100 Replies to “Gigabyte RTX 2080 Ti Review – Is this the Best ‘Value’ Flagship…!?”

  1. Gul Dukat says:

    Value and RTX is an oxymoron. Obviously liking the vid regardless.

  2. AJ says:

    The Gigabyte card is garbage.

  3. cyborg says:

    bring on the 3080ti!!!

  4. FrankieOnSBSIn144p! says:

    Can you test graphics cards on Rust?

  5. QuantumBraced says:

    At MSRP? You mean it'll be $1000? I don't believe it.

  6. 19Guyver78 says:

    I wish I could still get OEM graphics cards cheaply. That’s the only way I could justify the expense to myself buying higher end cards immediately but all the sites like geeks.com that sold them went under over time.

  7. Nelly Nelson says:

    Sorry fella, at £1200 you can fuck right off if you think thats any form of value.

  8. Monster Zero says:

    What kind of power supply would I need to run this card?

  9. TechnoFreak says:

    If DLSS will supports most(if not all) games , then whole series will definitely make sense and gonna be a great value!

  10. Majora Boy says:

    Is the oculus go the best vr headset ever made????
    Check out my review on this subject

  11. Vincent Kith says:

    $2049 AUD on pccasegear… Might as well buy a 1080 ti and a xb271hu for roughly the same price

  12. Mr S says:

    I'm trading my 2080ti in for a quadro. I need it for gaming

  13. Bunyip McLuvin says:

    Is the Gigabyte 2080Ti a reference design?
    Would be interesting to see if there is any more performance gain from watercooling it

  14. Aaron Goodrich says:

    Whats the shunt mod do to it? Cause I'd love to see you do that Brian!

  15. Dan Kallman says:

    Was WoW in dx12? They added dx12 in BfA

  16. Yusney Madlansacay says:

    Check the aorus version

  17. Nobby Noble says:

    the new rtx2080 does not work with certain monitors it does not work with AOC monitors i just found this out after buying one the gtx 1080 worked fine with all monitors so be carefull when buying

  18. corrion1 says:

    sold out sold out sold out

  19. Alper Tuna says:

    it's fuckin $2500 on amazon

  20. Shane Mc Grath says:

    All 10 cards shipped to Australian retail stores SOLD OUT, They make it sound like they are flying off the shelves!
    Mate at AU$2049 these 2080ti's can stay on the shelves, Even if they ship over 10,000 of them and have plenty in stock.
    Wake me when they drop by at least $500.
    Well Nvidia, Lucky I had taken your advice before you even said it.
    "The more you buy the more you save", Well these now old 980ti's in SLI are saving me money thanks Jensen!

  21. DIY Tech says:

    Nice hairstyle superman 😀

  22. Zalion says:

    one strix or two???

  23. Gripen90 says:

    Gigabyte have released a new VBIOS for Gigabyte RTX 2080Ti Gaming and RTX 2080 Gaming cards that increase the power limit to 122% ! https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N2080TGAMING-OC-11GC#support-dl-bios

  24. Skinnwalk3r says:

    For the RTX 2070 launch, can you also have power consumption for that aswell compared to the 1070?

  25. REDDY71 says:

    I have this card on order. I'm a long-time Gigabyte "fan".

  26. Ghetto Tech says:

    Just like that 1080 ti has been de throned

  27. SeikoFPS says:

    like if u really want to play those old games on 4k go grab urself an gtx 2080 ti but as long as you play 1440p or below like 1080p you dont need more than a gtx 1070/1080 which have a ton of good deals out there for being so strong and relevant and no the 2070/80 are irrelevant and the gtx 2050-2060 will be irrelevant too it will only be relevant if it uses DLSS.

  28. Arfat Shaikh says:

    In my country 2080ti costs around $2000

  29. Remco Kroon says:

    1000 series is way more price per performance

  30. Vagelis Ververas says:

    No value in rtx keep what you have or buy used. 😎

  31. Od1sseas says:

    What about Voltage on MSI Afterburner? Did Nvidia limited it like Pascal? Because i have my 1050 OC'ed with 100% Voltage

  32. cornbreadman [old channel] says:

    I would like to see a review of the "ASUS Z390 Dragon". But I heard that it's for Chinese Internet Cafes.

  33. gramshaku says:

    Tht card is a wet dream for a gamer 😍

  34. m3rovingian says:

    Are the fans making the grinding noise as all Gigabyte gpus from the 1000 series?

  35. Miyu Iona says:

    I have a 1080p monitor so…..I'm sticking with my gtx 1050ti.

