How to Speed Up Xbox One Games with an SSD! Faster Loading Times!

July 31, 2019 posted by

I’ll show you how to vastly speed on your
Xbox One, right now. Hey guys welcome to bleeding edge TV! I’m
Andru Edwards, this is the show that gives you news and reviews through the eyes of Gear, and today I’m gonna show you how to vastly speed up your Xbox One.
Right for some background tho the Xbox One isn’t what you would consider to be a slow
console in general. Moving around the menus and all that no big deal.
Now there are 2 issues with the storage on the Xbox One on my opinion. The first issue
is the fact that up until recently is only shipped with a 5 GB hard drive, you might
think that’s a lot but when I say only is because games nowadays usually are reaching
about 50 GB, you can store about 10 games on there, maybe a couple more before your
tabbed out, and even if you buy a game on disk you still have to install it onto the
hard drive, now I solved that problem early on by attaching an external hard drive so
her is one from Seagate, I’ll leave a link to this one, I did a review on this, a first
look of how it all works, how to set it up, basically is super simple.
This is a 2 terabyte hard drive, so it holds 4 times the amounts of data as the typical
Xbox one. Microsoft has started releasing 1 terabyte models of the Xbox one, so this
will even triple what you will get whit that. Now all you do with that is plug it in into
USB port and you’re good. The good thing about the Xbox one is that is has 3 USB ports
which means we have room to play around with it. Adding this is not gonna speed up your
Xbox one by much at all. What you’re adding is storage capacity, now these is what we
are all about right now. I’ve been playing a lot of fallout 4, I’m
a huge fan of the fallout series, but with fallout is accessing so much that is has to
load so much date that after a few hours of playing the game, doing something as simple
as opening a door and going in to a house and what for that load screen can take up
to 30 seconds like every time you do it, it’s insane! What we are gonna do is we are gonna
add an SSD to our Xbox one, now an SSD is much faster than a hard disk drive. As on
the side, you can go just buy an external SSD drive, those are very expensive, but what
we are gonna do right now is make our own, so I have a SanDisk SSD plus. This I paid
$55 dollars for on Amazon, I’ll leave a link to it in the description box below. Now
as you can see there is no USB port below there’s no USB port on it there’s way
I can plug it in to USB like I can with this, but we have also a portable hard drive enclosure
this one is for Inateck and this just cost $15, so for $70 we are making our own external
SSD, 240 Gb SSD. Inateck also includes in the box an USB 3.0 cable so we have everything
we need here to add speed to our Xbox one. We have the enclosure right there… alright
there we go. Right on the inside I’m gonna take my SSD and just gonna slide in that’s
it now is in. the SSD is in there, now I just need to attach the top, there we go slide
that and place, and we are good. Now I have an external SSD drive much faster than this
drive and all I need to do now is take a USB cable plug it in here and the USB 3.0 you
make sure is 3.0, you want that speed and then plug the other side into the Xbox One,
now I’ve got my large storage and I’ve got my fast storage, so here is what I recommend
you do. Since this is only 240 gb, put the games that
you’re actively playing on your fast drive, so for me I put Fallout 4 on that because
I’ve been playing currently, Once you’re done playing a game too much anymore move
it off from here back on the Storage and you’re good. Just keep any game that you’re actively
playing on this drive, I’ll leave the links below for you for the SSD and for the external
enclosure if you wanna copy exactly what I did here. It will speed up your Xbox one games
tremendously. Any questions of course, leave it in the comments
below, feel free to hit the like button if you like what I showed you today or if you
didn’t like it don’t really feel it go ahead and hit that thumbs down and of course
subscribe as always. If you’re new here please do subscribe and allows you to find
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going at any moment and time. So there you have it speeding up your Xbox one with an
external SSD that you made yourself out of an internal SSD and a hard driving enclosure.
Thanks a lot for watching guys let me know what you think of this little trick, I’ll
meet you in the comments below, I’ll catch you in the next video.


100 Replies to “How to Speed Up Xbox One Games with an SSD! Faster Loading Times!”

  1. LaceUp TeamRnR says:

    Man I brought all of that , I don't understand what it's not detecting

  2. LaceUp TeamRnR says:

    I got it going? Thanks Man. It "WORK" wit all Three of my External Harddrives.

  3. Sergio Rados says:

    Here are the mistakes most guys make when it won´t let you format it in
    the menu as an game and app drive.
    1. You use an fake usb 3.0 enclosure like i did. Changed it to an real
    usb 3.0 and tada there you go like in the video press a and you get the
    option to format as game and app drive.

    2.Your drive isn´t formated to ntfs (quick format works fine)

    3. the recommended 256gb that ms tells you to buy aren´t true just
    installed my old 840 Samsung ssd 232 gb available space. So it´s true
    that an 250 gb Evo or those Sandisk 240 gb work too. did my research on
    the net and in a forum a guy proved it with a screenshot of an 250 gb
    evo disk.

