How To Make A Professional Gaming Logo For Free!!

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48 Replies to “How To Make A Professional Gaming Logo For Free!!”

  1. Babylon Mobile says:

    how do you make a klein fein says map?

  2. Boxing Helena says:

    Title correction: How to steal someone else’s art for free

  3. Marvin Wills says:


  4. Lase- Sam says:

    how to command
    cuz when i try ctrl + shift+4 i cant crop

  5. RWND LAVISH says:

    guys if u dont have a credit or debit card then u can use pxlr it is a completely free photoshop website i promise here is a link:

  6. Ali Azzam says:

    I got it! Thank you so much!

  7. Aaron Francis-Abud says:

    When i made it looked really nice and effective. Thank you man!

  8. MohamedBH says:

    title should be How To Steal A Professional Gaming Logo For Free!!

  9. MohamedBH says:

    title should be How To Steal A Professional Gaming Logo For Free!!

  10. Micro says:

    where is command

  11. Buddy Buckets21 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but can’t you just inspect the watermark and then screenshot?

  12. MShazod says:

    love you

  13. S0B3A5TLYJ4Y says:

    it took me forever but it helped a lot

  14. RISEmutantpig says:

    That is called piracy…

  15. Benatonn says:

    Can you be sued for that ? 😀

  16. patentcargo says:

    that is litteraly pirating

  17. JordanLMA says:

    Isn't this illegal?

  18. Game Plus says:

    Men i dont know how to do a screen shot in windows can you show me

  19. Amo says:

    cant you just use the wand tool to remove the background?

  20. Drizzle says:


  21. the animator says:

    done and subscribed.

  22. Don't Bandme says:


  23. Mark Green says:

    Just screenshoted one on my clan insta elm_clan_

  24. SpraY says:

    How to Do a command on Windows about Screenshot or something like that

  25. AsterGaming//Astersnipe says:

    Thanks Alot Sir!

  26. axeryot gaming says:

    I need a shoutout bro please

  27. Jade Wiggins says:

    Everyone should know that if you use a watermarked image or asset like this for your personal use, it can be flagged for copyright infringement. The claim of this video is true, it is a free way to acquire and make a logo, but it is taking someone else's artwork that is for sale and is considered stealing in the graphic design world and can get you into serious trouble. Hope this helps.

  28. Leader Orisek says:

    Maybe good?

  29. Fuzzy Panda says:

    Bro they aren’t free they are 39$

  30. OcR_Warlock says:

    Are these images copyrighted

  31. Evan Johnson says:

    You're telling us to plagiarize and add text to make a logo. Bad influence for kids looking to get into design

  32. Marrice Harper says:

    Nice 😂👌🏾 you did yo thing fam keep up the good work

  33. YosufRP says:

    This is illegal and it's discrediting hard workers.

  34. Abhishek Saxena says:

    Complicated but worth a try

  35. Alex Kauffman says:

    If you guys need a custom logo but want to be lazy, check out this guy: You won't regret it!

  36. OAC says:

    Dude that's not for free

  37. xX LEEIANDUDExX says:

    guys try paint xD it works

  38. Nuk3d0ut 926 says:

    thx man it helped a lot, i sub to you

  39. Mas Samsal says:

    Cool and easy logo maker, you can even sell your logo and join in their logo making contest to make money check it out

  40. NOTgay Boi says:

    bro this is illegal you gonna get fucked LOL

  41. FrostBeast says:

    New update makes you sign in before you can edit it 😭

  42. Raymund Lloyd Cosenas says:

    why I can't view the saved file. Its .psd and I can't view it. please help

  43. Bronson Seehafer says:

    Ahh yes, theft

  44. S1Dragon says:

    That's stealing

  45. Jitter iOS says:

    This is a really good method on how to get a logo and I really wish I could get one but I don’t have a pc so I am asking you to make me one please 🙏

  46. Gamesified says:

    Would I be able to make it transparent using

  47. Gusho says:

    Thank u so much for the tips they tought me photoshop👍

  48. Chris Allen says:

    I can’t get a free trial they don’t offer it anymore. I have gimp tho and I got the transparency background but I can’t figure out how to work the paint took to get the right color to color over the place it. Any ideas?

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