  36. Marcin Maslowski says:

    What about asus dual coolers with no heatpipes.

  37. YKLABATYD says:

    Looks like we need to wait for 3080 cards to get some improvement

  38. Thaddeus says:

    Why Far cry 5 results are so low for 1080 TI ? i ran benchmark on ultra preset at 4k, my overclocked 1080 TI gets 62fps average. Why you getting less

  39. Vintageitem store says:

    I think you need a nice green screen

  40. Paul Brennan says:

    Am I missing something here? 1080ti launched with an msrp of $699, the 2080ti msrp is $999. The difference between the 1080ti and 2080ti was roughly the same as between the 980ti and 1080ti. Where is this massive increase in price coming from?! I can get a 1080ti and a 32" 4k monitor for less than the current price of a 2080ti!

  41. dj manix says:

    2080TI Phaaa I came for that tech yes lovin 😀

  42. Peter l. Asshole says:

    Can someone help me on this: recently I bought a x3470 and when the build was completed it runned smoothly. EVERYTHING WAS PLACED CORRECTLY(so no wrong ram slots or what's however ) ! After a couple of hours i shutted down my pc to go get a look in the bios. When i turned on my pc it shutted down after half a second. Now it wont boot anymore. Does anyone have any idea what the problem can be?

    Hyper 212x
    R9 280x
    Ga p55 us3l r2.0
    Evga 500w
    4gb ram samsung 1333mhz
    128 gb ssd
    2 tb Hitachi hdd

  43. Pharmatica says:

    EVGA is almost 130 power limit with bios update which is insane.

  44. Tzuno says:

    2080 is doa.

  45. JimmyJimmyBTM says:

    In the Netherlands the 2080 founders edition is 850 euro and all the versions that should be cheaper are more expensive!

  46. MrBob2k99 says:

    So is $1199 considered MSRP for Gigabyte? Because MSRP would actually mean $999.

  47. Mr.Stranger says:

    Can't run 4k and overkill for 1440p.

  48. Music and Tech says:

    meh regardless of msrp … dont matter with nvidia's greed .. Shame about the new line ups … I'll pass on these ones ..

  49. Nathanael Ciranni says:

    This gpu will probably the one that I buy as I like gigabyte.

  50. Aaron Roberts says:

    Love your channel. I however will not be paying a premium. It's junk. Keep up the other good work.

  51. ZeroG84 says:

    So can we now call nVidia the more power hungry brand?

  52. repsol Roger says:

    Rtx 2080 ti,s are like aliens…some ppl have seen and touched them….but for 99% of us they are always out of stock…( insert x-files song)

  53. MacDaffyCH says:

    I guess you missed mentioning if this is the Windforce OC or Gaming OC card. Judging from the 2+ slot design I‘d guess it is the Gaming OC model.

  54. repsol Roger says:

    Do these cards actually exist…I feel like they are aliens….ppl have seen them…but??? ( que x files song)

  55. Kenny Redux says:

    Please test the RTX Ti(s) with Lords Of The Fallen.

  56. Noob Gaming says:

    Are those WoW FPs from Raid environnement / capital or random zones ?

  57. Son of a Tech says:

    hey I saw my thumbnail lol

  58. TheVeka says:

    whats with the amazon prices of 2000$ and above???

  59. cmoneytheman says:

    870 eBay 2080ti

  60. Krishna V says:

    Wait for price drop next year. No point in buying now unless you are an older card and looking for 1080ti+ level performance.

  61. Caterina Sforza says:

    Be funny if anyone see's this card ever comes out lol, Since nvidia keep delaying the card since they rushed the release. Plus the strix oc costs like £300 more too than the gigabyte oc where i saw it, Pay more for less makes sense for asus 😂😂😂😂.

  62. Pieter van den Berg says:

    I love the windforce edition. Pre-ordered my RTX2080TI

  63. Kevin Taylor says:

    RTX cards have No HDMI 2.1 for new 8K 120 Hz Samsung Q990R gaming TV with HDMI 2.1 and Xbox One X can play games in 8K with its HDMI 2.1 firmware update! RTX cards are a failure wait for AMD Next Generation Arcturus GPU with HDMI 2.1 that can play 8K games and movies currently in development with devs and Hollywood like latest Star Wars etc.

