I Paid $10 for WEIRD Website Logos on Fiverr | LOOK AT THESE LOL

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okay so recently I made a video where I paid a hundred dollars or less for fully custom websites on Fiverr comm link in the description in case you missed it but that video made me want to have some more fibre fun so I decided to pay ten dollars for just the weirdest website logos using fiber and some of these are actually real businesses that you would never believe actually exist and stay tuned for a special contest at the end of this video okay so let's go ahead and rewind a few days and see how this all unfolds okay so today I want to pretend to own some really strange businesses and then I want to find some designers on Fiverr calm and tell them I'm building a website for these businesses and I need a logo and I've got no ideas really for what businesses these are gonna be all I know is that I want them to just be strange off-the-wall weird so let's go to Google and just look up weird businesses okay so I'm just gonna go up to Google type in weird businesses and let's see what we got ten bizarre business says you didn't know existed let's do that Richard Cade cheese sculpting business we'll do a cheese sculptor let's go ahead and add that one to the menu cheese sculptor is a pretty weird thing what else maker of wearable human remains what you can wear the remains of your loved one in an earner okay that one's a little too weird that one's gonna be too hard I don't even know what somebody would create for that 20 of the weirdest services out there okay with what you can rent a goat to mow your lawn no way is this a real website I'm going to this website there's no way meet the goats of Amazon's new goat rental service this has got to be like fake news or something okay we're just we're we're putting goat rental up there for sure what else we got snake massage that's pretty good mobile UX testing by moms that one's pretty fitting for this channel because we're all about websites here so yeah let's go ahead and add user experience testing by moms to the menu where who writes this stuff like how do you even come up with something like that hangover bus professional potty training invisible boyfriend Renta mom poop scooping we're not gonna do poop scooping because that's like kind of too mainstream but what if we did like a poop delivery sir a dog deliverable dog poop service that's what we'll do okay let's pass it off like we're going to make it like a community like a community nonprofit that picks up dog poop around the city and then repurpose is it to deliver to your enemies and like a perfectly wrapped present honestly that would actually make a pretty good business if they were like went viral okay we're adding that to the menu as well deliverable dog poop there's mowing goats again on a different website the balances and be calm leave a comment if you've ever had your lawn mowed by a goat what is this no way they make roadkill beer koozies this is a real thing hold on I check this out invest now with cryptocurrency oh man they don't have them anymore well either way we're adding that to the menu cuz that is hilarious okay so we've got about five now so I'm gonna go ahead and go on to Fiverr and actually find five different designers to make these logos okay so I went ahead and found five people that I think could be good candidates for this this guy even does it for five bucks it can be delivered in three days with unlimited revisions which is crazy and then you know I think this guy could be good with like the roadkill this one should definitely do the cheese sculpting business I'm just gonna assign one business for each of these guys and just see what happens so I'm just gonna go ahead and click continue for $10 hi there I have a taxidermy business where I turn roadkill or small deceased pets into functional beer koozies and I'm in need of a logo for my new website and send your order is now in the works cool hello I'm a local farmer with a new business renting my goats to clients who want their lawns trimmed without the hassle of mowing it themselves I'm in need of a logo for my business that I can use for my website send hi I'm a professional cheese sculptor I make statues out of cheese you know various cheese's can you make a logo that represents what I do so and we do community cleanups of all unscoped dog waste and repurpose it into neatly wrapped gifts that you can send to your enemies this is a real business and I went ahead and changed the name to deliverable dog doo and it's a waste management community cleanup and delivery service hey there I'm working on a new startup called UX testing by moms we test software user experience with a focus group of technologically challenged moms sender ooh okay so now the designers have everything they need including payment so now we wait a few days okay so it's been a few days and we've got all five designs back and they are even better than I could have expected so I'm gonna show them to you now and be sure to stay tuned at the end for that contest that I mentioned so let's take a look okay so number one ah that's amazing look at it's all chiseled and it's dripping even the font looks like it's kind of like bubbly cheese that came out of a tube this when I saw this I was like oh my god these people are talented what are you doing doing this for ten dollars and he also sent me another version which is just text but I'm gonna go ahead and make that one the official logo cuz that head is just hilarious okay moving on go rental it honestly this one turned out even funnier than I expected too because I know goats are funny but like look at the eyes on this thing and it's if you look closely it's got like a little toupee right here and he also sent me another one as well second rendition which not as funny but still a good logo honestly but I'm gonna go ahead and make that one the official logo cuz that is infinitely funnier okay here we go UX testing by moms uh yeah that looks like a mom to me honestly it kind of looks like my own mom one thing that stood out to me in this logo is look at how tiny that hand is that is the most miniature hand I've ever seen but it turned out pretty cool I like that it's like this little badge looking shape you know would look pretty good on a pocket square okay moving on he's literally taking a poop into a gift I think this one's my favorite man that's what I call a fresh product straight from the source I swear these people are so creative ten out of ten for sure on deliverable dog doo so this was the beer koozie one and I actually had him redo this cuz this one kind of looks just like I mean it done me wrong very talented drawing but it just kind of looks like a kid shows like promoting beer to kids I didn't really scream beer koozies to me so how do we do it and this was what I got back which is infinitely better and I went ahead and colored it because I did not realize that the one that I signed up for it didn't come with color until he sent me this so I went ahead and covered it myself and gave it a name which is carry-on koozies and if you don't know what carry-on is it's actually spelled with a c' but it's kind of a formal way of saying dead animal so went ahead named it carrion koozies and honestly i think this one and the deliverable dog do are tied for my favorite okay so now for the contest this is actually gonna be a slogan contest so what you're gonna do is just write the funniest slogan that you can think of for any one of these logos or fake businesses so how it's gonna work is you just write the name of the fake business so carry on koozies and then you would just go ahead and write your slogan and whatever slogan gets the most up votes the winners are gonna be receiving t-shirts with that logo the name and their slogan on them and will be featured in the winner's announcement video later on which is going to be randomized I am NOT going to tell you a due date so feel free to put in as many entries as you want if you want to put one for each logo you can or multiple for one logo go for it whatever gets the most up votes is the winner so there's gonna be five winners so stay tuned on my channel for those alright guys that's it for this video thank you for watching and feel free to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this alright see you on the next video you