    So the thing is don´t buy cheap 9 dollar fake usb 3.0 enclosures and
    there you go no need to buy an expensive 480 gb ssd sorry 4 you guys.
    you can take your old 240 or 250 gig drive and plug it to your one.

    Don´t buy 480 gig drives!!!!!!!!!!!!! why should you spend 140 dollars
    or more when a 240 gb drive for performance works and it only cost like
    60 or 70 dollars.

    buy a 240 gb ssd plus a real!!!!!!! usb 3.0 enclosure maybe with
    usap but mines is without and works as well. (no usap support yet from

    This is your performance drive u can use your old raw 2.5 inch drives as
    game storage drives or a bigger drive to store them depends on you.

  4. Sergio Rados says:

    will try it out one day with an 120 gig ssd externally. cause my old samsung 840 is now my main game drive .

  5. LaceUp TeamRnR says:

    What should I do when my Xbox not detecting my SSD no more even with my games I installed on it

  6. General Briggs says:

    Only the side port is 3.0 brah… All that for nothing LMAO

  7. Peter Mcwhirter says:

    works a treat, can confirm 240gb works for XB1, also fallout 4 runs a much smoother in some heavy load areas
    thanks for the Tip Andru!

  8. Blockboy Millinbg says:

    Thank you Andrew! This helped me make fallout loading screens shorter in time. Big help thanks!!

  9. Ryan Dwyer says:

    thanks daniel cormier

  10. Liam Meek says:

    Would a 250g work because on the xbox website it says it has to be at least 256g

  11. Flight Sim Mike says:

    Can i swap the internal hard drive with a ssd?

  12. Mandrake Blackstone says:

    Can I just take my Xone into a computer Shop and have them install 6TB HD , and have all my games and info on my Xone once they are finished .  Don't have the time to hook a clean HD to my computer program it then take install and recoup all my gamming info .  Also Can I have my Xone hacked to be a mod box so I can get all the game add ons free .

  13. choosemyfate says:

    Great vid thanks man. You should post different popular games loading times. I'm curious to that. Thanks! 😀

  14. Pedro Henrique Nunes França says:

    Titulo em portugues do video mais o cara fala em ingles que bizarro.

  15. Flame says:

    thanks I going to do that and play black ops 3 and GTA V

  16. Earl Hampton Crumpler III says:

    Will the new San disk ultra II work with the inatech as well? It's the same dimensions I believe.

  17. PwcrLinux says:

    Great instructions and helpful with subtitles for deaf gamers want to install new external drives..

  18. NightWave says:

    Thanks for the info bro…

  19. sillydog70 says:

    Hey man cool ideas thanks
    I can't believe how slow the systems are for downloading like patches or movies and stuff I highly recommend you just go buy the games and movies don't download them of course you have to do the patches but I got Smart and just take my system to work and use their Wi-Fi
    so that doesn't cost me anything cash

  20. Hey Vsauce Michael here says:

    There is a much less expensive case here at new egg that's the basically same thing as the one in the video:

  21. fUll 951 says:

    I'm. looking up ssd's and I'm. noticing that there's SATA and SATA III and I assume a SATA II out there. what's the difference? does the Xbox one require a specific one or does all 3 work?

  22. Romail Muhammad says:

    can this work with pc?

  23. Nick Paolino says:

    Loved the video

  24. kevin coones says:

    Hi Great video. I'll wait for my internel harddrive to be I replace it with an SSD.

  25. snoxhz_psn says:

    why is the title german?

  26. DSIII Diauka says:

    Does this improve online gaming load screens?

  27. Kolby Brian2412 says:

    I have a question if you get a bigger size ssd hard drive would it slow down if you fill it all the way up? Or no

  28. Obnoxious Fun says:

    maybe im crazy but I think my xbox is really fast it loads up games really fast i dont know maybe its the model or something

  29. sheldon wiebe says:

    love it big guy you got new subscriber hey would installing. an ssd internal. speed it up with Xbox only tuning a sata. cable ??

  30. Marc-Antoine Jean says:

    Awesome !! Thanks for the vids I'll try this! 😀

  31. 4EVER MSI says:

    How many fast??

  32. Joseph Acorda says:

    Do you have any tips on how to download digital games faster?

  33. Triton Kopp says:

    I thought the max for games and apps you need a "device that's USB 3.0 or faster, 256 GB or larger."

