33 Replies to “GTA SA Best Graphics MOD [For Low-End PC Users] | in English | 2019”

  1. Saqib / Usman says:

    Must watch the New GTA San Andreas MOD for Low-End PC video 2019: https://youtu.be/ppRsktcdsnA

  2. Gael De mesa says:

    after applying this mod . the game now is moddable? can i apply other mod?

  3. diya paliwal says:

    at 3:38 when i click on gta 3 it shows "cant open img file"

  4. Gamalier Rosa says:

    is faster if you right click on gta sa shortcut and open file location and it takes you where the game is installed

  5. M9G says:

    everyone if you want to do it steam version then you have change the GTASA folders name cuz it updates it

  6. Tauseef yusufzai world says:

    Babu gandu sale padai karo

  7. Shehab Sherif says:

    Wow i do you told me but gta can't open noob!!!!

  8. IAM SHUJA says:


  9. Soumyadip Bhattacharya says:

    Please make a video about how to install Ultra graphics mod

  10. ਅਮਰਦੀਪ ਸਿੰਘ says:

    kya yeh without graphics card hai

  11. Roswell Gonzales says:

    Thanks for this video bro😊 its really working. But I have lag issue, my laptop is core i5 and 4gb ram. Tell me bro how to fix this.

  12. hamza khan says:

    By plz mod ki link muga gmail pr send karo plz

  13. sheeba rajendran says:

    Where is GTA 3 img folder

  14. Swinderpal Kaur says:

    Cars are best full high

  15. Waniya Qureshi says:

    Nice working

  16. sadman sakib says:

    BRO ITS WROK IN MY PC?Its 1 gb ram and graphics quality is not so good.its worked?

  17. Swinderpal Kaur says:

    Thanks Bro it really worked high graphics clear and no problem.

  18. Pankaj Kumar says:

    Bhai I liked you and subscribed but my GTA sa now getting some hang


    thanks bro its 100% working

  20. Harvinder Sidhu says:

    Thanks bro it's working


    wow wonderfull its working………..

  22. an k says:

    you are great

  23. Luv Gannu says:

    Its working

  24. Techvlog master says:

    I have done all the things one by one but it is saying that it can't start because d3dx9-43.dll is missing pleeeaaas help

    Edit-no bro it started after some seconds thank you so much it's very good now I am going to play thank you soooo much😙😙


    How to do first person mod please tell me brother

  26. INDIAN GAMER says:

    It,s not working my laptop is hankink

  27. manju patle says:

    I want to call back you

  28. manju patle says:

    I want it's all secrets

  29. BlackSquad says:

    my gta is not working

  30. SlatePL says:

    Download Ragdoll mod by CLEO

  31. Dhanya A A says:

    It make no sense???

  32. Renzo Gaming says:

    Man,Can i Request?
    Please make GTA san andreas mod SHAZAM.

  33. Renzo Gaming says:

    Bro,Please realese The Incredibles Mod!!

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