how to make a website using notepad

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  1. Lancel jay abay says:

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  3. J CODEX says:

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  4. shahrukh khan says:


  5. SUPERMOON says:

    how to do the result

  6. Wulf Henschel says:

    I got an Wix ad… It is helpful?

  7. SEMESTER EXAM says:

    Ohhh teri 10 sal bad ye video available hai…

  8. ohwow wowoh says:

    how to fix file:///C:/Users/name/Desktop/

  9. Drin Ramadani says:

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  10. Rosemary Akpe says:

    How do u run it after writing the codes

  11. T.H BLANK says:

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  12. Beast 1711 says:

    Alt + F4 is the best idea

  13. AwesomeGamingin HD says:

    Can you add pictures

  14. ms Tech says:


  15. Willen Jorge Santuyo says:

    what will you do after that notepad thingy?

  16. Daddy took the vacuum back downstairs says:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <head><title>this is a title</title>
    <h1>this is a heading</h1>
    <p>this is a paragraph</P>
    <p><center> the paragraph starts from the center</center></p>
    <body bgcolor="yellow">
    <p><font color="red">this is a font color</font></P>

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  20. Deepmala Charpe says:

    Please create a video about how to create birthday wish with an image of cake in notepad.

  21. Vedang Sawant says:

    How did u compile it to form a website?

  22. Jayford Amantillo says:

    then how to make it

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  24. rissa calma says:

    thank you for helping me with my school project!!!

  25. Aymen Menouar says:

    <title> 8 ball pool game <title>
    <body> <center>how to sign in pubg mobile PC game <center>

  26. Joshua Vaz says:


  27. Algerino Rachid says:

    why there's total silence and then country music?

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  29. RR Ceni says:


  30. Lord of Animations says:

    How do you change the url?

  31. Chouko Tsuki says:

    Hey wait, how do you put it in the internet?

  32. Akaash Dahagam says:

    Learn coding cheap fellow

  33. Betted Boy knowledge says:

    Buckchod hai ka be

  34. TeamTxG Codex says:

    whats the best video to starrt this type of website style from using the

  35. Kyananthony81 says:

    Could have added music /: but good job

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