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you hello Bundoora assalamualaikum sure like I'm gonna sin nature halogen video but shortcut again I'm aluminum on up and the fish are gonna change but didn't able to ask you a mini Islam not to me do only won't ask a top which the egg the magnitude actor topics about not only sutiramisu let's see AMA they're almost HTML e-class sheesh it's yeah I'm at the course name or design development ask you to pick name HTML and CSS HTML and CSS comment college I've already Jane college I asked him the dick book hand well I have under asking him to item notun at the future CSS CSS means it gets getting a still so paragate but the hair she got the Colosseum Marty curriculum got the Colosseum the turquoise syllabi crop corn eh Allah at box Nietzsche LOM Act a mail address Nietzsche email opportunity box New Salem sorry boss dopamine to legacy actor SMS records you know text area in a chillin I just select button eh Allah actor password fill nature and it'll be telepaths worth taking this type called the quarterdeck has a villa do tell you what Rene Pascal is from drop-down menu neighbors verse Allah help you take a monastic with the cash I'm sorry I said I can type this city to exterior people see that color up there and also making possible academic male and female Z connectors as good turbine and doctor assured this is the puritans of minimum let's submit a living submit Java so I'm like a mission linear Casco as well as political work ask a guitar core book I do not own the national gas carbon both on a my placed him at HTML page name let's index and is not a step Tariq amapola she asked keke Guinea Casper who asked do to be shenanigans cos cos called by internals he said external CSS internal CSS or HTML coded pathology on the CSS called CSS kolkata key CSS she is sensible only kentucky CSS popular like you think about the internals here well like external she uses almost yes it is in our data file running a check and HTML CSS or page this is a link of coding then our other quarry is you score a lot of it's useful to use kuraki external CSS golly Papa shop it takes two months uses CSS they use Cola high-carbon hello how other HTML page without they use HTML CSS making it easier post immaculately a lot of external rebuilding their nominal Kolkata much in you but for mother was a internal doesn't have an internal topology remarkable Bobby then Amla she assists lake boar head take a magic AG hit to her say a hit a hit a comedy Thurman entitled reportedly hit take a bath evolving the Shrew product I'm not a headline age a headline on a jungle leg bone the token headline on a sin son with a discolor of an alert down but that bedroom you know they you know the color golden yellow you know they get the rhythm and text-align:center then yes they can I'm making a sonic gonna get you nuclear coordinates are still kind of bullied here since they hit land on and Carla hit land on Tony Hadley another color they connect the Connelly I mean suddenly hit left is to pay H to the ship again the change happen on is true something they can chew through the pepper it's what is wonderfully changeable is present so gonna power the we sever a hearted leg on never chatting into I don't know to change either way but hey Jim boy is on think we should shade is enjoyed by everyone fully this is one money H on some him yes the number each external says external CSS turkey thermometers a connect all the CSS file label it is a spendable yes Jesus bed it will undergo fish die fusers then you can diseases Eulalie care let me say among their people neither mr. attorney government it's and that link or bullying relationship I stretch it type text/css are there's definite of it I start okay then okay then I make it it couldn't be the monkey tonight but there is a strength change honey attack of all external CSS karmani our HTML coding without good commended but I coming here is it's a charm attack eh – janaki super Lee Han and that ha collectible machine actor but then whoops right right any other hit again okay then I mean her name is Vicki – holding it right did you like I said to ask a equal to the a stinky stink remember ask your mushy column in internal CSS external CSS background color Korra headline color color font color cut automatically the next lesson about the coffee the compositions are among the same in Sanskrit for a Nicaraguan Israeli subs people it will be like me Tillich o- n ^ would these are the particular update um rapido very bye bye

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