of this video using it and played some games. We even ran a GTA V in-game benchmark, to
make sure that it is working just like before. Specs are R9 270, Ryzen 7 1700 and 16GB of
RAM. And pretty much every graphics setting is
on low. I know some of you wanna know why exactly
this worked? Well, the reason that this GPU didn’t work
in the first place was because, over the years, some of the solder joints between the chips and the PCB broke
and by heating the component to the melting point of that solder, you can allow it to
reflow and reconnect again. It would’ve probably been better if we used
a heat gun instead of a hair dryer, but, hey, it still worked. So yeah, that’s it for this video, please
let me know if you enjoyed and if you have any ideas for a video, please leave a comment
down below. Thank you guys so much for watching and see
you next time.


21 Replies to “I Tried To Fix A DEAD Graphics Card…”

  1. Rafa Ei says:

    Nice content as always!!

  2. FOUR X GAMER says:

    Music name

  3. SkuezTech says:

    Yo, guys! Never did a video like this, was very fun and definitely wanna do more like this. Hope you like it! Btw yes, I know, camera's a bit shaky sometimes, I need to invest in a Gimbal.

    Who wants a proper face reveal? 😀 Btw thanks for watching. 🙂

  4. ZerpDK says:

    Nice video btw

  5. Jota / Jay -sintiendomevivo/gamer- says:

    Clean up that desktop Toni.

  6. Hacked by Ununpentium says:

    The graphics card wasn't dead at all.

  7. Hacked by Ununpentium says:

    8:51 CPU? You mean GPU

  8. SeikoFPS says:

    damn dude doing that on a carpet damn, atleast a wooden table would be benefitial for proper workers.

  9. Mostan_Games says:

    Nice pc bro!

  10. Drake says:

    Cleaning a gpu on carpet lol

  11. Baran T Adcock says:

    Why was everything so dusty 😂😂 Besides that man great video!

  12. Willian Silva says:

    Sensacional 😎

  13. Drake says:

    gta vice city on desktop i like your brothers taste 😉

  14. VilaTX says:

    Where are you from? Your accent sound familiar for me

  15. Peter M says:

    Seems someone is a big Supernatural fan. 😀

  16. Usman Hidayatulloh says:

    Ty i like the video

  17. KrenZZie says:

    Iz kojeg grada si?

  18. sweetdream1559 says:

    Not for long. She’s almost dead.

  19. Bob Oznek says:

    Good music choice

  20. joão maria oliveira says:

    YouTube nacionality

  21. 1st line, 3rd row says:

    The Man, the mth and the legend himself

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