How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer [DisplayPort To HDMI]

August 14, 2019 posted by

Hey buddy, after a long time here is another
video. As you may know, I recently built a new computer. I required a dual monitor setup, one monitor
for recording my videos and one monitor for read my script. I did not have a budget to buy a separate
powerful graphics card so I bought a processor which has good graphics. I bought the Intel i3-7100 CPU with Intel
HD 630 Graphics, with the motherboard Asus H270 Pro. According to my graphics card, I can connect
upto 4 monitors but my motherboard has only three ports, HDMI, DisplayPort and a DVI port,
so I decided to buy a DisplayPort to HDMI converter cable. And here is the unboxing of it. So, as you can see on the package it came
from China. It is the cheapest cable I could find on Amazon,
it’s length is 10 feet or 3 meters and costed me around 1,600 rupees which is 24 dollars. Here is the product page from where I bought
the cable. As you can see all the sizes available here
are DisplayPort to HDMI cables, but the 35 feet one is a DVI to HDMI cable. Another strange thing is that, the 3 feet
cable costs around 540 rupees and the 6 feet one costs around 1000 rupees, but how come
10 feet one is only 700 rupees. I mean the 6 feet cable is more expensive
than the 10 feet one. If you observe more carefully, the same pattern
goes for 15 feet and 25 feet. I bought the 10 feet cable, because 3 or 6
feet one would be shorter for me, and 10 feet looked like a fair price. I ordered it on March 1st 2018 and it was
delivered to me on 3rd March. Okay now enough of talking, let’s unbox the
cable. Welcome to the first unboxing on this channel. Please tell me how can I improve my unboxing
in the comments below. Now, as I said that this is my first unboxing
and had no experience before, it was hard to cut the cover, so I am speeding the footage. Here is the cable, if you can see it the ports
of the cable are protected with a small cap, let me remove it and show you the HDMI port. Now, this is the DisplayPort, let me also
remove the cap. Here is the cable unboxed. Now, just for an idea on how long is the cable,
here I have hung it to a nail on the wall. As you can see, the cable is pretty long and
covers most of my wall, if I hang the cable from the top, it will surely cover the entire
wall. Now, let’s connect the DisplayPort to my PC. Here is a quick glimpse the DisplayPort connector,
the notch here should match the notch on your PC. Let me insert it. You need to insert it firmly so, it won’t
fall out. Now, let’s connect the HDMI side to my second
screen. The is just like a normal HDMI cable, so just
connect it as you connect your HDMI cable. After you have connected both the sides, let
us turn on the PC to see if it works. The second screen which I connected was automatically
setup as the default monitor so I changed it later. Also remember that this cable can only work
if use it to convert DisplayPort to HDMI. You cannot send any signal from the HDMI side,
it won’t work the reverse. The links for United States and India are
below so, you can directly purchase the cable, without searching or buying the wrong one. This way you need not buy a graphics card
with two or more HDMI sockets and can use your integrated graphics to connect two monitors. Of course, if your motherboard has two HDMI
sockets then you are lucky. So, that was it for this video. Please hit the like button if you liked this
and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this one. This is Vasanth Developer signing off.


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  1. Karthik Arwin says:

    It was hard to cut the cover 😀

  2. Karthik Arwin says:

    Good one however

  3. Carlos C. says:

    Thank you, cute trap <3

  4. Carlos C. says:

    bobs n vagene

  5. DTCigarFather says:

    Thanks for this video – did I hear at the end that you can't send HDMI to displayport? I have an HDMI and a VGA port on my computer, however, I'm currently confused on how to get two monitors to work. Right now only one monitor works OR both work but its the same display on both monitors .. can't get the screen to expand. Any thoughts?

  6. The_Rogue12 says:

    Don’t put a knife warning in the corner

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  8. sunny says:

    New Release! Gold Plated DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft DP Cable,supports 3D @60HZ; 2560×1600 @144Hz; 2560×1440 @144Hz, 1080P Full HD ,for for Laptop PC TV etc-4K Resolution Ready

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  9. abhishek kumar says:

    Bro what's the resolution quality of the connected monitor using the mentioned cable?

  10. Joel Colson says:

    use a key

  11. Chirag Talaviya says:

    I'm connecting two monitor with same method that you use but it can't detect second display
    I'm using Windows 10
    And tried all driver roll back and other methods but nothing done
    Please help me
    I'm using gigabyte 250m d3h motherboard

  12. MrWikk says:

    Did you spend $700 on a cable?

  13. Tiaan 16 says:

    Wow jou stuk hond poes

  14. Adrian officer k9 K9 United States police gta 5 says:

    39 comment no noo

  15. Syst3ms says:

    can you still get 144hz if you do displayport to hdmi?