  64. Rob S says:

    Great video. However, you have posted videos where you use modern video cards with used CPU's. It would be helpful to hear you talk about how these older CPU's and its architecture work with the modern video cards and what it will not support as it relates to gaming. Example: do they support modern video card PCIe 3 standards or not? I found most do not but I could be wrong. If not, how can the gamer get full advantage of modern cards, if any? BTW, I love your channel and learned a lot.

  65. ViiV Creations says:

    He just called the 2080ti reference card OLD. wtf it just came out lol

  66. ViiV Creations says:

    idk why everyone is worshiping these. Its like marketing works so easy on our generation since how we been politically brainwashed by our government, nobody has a brain anymore and just impulse buy shit cuz "if you but it, you will be much better!" marketing. We already got plenty sufficient hardware its not like its 2005-2008 where increases were dramatically insane.

  67. sky walker says:

    What is the point of rtx2080 when we have gtx1080ti . its same performance. raytracing is not working yet or no current game uses it yet either, so what is the point paying $800.00 for it.
    Gtx1080ti is cheaper and cooler , $599 at some stores or lower.
    RTX failed massively. Rtx 2080ti is on retarded level price , no go . fail.

  68. Phil Dawson says:

    I'm a time traveller from 2021 I've just got the RTX 2180ti it's got Ray Ray Ray tracing basically Ray tracing x3 .it's only 1500 pound

  69. vic berlin says:

    the ventus rtx ti is a monster

  70. Mike Kos says:

    Best RTX 2080 version ?

  71. Dan Palmer says:

    Can we get CSGO benchmarks :D? 1440p pref

  72. The Matirx red pill says:

    wake me up when 7nm arrives.

  73. Ph42oN says:

    If you buy rtx 2080 ti, you dont look at value, you only look at performance

  74. Nicklas Jørgensen says:

    None of the cards is at MRSP…. FE card is still the cheapes card.

  75. LTU Bass boosts says:

    I can't even affort that card because it's too expensive and power hungry. my cpu can't handle that card

  76. jergernice1 says:

    this is what i have….is bit longer than my gaming x 1080ti msi… almost didnt fit in my case. super quiet. overclocks fine. in line with every other 2080ti it seems. i did the bios update to allow 122% power..

  77. Ed CG says:

    Is this the Windforce or Gaming X Trio?

  78. 3xJ says:

    O mais importante o Zé ruela não mostra que seria placa de vídeo ligada

  79. GeorgioSubs says:

    How did you get the reflections demo?

  80. alvin sluis says:

    just got mine today, how much performance(fps) do you gain with bios flash.

  81. El diablo da Costa says:

    Those crisis 3 results seem like bullshit to me. I get much better fps on my ultrawide 1440p monitor with a 1080 Ti.

  82. El diablo da Costa says:

    Idiots couldn't have RGB RTX? Just Gigabyte? Lord.

  83. taff_G1 says:

    crap lol

  84. taff_G1 says:

    this guy is being paid big time

  85. Jay Waldon says:

    No idea why people use WOW to test cards of this magnitude. :/

  86. rrowhe4d says:

    Thinking the price is too high is one thing. But bitching about the price being too high, we all know you want one; you're just too broke to afford it.

  87. Coronado G says:

    2:04 what's the name of that water cooling?

  88. Dean Howard says:

    Is it cool to use MSI Afterburner vs the Aorus engine software? will the card perform the same?

  89. FINAL DJS Channel says:

    You guys should do a new benchmark test with the updated bios. It increase the power limit up to 140% with a 2080TI Windforce.

  90. Oleg Nikolajenko says:

    any gigabyte owners here? im considering a purchase. looked at Zotac 2080ti but comments about it being malfunctioning and having any sorts of issues made me changed my mind. so how's that Gigabyte 2080ti gaming oc doing?

  91. martim pinheiro says:

    Asus not aSus

  92. JohnConnor333 says:

    63 percent fan speed that’s too loud imo

  93. - says:

    $1,199 😪😪

    If i can afford the extra $500 from the 2080 hell yeah but F U C K that's gonna hurt the wallet 🙁

  94. TwoEvilOne says:

    great video again!
    Kingping 2080 ti Hybrid is available with limited stock.

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  95. tomek dargiewicz says:

    pleas test rtx 2080 ti aio

  96. Ned Kulic says:

    Great a Presentation and clear communication!!! Well done 👍

  97. Manny Calavera says:

    Great review Brian

  98. Travis Lavanway says:

    RTX cards are a massive scam and money grab. performance per dollar the GTX 1080 ti is still the king of Gaming.

  99. Skipper847 says:

    I was going to say you look and sound like that tech YES City guy then realized it was you.

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