How to Uninstall & Clean Out GPU Drivers with DDU! | The Best Way to Remove or Reinstall GPU Drivers

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33 Replies to “How to Uninstall & Clean Out GPU Drivers with DDU! | The Best Way to Remove or Reinstall GPU Drivers”

  1. Taichouツ says:

    I need to enter a password after i went to safe mode please help

  2. r3l1csvk says:

    0:13 how about that Driver Easy app?Is it any good?

  3. Danton says:

    What happens if you don’t have a password on the computer? Does that affect the process?

  4. Cameron Smith says:

    Is it just me or can u hear a piano in the background lol listen carefully

  5. asian2go 4you says:

    do you have to delete your old drivers to upgrade or can you keep them and download the new ones

  6. Alphabet Soup says:

    Cheers Mario. You’re a life saver. 🥣

  7. Li0nheart says:


  8. shaRRpGaming says:

    DDU has stopped working

  9. Seikatsupie says:

    My pc had some line-like glitches when i installed the drivers the way you told me to, what do i do?

  10. Ruka says:

    Hey, so when i wanna start the program, it doesnt open. My GeforceExperience is not working idk why, i cannot uninstall it and on the desktop i have white icon, sooo. I need this so i can remove GeforceExperience and then install it again.

  11. N2thy says:

    hit you with that ddu du ddu du

  12. SoOw says:

    Oooof finaly it work but i m so stressed because my screen doesnt work

  13. Mario Moreno says:

    Should I do all this before physically replacing the card or after?

  14. Excel says:

    Am I supposed to do this when switching to a new gpu? going from a rx570 to a rtx2060 and I don’t know if I should uninstall my amd drivers through this or not

  15. korohone says:

    Old school way but it works
    One way to change password on Windows 10:

    Type in search: CMD

    Right click it, select: Run as Admin

    After it opens, type in: net user username *

    Type in hello

    Then hit enter

    Type in hello again

    Then hit enter

    You are done ! Your new password is now "hello" change it back when you're done ("hello" is obviously an example)

    Take a pic of this with your phone to remember

    This is how I've been doing it for a long time 🙂

    (Your username is the name you use to login, example: John)

    When you type something in to the console when it asks for a new password, you can't see it, but your keystrokes are still being registered

  16. Sven says:

    Thanks, this video really helped!

  17. ThePiratePony osu! says:

    I tried this, but I can't get past 3:07
    The button "clean and restart" does not highlight itself when I hover my cursor on it, clicking it does nothing. Can anyone help?

  18. 失明の刈り取 says:

    Can you give me the name of that system monitor, please? It looks good!!!

  19. sKyRyu says:

    I just lost my1060 card.. And I have another rx 470
    Can I just plug it in and then uninstall nivdia graphics?
    I wanna do amd drivers

  20. Asdaf says:

    Please help me😭 i installed that then went to reboot to safe mode then now icant get in to my pc my.password is wrong

  21. ishan bc says:

    my game starts lag and stutter after updating new driver. so will this method fix my problem?

  22. Jonesyb0eh says:

    Thanks A BUNCH! Was really struggling with the new driver update for GeForce Experience!

  23. NoStressMate says:

    Do i delete every nvidia driver in control panel before doing this?

  24. عالم الأفرشة المنزلية says:

    Hmm hello , i got only one gpu installed to my pc , don’t have intel , only nvidia , so if i followed ur video and uninstalled all of the drivers what’s gonna happen next ?

  25. AutisticChild22 says:

    Sorry for late comment, but this just boosted my fps in csgo with 200+. Thanks dude you're fucking amazing <3

  26. Adriano Cirrone - DRINO says:

    Iscritto 100.539! Thanks MR. Mario. 😎

  27. Zun says:

    my computer is running a bit better after this, but smt feels off and my gpu still isn't running at it's optimal :/ pls help

  28. Dexter Morgan says:

    I’ve Got the blue screen , i hate this nvidia ..

  29. Devin Martinez says:

    I used DDU, was a little skeptical about the download but it worked even after this 2 year old video. I did the uninstalled and shutdown (no safe mode). After restarting computer it did glitch and it was slow, but I let the computer run a little while and restarted it. Everything was fixed. Played Black Ops 4 at 1440p 144hz, lagging and shuttering stopped, and fps was great again. I used DDU with the new MSI RTX 2080 I had purchased, and it removed all my old drivers that were originally used for my Gtx 1070. Appreciate the video, almost got mad because there was no fix, hope this comment helps others as this video is older.

  30. AHMAD ALI says:

    Can I use it on intel as well…

  31. Sk Sayeed says:

    When I install my gpu and installed the driver my PC keep restating pls help

  32. Bishamon says:

    Sadly when I did this and put it in safe mode it rebooted my computer and I am forever stuck on a boot screen, can't do ANYTHING. Has anyone else experienced this?

  33. Kernius Kaladinskas says:

    For some reason didnt delete the drivers, followed the guide completely

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