Huawei Mate 30 Pro – LIVE LOOK

July 27, 2019 posted by

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is one of the high
profile devices set to launch in the second half of the year. It's special because it's Huawei's first flagship
launch since the ban. As you already know the ban has now been lifted
so Huawei can do their operations as usual. The Mate 30 Pro has got a lot of attention
already because it's going to feature a 90-degree curved display that goes all the way to the
back. A lot of us were wondering how it's gonna
look like, how they're going implement such display and thankfully, we don't have to wait
longer because the first live look of the Mate 30 Pro is here. It looks like it has been captured in a subway. The phone is enclosed in a case that hides
the back of the phone. Maybe it's a Huawei Engineer or employee testing
the handset in the real world. As you can see, the display curves are so
aggressive. The 90 degrees curved design rumor was on
point as the phone does have very noticeable display curves. How this is going to affect the user experience
is yet to be seen. They can use software to minimize the accidental
touches. So I guess we shouldn't have much of a problem
with it, of course, can't really say that for sure unless we use it in real life because
we don't have any phone out there that has such an aggressively curved display. Also, it confirms there will be a notch on
the Mate 30 Pro. Just like previous leaks had suggested. But the good thing is, it's smaller this time
and isn't as intrusive as the notch of last year's Mate 20 Pro. There's a reason for this notch because it
houses 3D sensors for secure face unlocking just like the Face ID on the iPhones. So yeah, the Mate 30 Pro won't have the latest
design trend of holes primarily because of the 3D sensors also because no other display
maker can drill holes in OLED other than Samsung. And Samsung has decided to keep the technology
for themselves for certain period time so yeah, Huawei had no choice but to go with
the notch. With that being said, the Mate 30 Pro will
have a 6.71" of display and it will be AMOLED. Not really sure who's making displays for
them it's either Samsung or BOE. BOE has caught up to Samsung by stealing some
tech and are now the second biggest smartphone display maker. So probably Huawei went to BOE, we'll never
know but the thing is it could have a display with 90Hz refresh rate, 4200mAH battery and
55W of fast charging. There are also rumors that it will come with
a cinematic lens for recording cinema-quality videos which is a really cool thing to do
for a smartphone. Also, we have live images of the Mate 30 Lite. As you can see it looks similar to the Mate
20 Pro with that camera setup and the textured back but it'll have a punch hole type of camera
upfront. Of course, the display is going to be LCD. It'll have a Kirin 810 chipset under the hood
which is comparable to the Snapdragon 730 chipset and will have a 3900mAh battery. Huawei will launch it as Nova 5i Pro in China
next month and a month later they will launch it as the Mate 30 Lite in the rest of the
world. Of course with that being said, do consider
subscribing to keep up with all the Mate 30 coverage and as always I'll see you tomorrow…Peace


47 Replies to “Huawei Mate 30 Pro – LIVE LOOK”

  1. Manuel Jordan Ching says:

    The lite version looks good.

  2. Islander HP says:

    bull shit!

  3. Ryan Wilson says:

    There was a Huawei honor phone with the whole punch.. its not just limited to Samsung..

  4. Youcef Bessou says:

    Anyone noticed that he's using an iPhone 😂😂

  5. Chelsea Supporter Channel C.S.C. TV says:

    Still has a notch? Count me out brah

  6. jacob de villiers says:

    thats a mate 20 pro !

  7. AHMED ALi says:

    العرب يصلوا على النبي

  8. RMECmusic says:

    The fingerprint symbol is same like OnePlus 7 Pro

  9. JS MANA CHANNEL says:

    Samsung and Chinese channel is here
    When Sony did 5k display you say is useless .

  10. ErazerT says:

    Love how her is using and ild iPhone xD

  11. Jesse Marquez says:

    Can we talk about the fact that this dude is doing this out in the open like this 😂😂 😂…on a bus? Lmao

  12. k brooks says:

    I can't see any practical uses for this at all.

