How To Convert JPEG into Vector | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

September 9, 2019 posted by

today I’m going to show you how to vectorise
this jpeg flat image so I’ve got it in illustrator gonna go up to object image trace and then
click make because this is quite a simple image illustrator does a pretty good job of
it straight away but if you do want to adjust any settings you can go up into the presets
and play around click on the different things for this one I’d probably use black and white
logo um and for coloured ones I’d use different settings and also you can go into here and
click on tracing results with outlines so you can see exactly where illustrator has
drawn it so once you’re done press expand and it’s made all this into vectors I’m gonna
click the ungroup button so right click ungroup click on the direct selection tool and then
I can erase the parts that I don’t want it’s important that you ungroup it before you do
this because then you can just delete the bits that you don’t want without it affecting
everything else so yeah I”m basically just getting rid of all the white bits because
all I want is the drawing itself and then once I’ve done that i can change the colour
I can change the size and the kind of scale of it without affecting the quality because
it is now a vectorised image so that’s it for that tutorial super quick and easy i hope
that’s helped you out and don’t forget to subscribe for more tutorials


3 Replies to “How To Convert JPEG into Vector | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. Tanya Daly says:

    First 😁

  2. MrR says:

    👍 Alice 🌷

  3. Rafaelia Efthymiou says:

    Nice and easy. Thank you for sharing! I'm sorry to say that but you do know that you can actually choose ignore whites for this kind of tracing from advanced settings

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