How To Use Copyrighted Audio In Your YouTube Video Without Getting Your Channel Shut Down

July 28, 2019 posted by

I'm Joshua vard well you're going to learn something today today I'm going to tell you how I use copyrighted music in my youtube videos without getting copyright strikes and getting my channel shut down this is a question that I get kind of every time I post a video with copyrighted music in it I guess few people asking me so I thought I'd just make this video I'm on the road gotta go catch a plane I haven't got a video queued up for today it's a little bit of a cheat but some of you are definitely still interested so if you are interested here it is so it used to be that if you put copyrighted music in your video it was kind of a crapshoot if YouTube recognized the music via its Content ID system then you could get a copyright strike but sometimes YouTube will have an arrangement with the copyright holder where YouTube will monetize the video on behalf of the copyright holder in other words YouTube will play ads on the video whether you like it or not and then YouTube will give the ad revenue to the copyright holder and you can use the music without getting into trouble because the arrangement is in place and the challenge is that you wouldn't know beforehand whether you were going to get a copyright strike for the song or whether you were just going to get was in it they call it claiming it Content ID was going to claim the song and then you could just use it without getting in trouble well this tool here lets you answer that question so it's in the creator studio and it's the music policies right here under create the URL you can see up here in my my menu bar and if you go and enter a name of a song here like for example configu it it you can see the policies that apply to this song so here's getting jiggy with it by Will Smith if I put this song in my video it'll be viewable worldwide so there are some songs that for example can't be viewed in Germany because if because because I don't know why because and then monetization you will not be able to monetize this um what that means is that YouTube is going to claim the song they're going to give the type they're going to show ads and they're going to give the revenue to the copyright holder but it does mean if you see this exact thing you're absolutely free to use the song you will not get in trouble you will not get a copyright strike it just means that you can't monetize it which many people many of you aren't monetizing your videos anyway you just want to put some underneath your feet you're flying or whatever and there you go if you search for a song and it's not in here like for example all you need is love by the Beatles well The Beatles are famous for not the music isn't licensed very widely and you can see that all you need is love is not in here all you need to love various artists but not all you need is love by the Beatles and what that means is that Content ID is not going to automatically flag this song but if the copyright holder finds that you're using the music they can still file a claim against you and you can still get a copyright strike I'm not a hundred percent sure about that but I'm willing to bet that the fact that all you need is love by the Beatles is not showing up here does not mean well go so I can just go ahead and use it nobody deal I'm willing to bet that someone from the Beatles will objective that probably ring down he always seemed like a dick so basically what you want to do is you want to search for the song you want to look at the policy and what you want to see is either well if the best-case scenario is you can monetize your video great go for it but you want to see either you can't monetize your video but playback is viewable worldwide and then you're good to go alrighty well for those of you who have wondered how was Joshua using copyrighted music in his videos that's the answer I cleared make sure that it's clear here and then I accept that I'm not able to monetize the video I've decided that I would rather show you guys an awesome video with a real like copyrighted song that you recognize from the radio and I'd give up the phone just give up the ad revenue it's just fun to make the videos and fun to show them to you if you have seen an ad in front of one of those videos like maybe you saw an on skippable ad I apologize for that but there's nothing I can do that's the price of using the copyrighted music is that youtube decides what as you see not me I never choose to show you unskipable ads or long ads I always choose the short skippable ads because I personally don't find those particularly annoying when I watch videos and I hope that you don't as well and it's a good trade-off between me being able to monetize my content hopefully without putting you out too much I hope you agree sometimes you will see a non skippable ad on some of my other videos as well and I have no idea why that hat I can see in my analytics that like 1% of my revenue or 1% of my views come from on skippable ads I have no idea why that is I'm guessing that YouTube occasionally shows you an on skippable ads even when I tell them not to I don't know that's there you go thanks for watching and as always happy slang


30 Replies to “How To Use Copyrighted Audio In Your YouTube Video Without Getting Your Channel Shut Down”

  1. The Slimy Crew says:


  2. Crumbling Decay America says:

    if it passes youtube will it pass facebook

  3. Marcelo Ortega says:

    This is dope thx, I need this for my videos

  4. Verena travels says:

    Thank you for that info! Very useful.

