How To Design: a Logo in 3 Steps!

July 28, 2019 posted by


10 Replies to “How To Design: a Logo in 3 Steps!”

  1. Wilson de Menezes Samuel Lundungo says:


  2. dj mbembo says:

    short and clear i like it

  3. HeyCocoon says:

    OMG it's amazing !

  4. SneakerNet27 says:

    i dont have a tablet lol.. i only design using mouse… hopefully soon can buy one… ^^ nice tips though…

  5. Johnny Hernández says:

    I enjoyed your video. So inspirational. Thanks!

  6. khaLid Art says:

    I really like your videos,Thank you (y)

  7. The Auni says:

    I have another question?…..of this logo design which is the best (ai) file size for create logo…oh one more thing… the logo design I will do what's background- white color or transparency

  8. Deekaay Bright says:

    Awesome helpful vid! I'm going to try this method! I definitely Liked & Subbed! Hope you can also return the love, by checking out my channel! But yeah continue with your awesome videos! 🙂

  9. cicken nouget says:

    I love your videos, keep producing this amazing content and you will go far 🙂
    I liked and subscribed by the way.. maybe you could do the same for me, and perhaps we could be friends? x

  10. Adam Sondel says:

    Przydałby się tylko lepszy dźwięk z mikrofonu.

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