  34. patrick bite me says:

    i don't know if you should be giving tech advice. everything you stated is true. how ever, it would be more effective to;
    – get a large SSD (expensive but worth it. check out mSata with mSata to Sata adapters, might save a bit there).
    – Get a BS tower. some old clunker pc that no one cares about but works.
    – Download UBCD and burn the ISO
    – Open the Xbox One and take out the mechanical HDD and plug it into the bs tower
    -Plug the SSD into the BS tower (SSD has to be larger that what is currently on the XBOX HDD)
    – Boot the pc in bios to load from UBCD and look for clonezilla (generally in parted magic)
    – Clone XBOX HDD to SSD
    – Install SSD into xbox
    – Sell origional XBOX HDD on ebay (after wiping it) as spare parts for amateurs to use for their fixes ($$$)

    Your XBOX ONE is PERMANENTLY faster with no USB clustering.

    Do some research, check out how to do this first. if you screw up you will be back at step one which is finding a new copy of the XBOX OS because you crapped the HDD and didn't do things right. (my guide is missing steps, looks complicated but if you keep a clear head and do look up these steps and details to each of them. you will be fine. plus you could add big bucks to the resale value of the XBOX).

  35. Mike Sharp says:

    Hey my Xbox internal hard drive is failing do you think I could get those and transfer my games over and it would work?

  36. Scott Chiste says:

    Or you could just get a pc…

  37. William Whitehead says:

    i like your video

  38. jonathan jiron says:

    great info video man #HighSociety

  39. Dave L. says:

    Hey just curious doesn't the XBO require 256gb min?

  40. Iluminate says:

    Or Open Up The Xbox One And Put A 2TB Hard Drive In There… Easy

  41. SwarmofBea says:

    Is the 240 gig drive faster than the 120, or is it only a matter of storage?

  42. enrique mejia says:

    my hdd has crashed can I use this method

  43. ktr33 says:

    in fallout 4 i use hangmans ally as a central base during my hardcore play… i have never really messed with settlement building before but am noticing the game lose frame rate as i approach hangmans before eventually crashing after a few mins of being there. it dosent haappen all the time but its heartbreaking to finish a mission and make it home only to have the game crash. its becoming more frequent as the population grows and i add more structures. will this method help me? thank you

  44. stacy buchkowsky says:

    i have 3 xbox ones ..i do what u done make mine faster more ,room for games stuff

  45. wildsprig says:

    Folks, this video is now outdated. The minimum requirement for Xbox is now 256 GB, for apps and games. DO NOT buy the 240 GB SSD that is linked in this video. It will NOT WORK.

  46. Aldous Huxley says:

    Will my xbox 1 work with the 120gb sandisk sad plus?

  47. Andru Stableski says:

    You have the same exact first name that I do! I've been searching everywhere for others like me…

    There are dozens of us. Dozens!

  48. Verdict of Odin says:

    When you say "vastly" can you give us a percentage increase? Or maybe a load time comparison?

  49. juan mijangos says:

    Hi, could this serve?

  50. Adam Beltran says:

    dude hell yeah. this is smart! thank you!

  51. ThePeoplesChamp says:

    I like this guys presentation

  52. Varun Reddy says:

    Here's why consoles and PC's should not be compared. PC's are overpowered and have waaaay more exclusives than any console. Plus emulators. PCs also have multiple uses, more than just gaming and requires very little skill to play. Console exclusives are financially worse off because they miss out on a huge PC market.

    Consoles typically cost $300 USD (including the controller) and are non-upgradable. Consoles usually have a much smaller gaming community and do not have developer support (as of yet). Factor in the cost of a TV ($300-500) to run such a game on a console (note a PC can also be connected to a TV) costs much more than a monitor (around $100-150 minimum for a 60hrz monitor). Note multiplayer is also free on PCs.

    Cost of games excluded*

    PCs are superior in both hardware and games. Console games and console gamers are the ones losing as exclusives are made more expensive to offset the money they loose for not releasing it on PC. They also lack support for PC made content which further limits what a console can do.

    In saying this, console gamers please push Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to introduce cross-platform gaming and support and end the exclusive BS. Start making the games for the fans, not to be a console seller and a cash grab. Support for consoles means they'll be able to do more than just stream netflix.

  53. KodredCud says:

    If you just hook it up with a USB, it's limited to USB speeds and not SATA 3 speeds

  54. KevZen2000 says:

    Hard drives are cheap nowadays, but make it a solid state

  55. John Smith says:

    Demonstration of enhancement please.

  56. Ethan Dalzell says:

    Did anyone else have trouble with their Xbox not reading the SSD? I bought a 480 Gb sandisk and the inateck cover, but my Xbox won't register the USB to let me format it😬any help would be greatly appreciated

  57. Avery Bryner says:

    I really liked this video but wish you showed some side by side comparison

  58. Mo Ab says:

    But is there a trick to activating it and how do you actually use it

  59. Lord Belakor says:

    Will it do the same if i use ssd pro

  60. AndyPandy777 says:

    hi mate i have a question. does the ssd enclosure thing slow the ssd down at all ? compared to if you bought a ssd with usb already thats made for xbox one ?