  5. FlyerTuck says:

    Thank you Joshua. I'm going to give it a try!

  6. Ukasha Genius says:


  7. Jelroni says:

    if i change change the pitch will it not be copyright or i need to tell them the song name??

  8. L o n e rrr says:

    Hi. I'm Joshua Bardwell.

    And you're watching Disney channel!

  9. Mackienze says:

    great video thank you so much

  10. Kaw Regis says:

    How would you feel if people use your work to embellish their video without even mentioning you?
    A song is a result of hard work and it is natural that the creator gets credited for their work. Don't you think?

  11. SonoMonia says:

    ooooh finally someone answered my questions!! Thank You Joshua

  12. TheDBCooperforum says:

    I have two video's using audio from You Tube's music library and have the notice of copyright infringement?

  13. Oleston Pierre USDF says:

    I produce music. If artists want to use my beats in there songs, or people want to put my beats in the background of how to videos etc. etc., will I get paid for my music playing on every channel. My music is digitally distributed with CD baby, and its copy written to my record label. Will the person get paid for their video content and I get paid for my beat, and or song in the background? If 20 artist use my same beat to each make there own song with it, do I get paid form each of those channels since my beats are copy written and monetized to me through cdbaby, BMI, and YouTube, via myself and my record label. ?

  14. Dudeskin FPV says:

    what causes a world wide song to not be playable on mobile devices or 255 countries, SME claim or something on mine and not sure why.

  15. Cole Landreneau says:

    how do you turn add sense and monitization on or off

  16. FPV Kubbur says:

    another thing to do is look for free songs on soundcloud, there is plenty, on the non skippable ads thing, sometimes when im watching youtube i cant reach my phone when the ad comes up so it plays through, perhaps youtube counts it as a non skippable ad

  17. CrazyCases says:

    Thanks for posting. Very helpful. Thanks. 😊😊😊

  18. apoc says:

    Some viewers get non-skippable ads if they have Ad blockers enabled, this is why you see a small percentage who still see them. I use Adblock in safari for most purposes, and it happens there. Needless to say I typically watch youtube in Chrome. (I even get non-skippable ads when trying to watch my own videos that have no copyrighted content at all in them in Safari -_-)

  19. RobMacFPV says:

    Great info! Thanks for all the great videos!

  20. AV8R Tom says:

    I got fed up with having to check for copyrights, and started using royalty free music, turns out, there are still copyright claims even when using royalty free music.. you can't win. I avoid seeing ads by just having YouTube red.. I watch enough videos that it's worth it.

  21. Dustyair-FPV says:

    so if I use an add blocker or I pay for YouTube red do you still get revenue?

  22. Vekz says:

    I like to upload videos just for a personal journal to reflect back on to see how my skills have progressed or to show some local friends a spot I found to fly. I usually just search the Youtube tracks for a random audio file that fits the length of my video just because I find the screaming motors to be annoying to listen to, lol.

    I always wondered how so many popular FPV youtubers were including songs that I would have assumed to be copyright protected. This changes the game for me, and now I know that I can put real songs in so I have something more entertaining to listen to while I'm checking out some old flight footage. Thanks!

  23. 1Esteband says:

    Thank you !
    I've wondered about this for long time.
    I have a related question Do you know why on desktops, some videos when you hover over the progress bar shows thumbnails others not. I've tried a bunch of things but my videos don't do it.

  24. Mellow Minion says:

    all you need is 15secs of drone audio and they can't catch it lol😂

  25. Olivier C says:

    Another trick to know, ContentID won't flag a sound piece if it's shorter than 15 seconds.

  26. Pop-pop Fpv says:

    A question I've had for awhile.
    I wasn't aware it was that easy.
    Thanks Joshua.

  27. Carson Black says:

    agree. Ringo is a dick

  28. Madmacs FPV says:

    good info,

  29. Chanin Stinger Quail says:


  30. Fear The Beard FPV says:

    "not available in Germany" translates to "not viewable on mobile devices" at least it does here in Australia

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