  13. WGACA says:

    The ban is only temporary lifted. Republicans are still pushing for it.

    On topic: really don't see the benefit of such and aggressive curve. Samsung started the curve trend and actually refined it by reducing the curve, not increasing.

  14. Jaami says:

    I think I will black list diz channel or something.
    His titles are always click baits.
    And most of all he says are just rubbish to me.

  15. Pika says:

    ahhhhhh mate 30 lite ,but … I will go with a50:)) anyway

  16. Aleksandar Atanasoski says:

    How do u report this channel. It keep using click bait to lure visitora and giving false information. I have no subscribe or follow and keeps spamming my youtube.

  17. HaZzArD says:

    This is so fucked up

  18. cami cami says:

    Is the notch gone

  19. I'm Useless says:

    hey apple there's BOE

  20. xthen rx says:

    lets see if its gettin better than samsung display

  21. Zoe Santana says:

    Samsung:Best display and screen manufacturer.

    Huewei:Best low light camera.

    Apple:Best bulls**t you can buy in 2019.

    Google:Best old desing.

  22. Reyad Mohmmed says:

    The huawei engineer using an iphone🤣🤣

  23. vitotheo says:

    I'm most excited for the Cine lens and the Matrix camera.

  24. Don Guano says:

    Oh no! It is proven now, they ruined it. That senceless curved display. I hope they make a version with better screen = a flat screen without those stupid reflections. I doubt tho… Sticking with Mate 10 Pro.

  25. Confused Cashew says:

    Pressure sensitive volume rockers and power button

  26. Jun C says:

    The dude in the train even going as far as using an iPhone just shows how shit Huawei is

  27. geodash {gd} says:

    Pewds: woot!

  28. Prem Kumar says:

    90 degree is as ugly as a notch…

  29. Gagah Dragon says:

    If the screen is curved 90°, what about the button placements? It looks like it has almost no space for the power and volume buttons on the side and the phone is quite huge so it would be uncomfortable to put buttons on the top of the phone.

  30. Niels Rakers says:

    Just ordered the P30 Pro and dont regret it

  31. Yongri Naga says:

    You're gonna have a million subs by this year🔥

  32. I'm hungry says:

    Huawei and China stealing and copying everything they see and using it for their own Chinese brands and then acting like they innovated and created anything. I don't like Trump but at least he's holding China accountable and making them sweat.

  33. Rahul kumar says:

    Which software you use to make your videos and from u got all that GIFs ??

    Plzz Answer.

  34. Canyu Lucas Li says:

    This is why I love Huawei Phone so much. They always challenge the most cutting-edge technology. Anything is possible.

  35. Sid Thiru says:

    The more i hear about the insane mate 30 leaks the more I'm worried that huawei will beat samsung. As currently samsung is number no. 1 in the market in terms of sales.

  36. Goku Ultra Instinct says:

    So Huawei employee also use Iphone 🤔🤔

  37. Akshay Kumar S says:

    Man with laptop using iPhone????:)

  38. Rossi Muana says:

    i really excited for mate 30

  39. sdacreationist says:

    Nice phone I'd want one. What I'd want tho is an explanation as to why the young lady had lashes on her thighs. Is it abuse or sadistic behavior

  40. AP 95 says:

    Does anyone know when the mate 30 will be announced and released

  41. warfare 1212 says:

    Note 10+ will look better then

  42. sevan grigoryan says:

    The notch better be smaller than the Mate 20 pro

  43. Yifei Ren says:

    This curve screen is over done. Not practical, not looking great.

  44. Cerberus 91 says:

    i lost my interest to Huawei due to too many lies😂

  45. Prince Jerhan says:

    Wow that's a nice curve – the white one beside the phone.

  46. Guillaume Tsogbe-Hamel says:

    When sal uses mkbhd oneplus 7 pro exact foutage with the same wallpaper and adds a notch and change the hand with photoshop

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