Graphic Design Work Placement at Drench – Anglia Ruskin

July 25, 2019 posted by

hi I'm blessing I'm a graphic design student going into my final year and we're asking University hi my name is nish and studying graphic design and Anglia Ruskin University and currently doing a placement they're trying to design well the design company and it's part of PR agency different companies commissioned them to produce graphics videos and different designs – the interview process was quite straightforward since I'd already send my CV on portfolio when I applied so all of that was referred to during my interview so I just had to give it more information about myself and what I gained from the other experiences I had before I would say the first five minutes is a bit awkward because usually like this new environment with like new people this is normal like how like any other day well I enjoyed the mess was meeting people in a different environment in the same industry and they also have a lot more knowledge and I was able to get some mentorship as well stop having second thoughts in just a play because I feel like I can give you so many examples because even my classmates and I was like scared to apply thinking that the work isn't good enough for like the industry I think that just overthinking it and they should work on their portfolio and the free time and just apply I definitely think placement well they really value when even they've got a degree as well you've done extra volunteer and extra design placements before

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