How To Create Online Graphics Without Photoshop For Free

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Hey buddy, do you know, you can create awesome
graphics without using Photoshop ?. In this video I will show you how to create beautiful
graphics without using Photoshop by using a website called Snappa. By graphics I mean post images, websites headers,
YouTube thumbnails and cover pages. No you cannot do image editing with the free
account. Also please watch this video till end, because
at the end of the video I will show you an alternate website which is more popular than
this website. So, let’s start. Now open your favorite internet browser, I
am using Google Chrome. Enter the website address. This is the first link in the description,
so just click on it and you should be at this page. In this website, there are two types of accounts,
one is free account in which you can download up to 5 images per month, two is a paid account,
in which there are no limits. Also there are some locked features like using
custom fonts or uploading your own background or even using premium background images. For this tutorial I am using a free account,
If you are really serious about not using any other image editing tools or want a platform
independent website then going for the paid account is worth it otherwise its okay with
a free account. Now here click on the get started button. Here fill in your name, email password. Once everything is done, click on the get
started free button. If everything went well you should be in a
page something like this. On the first section you can enter a custom
size to create an image. As you can see there are also some presets
available to you. Now let’s say I want to post an image to Facebook. I will select the Facebook Post preset. Now as you can see, some of the templates
are blocked in the free account, I will select the scratch theme, but you can select a free
template as there are some of them. Here you go, the canvas has been loaded, here
you can unleash your creativity. As you can see this is less complicated than
Photoshop. First thing you have to do is select a background. There are some free royalty free background
images already present, select one of those which you like or suites your purpose. I will select this one. Here you can select a background image, or
select a pattern. If you want to go basic then you also have
an option to select a solid color. Now it depends on you, how you want your image
to be. You can add different effects to the background
here, you even have an option to add a color overlay. After that, head over to the shapes section
and add a circle. Resize the circle to your wanted size. Position the circle in the center of the image. Now set the solid color to black. And set the opacity to 50 percent. Now let’s add a border to the circle, for
that duplicate the circle by clicking the button here and set the fill of the new circle
to none. Set the border type to solid and color to
white and also width to 5 pixels. Now set the opacity to 100 percent. Here you can add a text or a logo, for this
video I will add some text, as it will take some time, I will come back once done. I have added some text into the image and
there are a large number of fonts, you even have an option to upload your own fonts, but
you should be a pro user. After that, to save the image, just click
on the download button. Finally select the download option. Web Optimized JPEG will work for Facebook
and will load faster. High Res PNG will give you a PNG image, which
is in full quality. Also there are Retina Options for PNG and
JPG. I suggest you to download the Web Optimized
JPEG, for Facebook use. Now save the image where ever you want and
upload it to Facebook Or for what ever you have created for. The Alternative website which I have said
to you is the Canva, which has even more options then this one, but my point was to show you,
now its your turn to use these tools for your advantage. This video is not sponsored by anybody, it
is on my interest I am making videos like this one. Please support me on my Patreon. Please like this video, and subscribe to my
channel for more video like this one. This is Vasanth Developer, signing off.


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