GTA IV Ultimate | Real Life Graphics mod 2018 Gameplay + Ultimate Textures + All Cars replaced 1440p

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39 Replies to “GTA IV Ultimate | Real Life Graphics mod 2018 Gameplay + Ultimate Textures + All Cars replaced 1440p”

  1. MONSTER KILLER00K says:

    My Ultimate GTA IV Download link + Tutorial –


    Imagine If U Use VR And Play It In 1st Person Mode 😍😍😘😍😘

  3. john Wick says:

    It's like a gta 5

  4. Anurag Thakur says:

    What is requirement for this graphic mod

  5. StStefan says:

    ba omule esti pe boaba ca modul asta este o reprezentare vizuala a cancerului la creier

  6. lolboi 69 says:

    what graphics card u have

  7. SilentHayk YT says:

    I didn't read the title correctly I thought this was gta v XD

  8. Tevin Official says:

    Run on a AMD Athlon of 1st gen with a GT 210 and 1 GB Ram on a 1080p monitor??

  9. Robert Tasevski says:

    I which resolution you play this game to get stable 60fps.

  10. Ahmed El nagar says:

    Does this mod works on
    ram 6 / gpu 1.5 GB

  11. GrandJakeAutoGaming says:

    Can i play dat in intel 4000 hahahahaha

  12. GoldRealMc • says:

    Look Like gta real life edition.

  13. Captain Phasma says:

    Why are you lying to people we can clearly see that this is some movie trailer. Not cool man

  14. Amar 027 says:

    This is work in pc low spec

  15. Pasha Boss says:

    Would my save files from the original work just fine on it? And I'd really love if you increased the smoke that comes out of the tires

  16. Pasha Boss says:

    Best mod !

  17. Rexqe says:

    Will an i5 Lenovo L340 run this


    had to turn volume off cuz of corny ass music but graphics are amazing

  19. metal fox 913 ITA says:

    With the unoptimization this game has this will be a hell to play

  20. IVAN GREY says:

    I feel Bad for Console Players

  21. Beggar Soldier says:

    How did you make it run at 60fps?

  22. Clash Kiddo says:

    This…. is GTA VI

  23. Karan Patil says:

    been playing enb for past few days now. dont have beast pc but with just 750ti its stable 40+fps on high. ofcourse no texture mods, it would put more sress lol. games looks great, colorful unlike original. it's only a issue during night, hen certain area is too dark. now i'm changing few cars with mods. it's fun to play.

  24. InsideLine PH 1 says:

    Plsss put jdm cars pls

  25. WJR says:

    building models are shite

  26. abhijit narayan says:

    How bad will it run in this
    8gb ram
    i5 7th gen
    Radeon R7M440

  27. PainMorePain says:

    Can anybody explain why there's steam coming out of the character's mouth in buildings when some enb is turned on? Can it be fixed somehow?

  28. Siddharth Jain says:

    You're using NASA supercomputer right?

  29. Cyanide Yt says:

    can you modify the texture of the roads and buildings? the cars may look real but the roads and buildings are still a bit meh

  30. m2d Med Amine says:

    Its work for me bro but the car didnt change like you have

  31. Nuclear Nerd says:

    Looks amazing!

  32. Freddy Di Maria says:

    Damn man, i want to leave real life and live in the game now jajaja

  33. kabir gondalia says:

    Bro i3 no gpu

  34. vinod patel says:

    My pc💻 i7 8et gen 24gb gpu 64 gb ram

  35. Julian Mackay says:

    NASA called they want their computer back

  36. Alif Al Asif says:

    System requirements

  37. Bazelin1 says:

    Лакированные машины крайне дерьмово смотрятся

  38. says:

    Have you ever seen cars in real life, 99.9% of them don't look like a fucking mirror …

  39. Paul Jr. Harrington says:

    The taxis and police cars are still vanilla.

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