I Let My Dog Pick My Art Supplies (& I Draw Her Like The Masterpiece She is)

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* Bowie, come here! Why don’t you show us what you’re wearing? *Gasp* Show us! Oh, she’s so excited! She’s excited! Sit, sit, sit! Guys we got merch! We got “Join the Raevolution” T-shirts! And if red isn’t your color we got gray, we got the black color-block, limited edition! Ohh! We even got stickers for $3.99. These will go good on a sketchbook, on your car, wherever! So yeah, if you would like to *Strains* join the Raevolution, I will link it down below! You can find it at teespring.com/stores/superraedizzle. I’m so excited. I really hope you guys enjoy it. She’s sitting down to be a part of the video! Wow. So two years ago I had made a video called “My Dog Picks My Art Supplies” featuring myself, Bowie, and my mom’s dog Isabell. Honestly, when I look back at like my all-time favorite videos that I have ever made ever, that video is one of them. And in the video I ended up drawing my mom’s dog Izzy. Well, since that video has went live, I have gotten request after request to draw… *Uncontrollably laughing* Bowie! To draw Bowie! So yeah, without further ado, here’s part 2
to my dog picking my art supplies: The Bowie Edition. Double chin! Let me see your double chin Bowie! Let me see your double chin! Wow! Look at that chin! Look at that chin! So Miss Bowie over here, she’s only motivated by one thing and one thing alone and that’s food. Specifically meatballs. So basically, what I’m gonna do is write art supplies on a piece of paper, place the meatball on said paper and whichever piece of paper/meatball she eats first, that will be the chosen art supply. I know it’s not very official, but what are you gonna do? Alright, so the first categories that we have here is, how am I gonna draw Bowie? Am I gonna draw her in an illustration style, which I have in the past, or in a realistic style, Bowie? Okay, so we got realism and we got illustration. Category 1. Okay, I’m gonna go get the meatball. Bowie, I’m gonna go get the meatball! I know you’re excited about that. *Playfully* Okay boy, come get it! Which way do you want me to draw you? Come on! Which way? Which way? Which way, Bowie? *Gasps* Oh! She wants me to draw her realistically! Wow! Good job Bowie. *Classical music* Category 2 will be what, um, what’ll be, what’s category 2? Category two will be medium. So our options here include paint… paint, pencils, which, I haven’t used colored pencils in a long time on my channel. And lastly we have charcoal. Alright Bowie, which one’s it gonna be? Here she comes. *Gasp* Bowie! She wants me to draw her in colored pencil? Wow. Now this brings us to category 3: paper. *Bowie slurping water loudly* Now this brings us to category 3: paper. Now originally I had canvas, gray paper and white paper but since Bowie picked colored pencils, it’s pointless to have canvas. So thus we have gray paper and white paper. (Rae): You ready for the meatball? You ready for a meatball? Wow! Okay Bowie, come get it! Which one? Do you want white paper or do you want gray paper? All right boy, come on! Get which one you want, we have gray paper and white paper. Wow, gray paper! Is there – do you think there’s a reason that she always gravitates towards this side? Well, regardless, I think you did a good job Bowie. I think you did a good job! All right! Who’s ready to do some art, huh? So with an image that I digitally manipulated/created in Photoshop, I’m gonna be using the chalk method again for the third time in the history of my channel, It’s been something I’ve been into, you know, it saves a lot of time and it’s really convenient and straight to the point, you know? And for this week’s drawing I wanted to do something a little bit differently because last time I had drawn Izzy realistically, and it was a nice picture, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to just like, repeat the same video, you know? Like have another drawing of a realistic dog, you know? So this time I want to add a little spice to the drawing. So, so let me explain: About a month ago, I went to Washington DC for vacation with my family and I went to one of the Smithsonian National Art Museums and oh my god, I have never seen so many classic paintings, like, in the flesh, like, right in front of me, face to face in my LIFE! And in fact, I took so many reference photos, I’ll just show you just like, a little sneak peek of just like, SOME of the incredible artwork that I got to see like, face to face. *Camera shutter clicks* Yeah, when I saw the Da Vinci I did not know how to act. I was like *deep gasp* it was like an otherworldly experience and it was, oh my god, it was, that’s what I like to do when I go on vacation to see artwork in museums, but um… but yeah, yeah, so this artwork is inspired by the Dutch painter Vermeer from the Baroque period. And for my art enthusiasts out there, you might have noticed that this is kind of like a spin on his painting, Girl with Pearl Earring! Between seeing the museum, getting inspired, studying Dutch painters and getting an overwhelmingly large response of people saying that they just want to see me make artwork, it seemed like the stars were aligned to make this piece! And, and I’m excited because it’s like my two favorite things, Bowie and Renaissance artwork, like what more could I want in this world? And it was really nice because one of my favorite things to do is sit back, Put on my music, put on my podcast, be completely all by myself and just make artwork. Like, that’s one thing that I love, love, love to do. And so I get a lot of questions like, why do you do so many product reviews? Like, why do you test so many weird art supplies? And that’s because whenever I’m testing out art supplies, like I’m, you guys are seeing and hearing live what’s going on. I’m telling you guys, “Oh, this is what I see. This is what I see,” but when I do artwork, I’m not saying anything, I’m just you know, speeding it up and doing voiceover. So it’s nice to – it’s nice to switch it up a little bit, you know, it’s nice to you know, make some artwork by myself, and I don’t have to worry about anything, you know? And by the way, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve used colored pens, specifically Prismacolor colored pencils on my channel. Now for all the OG, like old old old subscribers, back in the day when I first started my channel, that was like the only thing I used, was Prismacolor colored pencils, and I would just draw and do speed drawings like this. And, it feels good! It feels good to like, do like, old-school kind of drawing, you know. And I miss, I didn’t realize until I started drawing this drawing that I, how much I miss colored pencils. They’re so simple and vibrant and so easy and cheap and I miss em. I miss em so much! *Classical music* And the last thing that I’m gonna do to finish this drawing of my beautiful puppy Bowie is add in a bat black and brown background. God, that was a tongue twister! And you know, just give it some background, foreground, make it all fancy schmancy, just like the original painting. I’m gonna add in my highlights to the earring and eyeballs just to make it extra pop, give it some more dimension. And that’s it! That completes my final drawing of my puppy! Okay, now I’m going to go show her the artwork. Bowie? Look what I have for you, Bowie! *Gasps* Hey! What were you doin’? Look what I have for you, Bowie! Wow! *Laughs* Wow! Are you happy, Bowie? Are you happy? Look, Bowie! It’s you! Fine. *Laughs* Okay, well anyways – *Laughs* Treats aside, I consider it a win. I think she likes it! And if you would like to purchase something from my merch store, I will link it down below. And yeah, with that being said guys, thank you so much again for watching and we will both see you next video. Bye! Bye! *Ending music*


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