Goat Simulator – How to Improve Performance and Reduce/Fix Lag

July 31, 2019 posted by

Welcome to Goat Simulator, a game where the
key features are: being a goat, getting points for wrecking stuff, and millions if not billions
of bugs, even devs are proud of them. I mean it’s an awesoe game to have fun for
five minutes or so, when you are bored, especially on this FPS yeah… wait, how about that then,
or even this, well I wouldn’t recommend using ultra low optimization except if you are so
desperate to run the game on playable frames and your system can’t pull at least 20FPS
in this game. So yeah, let’s see how to optimize it and
get these frames up then. First of all what you need to do is to download
Low Specs Experience – it’s a free tool developed by me and a few other folks designed to help
you manage and optimize your favorite games for your low-end hardware, or mid-end. Well to be exact this works on all computers. After you download it and install it start
it from your Desktop shortcut, now go through these startup menus and press Optimize, simply
enter Goat Simulator here or click on the arrow and search for Goat Simulator manually
if you wish. Yeah, you probably don’t have anything else
in your life to do than search the drop-down menu with over 100 things listed. So yeah, once you find Goat Simulator simply
press load optimization. This 7-Zip installation will load, now simply
press browse and select where your game has been installed, after you did that press extract
and go to Goat Simulator folder. Open ragnotech control panel, this thing will
pop-up, now simply select the method of optimization, as I already cleared things out on the start
of the video, use ultra low if you are really desperate to run the game, and stock low if
you would like to get like more FPS without losing that much of a quality. So yeah you probably know the drill – simply
select the resolution you would like to play your game on and press Optimize. After you did that, start your game. Now I’m showing you side-by-side comparison
with lowest in-game settings, stock low optimization, and ultra low. As you can see the game is locked to 62FPS
at least for me so it can’t go over that, if you manage to unlock the framerate then
it will go way over that. Anyway, I hope this helped you play this high
tech Goat Simulator, do like and subscribe if you found this useful, dislike the video
if you feel the complete opposite and hate every single goat in the world. This has been Ragnos, signing off…


12 Replies to “Goat Simulator – How to Improve Performance and Reduce/Fix Lag”

  1. ronald riobueno says:

    the forest
    plz 🙁

  2. Prathvi Meena says:

    dude plz plz add ultra low mode on dragon ball xenoverse plz

  3. ShyLix says:

    I remember trying to load the game..

  4. #WWEThemes says:

    the rainbow six siege one doesnt work i followed the private video but it didnt work is it becuase the game is updating frequently

  5. Black fellow says:

    Hi Me name Its Owen Please Optimize Me game favorite Team Fortress 2 Pls <3 game Favorite :3

  6. briefrenzo says:

    hi plz team fortress 2 🙁

  7. DiligentCraft24 says:

    Install Low Specs Pacth Need Connect To Internet Or No ?

  8. IllKovallI says:

    Napravi optimizaciju za H1Z1 igru.

  9. some guy says:

    arma 3?

  10. - Strahinja - says:

    Access Denied and can not open output file are errors i get every game i want to patch any game.I get that error when extracting patch to folder where is game installed.

  11. TheBlueWolf says:

    you just upload this video when i was uninstal goat simulator and i so anggry

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