How to Prepare for iPhone 11!

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earlier this week Apple released iOS version 12.4 and in it they have significantly changed the way that setting up a new iPhone is performed so prior to iOS 12.4 there were really two ways you could set up a new iPhone through iTunes no one did or you could go through the setup process that would restore your data through iCloud now in that iCloud restore process there were really two ways you could perform an iCloud restore one was manually by setting up your Wi-Fi logging into your iCloud account and then selecting the backup that you wanted to restore or a new feature introduced about two years ago or so you could use your old iPhone to scan a code and that would automatically handoff your Wi-Fi credentials your iCloud account info and restore your new iPhone with the most recent iCloud backup via the internet it was pretty slick but in iOS 12.4 that all changes and it's kind of weird because there doesn't seem to be much visual indication that there's a big difference but there really is there are now four ways to transfer backup data to your new phone method one which is an iTunes restore method two which is an iCloud restore and by the way both of these methods are the same as they have always been so method one on iTunes restore everything except for your app binaries are transferred locally all your photos videos contacts messages app data settings and more are transferred from the backup file locally stored on your computer so long as that data isn't already present in iCloud according to Apple more on that in a second and method to the iCloud backup obviously downloads everything via iCloud the internet but there are two new ways to restore a new iPhone method three transfer from iPhone over Wi-Fi and method for transfer from iPhone over a wired connection now methods three and four both act similarly to iTunes in that they transfer everything not present in iCloud except for your app binaries with method three rather than establishing a Wi-Fi connection to your router and downloading everything via the internet like an iCloud or storm transfer from iPhone makes an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection to your old iPhone and then transfers data directly from the source method for is nearly identical in functionality but rather than using local ad-hoc Wi-Fi it utilizes the Lightning camera connection kit you can plug the adapter into the destination phone and then you plug the lightning cable into the source phone isn't that so elegant I mean way better than USB see the USB Zi and then thank you Apple so those are the four methods but which should you do why and which is the fastest we've done a lot of frigging restores over the last two days and we have determined in our testing the following first off every single backup method redownload your apps from the App Store as of last year app binaries have been thinned and fingerprinted to each individual device to a prevent piracy and then B to reduce how much local storage apps take up on your phone but what that also means is that you've got to redownload all of them regardless a backup method in terms of raw speed iCloud restores remain the fastest this of course is because unlike other methods it only transfers core data initially and the remaining content either just hangs out in iCloud until the user requests it or it continues to download non crucial data in the background several hours after the restore is allegedly completed the iTunes and transfer from iPhone over Wi-Fi methods are similar in speed and it's our opinion that these methods are worth the extra weight over an iCloud restore as despite Apple's documentation they actually appear to transfer everything present on the device being transferred from including full resolution photos complete message history more complete app data etc that is not transferred by an iCloud backup despite Apple's indications contrary to the matter strangely enough the transfer from iPhone over wired method was all over the place the first time we tested it it was quite a bit faster than the transfer from iPhone over Wi-Fi it makes sense the second time though it just straight-up failed and the third time it took nearly double that of the Wi-Fi transfer weird to think that Wi-Fi is more reliable than a wired trash for but it's 2019 I mean we live in the future future without us BC in conclusion I phone continues to flex on Android when it comes to easy backups and new device migration what was already good gets even better and we strongly recommend the transfer from iPhone over Wi-Fi method come iPhone 11 that is if the iPhone is even worth upgrading to there's Byrne iPhone and Android in the same sentence I'm so good at this thank you sir I don't deserve your thumbs up but if you want to give them great if not whatever thank you so much for watching and as always stay safe


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  1. BodziuM says:

    move your files from icloud if u still using iphone in 2019 and buy very good android phone for 1/3 of the price – done

  2. Stephan Martin says:


  3. jetguy1205 says:

    shirt is a bit wrinkly

  4. jonah ramos says:

    Why am I even watching

  5. Mr. M. says:

    Step 1: Bend over.

    Step 2: Wait for it.

    Step 3: Get shafted.

    Step 4: Defend being shafted.

    Step 5: Secretly hate yourself.

  6. michael says:

    As human I love snazzy labs…. as a 100% jew, i think Jazzy Labs is extremely Antisemitic….. Please snazzy labs recognize the holocaust and support Isreal…. if that is so hard for you and your team, then you are antisemitic…..

  7. KVEEZY says:

    Shit I’m still using the iPhone 6s

  8. Abdullah Seba says:

    How to Prepare for the iPhone 11!*

  9. GuyBeyondCooL says:

    I love the work you do. Please consider uploading more.

  10. bobdehotdogluvr says:

    It took me only like 10 minutes to switch from my old phone to my OnePlus 7 pro. All you do is put your sim card in and it shows you what phones the sim card has been in and asks which one you want to transfer all your info and apps from.

  11. New Beginnings says:

    How am I going to prepare for iPhone 11? The same way I prepared for iPhone X. I woke up, looked at the time on my iPhone 6s, got out of bed, and ran my day as I did any other day.

  12. Andrew Micallef says:

    Might I just point out that the video covers more than the title permits?

  13. Idk why says:

    The real key here


  14. Opuiyo Golden says:

    Jon rettingers' apprentice, Apple story teller

  15. Scott Hardy says:

    the transfer via wire thing has been a feature on samsung for years…

  16. BMK Consulting says:

    Do any of these methods to your knowledge restore passwords to apps installed. Anyone I restore or transfer I have to remember passwords so aggravating😭😀 just curious thanks

  17. Scan End says:

    The problem isn’t which method is fastest. The problem is which is most complete. iTunes and iCloud backups are periodic backups. And often I’ve found that they don’t include the apps data. For instance WhatsApp has its own backup system but I’ve often found that it doesn’t restore for reasons I’m unclear on. But I feel that this is something that ought to be covered in the iCloud backup. Same with Apple Pay and banking apps they all need to be re enrolled. And so that’s my issue that iCloud backups are incomplete and they are usually just once a day which means you might lose vital stuff. I think a better way would be to include everything and have a spotlight type of indexing that it pushes changes as they happen. So instead of storage being on the phone the storage by default is on the cloud. So the file system is the cloud.

  18. Ron Grunding says:

    The best preparation for new iPhone is not to buy it. Overpriced peace technology that does not offer anything that a half priced phones do.

  19. Houston Martin Vlogs says:

    Step one: Be prepared to have a clean bank account!🤣🤡🤡

  20. Ashley Charman says:

    2 ways to setup your iPhone, iTunes (which no-one did) 🤣😂🤣👏

  21. Jolly Green says:

    Samsung has been doing this for years lol

  22. Reviews For You says:

    We live in the future…A future without USB-C
    – Tech User quote of the year

  23. Sp00Ns says:

    How to Prepare for IPhone 11!

    Hide your fucking wallet

  24. Zeh Palhares says:

    relax, usb-c is going to be the next change on iphone, so it forces everybody to pickup the new model. As you said in one video, the phones are getting so alike, people are not willing to upgrade every year. But for a usb-c, a lot of people will be upgrading it. Great video btw, always thumbs up !

  25. james R. says:

    All you need to do the prepare for the new iPhone is to 1) get a second mortgage on your home , and 2) get two extra jobs to pay for the second mortgage.

  26. Eisen Adler says:

    How to prepare for iPhone 11? Save money!

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