How to Check Graphics Card Specs on Windows 10

July 30, 2019 posted by

When it comes to gaming or using graphics-intensive programs, Your graphics card is arguably The most important component. So in this video, we are going to find out how to check graphics card specs on Windows 10 That way you’ll be able to know If your graphics card is where it needs to be. The first way we are going to do this is by using the Direct X Diagnostic Tool. And to open this tool we are going to use the Run Command. So, click the ‘Start’ button. And then type ‘Run’ in the search field. And then, of course, choose ‘Run’ from the search results. Or, another thing you can do, is you can right-click the ‘Start’ button. And then choose ‘Run’ from the list. All right, once the little ‘Run’ window has popped up, type ‘dxdiag’ in the text field. And this stands for Direct X Diagnostic tool. And now you should see a list of general system specs. From there, click the ‘Display’ tab. And now you can see some basic specs about your graphics card such as the name, manufacturer, chip type, amount of memory, and so on. And on the right side you can also see some driver information as well. But, the problem is, this information is just too basic for many of us. So to dig deeper into graphics card specs, we are going to use a little tool called GPU-Z. Many of you have probably heard about CPU-Z. But, this time we are going to use GPU-Z for graphics cards. In the video description, I will include a link to download both the portable and the standard version of GPU-Z. Once you have installed and opened GPU-Z, you should now see much more specs! So now here are some specs you should focus on. The first one is technology. The smaller number, the better. Because it means more transistors can fit inside the chip. As a result, the chip can be more efficient and you can get a lot more performance out of it. And from the release date, you can already tell that this is a pretty old graphics card that clearly needs to be replaced now. For memory type or graphics card generation, it should GDDR5 or higher. So that way your graphics card is future proof for several years. And for memory size or the amount of memory, it should be at least 3 gigabytes. That should be enough to run most graphics decently at 1080p. Now between $200 and $300, you can find some some really, really decent graphics cards online. In fact some of them have around 6 gigabytes of memory! And that’s it!I It’s really that simple to check GPU specs on Windows 10. And now for more fun, simple and straightforward tutorials like this, please subscribe and thanks for watching.


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  1. RK DUDE says:

    for me it shows 2 different display 1 for intel and display 2 for nvdia

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    Wow, I never seen such a descent, clean and interactive video you deserve a sub!

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  4. Asad Khan says:

    amazing bro GOOD bro
    iam check my graphics

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    if you keep up producing this good content, your channel will grow, you just need good logo, thanks for the video dude

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    btw at memory size it shows me : N/A 😀

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