23 Replies to “I Paid $10 for WEIRD Website Logos on Fiverr | LOOK AT THESE LOL”

  1. Sarah Encinosa says:

    Karrion Koozies
    “Keep calm and karrion”

  2. Sarah Encinosa says:

    Deliverable Dog Doo
    “Shit’s about to go down (on your doorstep)”

  3. David Sheffield says:

    Deliverable Dog Doo "When you finally decide to give a crap"

  4. nikhil kd kd says:

    Deliverable Dog Doo
    " Scoop it in your favourite shapes and sizes ! "
    situations apply

  5. PhilmyBush says:

    Goat Rental
    Not for kids!

  6. PhilmyBush says:

    Goat Rental
    For your grass, not their ass!

  7. Duane Phillips says:

    Deliverable Dog Doo
    "Doing the do delivering the doo for you."

  8. Raman Virk says:

    Can we do online ticket events on WordPress?

  9. Stephane Parent says:

    Cheeze sculptor
    "Slowly, Slice by Slice"

  10. Imran Nadaf says:

    Deliverable Dog Doo
    “Your Dog’s poop is our concern now”

  11. Platoro says:

    Cheese Sculptor
    "Godly taste, Artistic shape"

  12. Platoro says:

    Karrion Koozies
    "Your new drinking buddy"

  13. Platoro says:

    Karrion Koozies

  14. Platoro says:

    Deliverable Dog Doo
    "Now with same-day delivery"

  15. Platoro says:

    Goat Rental
    "Make the neighbors jealous since 1999"

  16. Stephane Parent says:

    "If my mom's not lost yr Website is a must"

  17. Stephane Parent says:

    Deliverable Dog Doo
    "We ask nothing in return !"

  18. JustLearnBitcoin DotCom says:

    Well, there actually is a poop delivery service. It's called shit express look it up.

  19. MinuteHistory says:

    Don touch that sculpture, it's Nat´cho cheese!

  20. Flaming A says:

    Cheese sculptor.
    "Think different, think Cheese sculptor."

    Deliverable Dog Doo
    "but the turd in good use."

    Karrion koozies
    "squirrels afterlife" or "next-level fun"

    goat rental
    "the all you need" or "what can't they do?"

    hope you would love one of them, thx

  21. Muhammad Umar says:

    Cheese sculptor
    For paint drying witnessing enthusiasts

  22. Rbn Web Solutions says:

    Deliverable Dog Doo
    "if your dog poops then pick up and clean"

  23. Mark Jason says:

    Cheese Sculptor
    “This may be cheesy, but I think it’s grate.”

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