  16. Walter Enrique Miranda Sandino says:

    Does sound go along the video signal or just video itself?

  17. Rogue One says:

    How'd get that american accent in India?

  18. Abdi Piano says:

    To improve your unboxing experience, just get rid off the damn knife.

  19. Sudhanshu Shekhar says:

    Will it work on 2 laptops with HDMI port..??

  20. Nicky says:

    Tank you man for helping me!! Kutdw

  21. Leepex says:

    HDMI from my monitor to displayport on the PC, does that work?

  22. RemyKid says:

    I LIKE THE VIDEO Thank you i dont have another monitor yet but i tried with my tv but only have 1 display port helped a lot

  23. eagle-lol says:

    can you have a dual monitor setup if you use display port to HDMI for for both monitors ?

  24. Washimul Alam says:

    To be very honest I liked your accent . I was wondering if you were Indian or not

  25. MarvelousDream says:

    "hey buddy"

  26. Anobii_TV says:

    Can you do me a favor and unsubscribe from T-Series? Love the video!

  27. Rick Bhattacharya says:

    Pls stop making those accents .

  28. Hollo says:

    Alright, let's say all the ports are HDMI. I have 2 of the same monitors and a desktop. Each monitor has two HDMI ports, so does the desktop. Would I need to connect the two monitors together as well as connecting them to the tower?

  29. Andrew says:

    starts off the video with "HEY BUDDY" lmao

  30. Yessin says:

    do you know what monitor support Displayport? i got a extra monitor but can't use HDMI on it, only DVI and Displayport im not sure wich one i should get i wanna go with Displayport if that works

  31. JoshPlaysRb says:

    So, do i just plug that one cord, just that one cord into the back of my tower? and nothing else? because i'm confused.

  32. Vibes LB says:

    u warewolf

  33. Adrian Jakson says:

    u have to buy a CS:GO knife xD

  34. Travis Smith says:

    So if I have a all in one pc and another monitor does the DisplayPort go into the pc then the other side into the hdmi

  35. Pulser SZN says:

    Your hands look like your a caveman

  36. Shiv Shankar Modi says:

    very nice im from india thanku so much

  37. Ashton Tube says:

    You answered and fixed all my problems

  38. broozah says:

    does it matter what motherboard i have? I have a ddr3 motherboard and i am worrying it will not work,
    i have a gtx 1060 which has mostly display port so i bought this

  39. SK8InDE says:

    hey dude your channel is really good! high five from germany

  40. AmpEdition says:

    dont be fooled 98% of products are made in china lol

  41. MP Drone Productions says:

    I HAVE A NEW AOC LED monitor and my A new HP computer with an Acer monitor which both monitors have HDMI Ports and RGB ports. In order to hook my HP 27'' to my AOC 27'' monitor, I will need to buy one HDMI cable and a second VGA? or Should I just buy 2 Amazon HDMI cables or a VGA attachment?

  42. funny tuber21 says:

    2:00 put lotion on ur hands.

  43. ItsYoBoy ECHO says:

    to improve your unboxing you should maybe cut the packaging with the sharp side of the knife

  44. what could go wrong says:

    To improve your unboxing open a box not a envlope!

  45. MiaM says:

    Improve your boxing by not talking like an absolute retard and pretending to be a fucking computer, also no one wants to see your filthy arms, cover them up.

  46. MiaM says:

    When you said mother board I was gonna be like *bitch hold my beer*.

  47. Ken Weiner says:

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  48. Amber Mcgillicutty says:

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  49. OSCAR STEPHANO says:

    wear black latex gloves makes you look more professional

  50. HM LIU says:

    My PC has DP and HDMI. I would like to connect to 2 monitors with HDMI. Once i connect DP cable to my 1st monitor with HDMI, what is your connection to your HDMI 2nd monitor? did you use a spliter to branch out the two monitors?

  51. Omkar Pawar says:

    Nice Video👌My query to you is
    Do we need to do any settings in the computer before plugging the cable with the TV. As my TV is showing no input.

  52. Aadiy Plays says:

    thanks for saving me money

  53. Slyvy says:

    I actually
    Liked this video

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    3:04 what the hell you built it with rust

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    all around great video!!!

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    2ow its cheap in my State but in your state it looks expensive just for a cable

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    Hey did it just project the screen to a different monitor or were you able to like drag your browser to the other monitor?

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    Can u get 144hz that is hdmi2.0(laptop) to external monitor benq xl2411p (dvi or dp)
    The benq monitor supports 144hz on dvi and dp but 120hz on hdmi, so will this work i mean hdmi(laptop) to dvi(monitor) can i get 144hz

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