  61. Oscar Trujillo says:

    Does the ssd help with offline lag on games? I'm having trouble with offline lag

  62. TheMerdic says:

    I do not own a Xbox One, however I do build custom computers and one of the things I've learned is you need to create a partition and format the drive regardless of whether it's a solid state or a hard drive. Does the xbox one automatically create partitions and format the drive?

  63. Jack Cummings says:

    Does this actually work at 240g on the OG Xb1?

  64. Abe S says:

    Is there no way to make the Xbox boot off that drive instead? I have a PC but you'd want it to boot off the drive if you want the whole system to speed up

  65. GaminGamesAl says:

    I found one for 10$ thanks for link because I tried to find one cheap

  66. sp4wnersiak says:

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  71. Prince Revival Gaming says:

    It's some good guide ill give you that, but seriously i purchased a 2TB MX300 SSD for my PC, which cost more money than the Xbox One itself lol. those are expenssive as fk.. i recently moved from Xbone to PC, guess i got really tired of consoles in general, well that atleast until there are some proper mouse and keyboard support for it, then i may still be playing atleast some games like Destiny 1, cus its not on PC, but yeah.. PC has a 500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD for operation system and programs, and Crucial MX300 2TB SSD for games. all together in storage and speed for the PC = 769,57$ expenssive as fk, but worth it..

  72. Beni Kapitan says:

    Is internal better than in external SSD?

  73. Guilherme Menezes says:

    porque ta em português essa merda

  74. Raul Silva says:

    I went to the local store desiring to buy an SSD of 500 GB to my Xone S but I returned with an 2 tb HDD. SSD is a lot expensive yet, I decided that i don't really need more speed but more space.. Games and updates are a lot big!

  75. Tomas Gonzalez says:

    I bought a 250gb sandisk. BEST PURCHASE EVER for PUBG. I get guns soon as i land. If yours dont work its b/c u didnt use 3.0 usb.

  76. Laazzy_Eyes 204 says:

    hey there new subscriber was wondering what u would recommend for running pubg on a xb1 s. dont wanna break the bank for a ssd. I read that a minimum of 256 GB is needed .

  77. slosh11111420 says:

    This won't affect load screen times.

  78. slosh11111420 says:

    You should do the same test with a brand new hard drive vs an SSD. Hard drive speed hardly affects load speed in games mostly being affected by the coding and what the game has to load. It was probably just the wear on the drive and amount of data stored which will inevitably happen to the SSD also. Point being if you don't have the money for an SSD a brand new internal or external HDD would probably be just as good.

  79. Miranda Guadalupe says:

    Can you take apart all move the original internal speed and replace it with a brand new one

  80. Deleted says:

    I bought the two products and used them on my Xbox one for two days. This morning I woke up to an underpowered enclosure. Not detected by anything.

  81. Legglit147 says:

    Does it just increase general performance for the Xbox one?

  82. Pocket Paladin says:

    Was thinking of doing this but the SSD I have is from an old desktop pc the SSD is still good im sure of it. I was just wandering will I need to format the SSD first or will I have the option to do that when accessing it from the Xbox one system?

  83. Adrianna W says:

    you have the same Xbox one as me, but mine is a 1tb edition, my Xbox is very slow lately, not worried about the warranty on my machine, would it be better and faster if i can just put a 500g or 1tb 2.5" SSD disk in it? thanks 😀

  84. User0815 says:

    works also with xbox 360!! thanks

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    Dude, F04 and FO76 are the reasons I even came across this video! Awesome! Thank you! New sub! Would I be okay if I used a more affordable brand like Kingston?

  87. You Name It Gaming says:

    Great video.
    Another option is to build your own bulk storage, and use a Seagate Firecuda SSHD. Whilst it would be nice if they had more than 8 GB of flash, they do make a big difference for the games you play most frequently. Sure it's still not as fast as a dedicated SSD, but it's super convenient and it's way better than just a mechanical drive alone

  88. Marcin U says:

    For 80$ You can get 500gb ssd

  89. Alpha Online Solutions says:

    Hey friend, you have awesome content!

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    I can’t make it work. It tells me I have to format it and when I click that it says give device a name and won’t let me go past there

  91. Yellow Wolf says:

    @andru Edwards could you use a m.2 SSD with a m.2 to USB enclosure for even faster speeds?

  92. Kilroy 5150 says:

    Hmmm…Have a 256GB SSD (internally). Store maybe two or three "big" games internally and then put the rest on the external 2-4 TB (for storage) and then transfer the games, back and forth, according to what you're playing. I've found that loading the system (with a ton of games) tends to slow it's all-around performance. You lose a bit of speed on the USB ports but, when you're transferring, it really doesn't matter.

  93. Sharptooth Trex says:

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