Get Flat Abs at Home – Abs Workout by Kanish N.

July 25, 2019 posted by

hi guys welcome to fight light if you are new here consider subscribing to fight light make sure you hit the notification bell I can update you subscribe to the channel this is Connie's condom item here not see me flying down down flying ever drop down but I keep it locked down too strong with the Beast bring a few more the commander and the chief for my crew anyways so Matt you're too clever certifiers opening a month reserve it's a mob war zone poor soul I feel the impact [Applause] no we've been back depends ii see you flexing with the didn't step [Applause] took this award zone homie say you ready and prepared take a minute making my ramble I'll be sneaking in the back but it's what the clap I'm a life in fair copy falling through the mud what a vision saw it clearly born a shepherd to these sheep I'll never stop naca logic it's a jungle out there ahead I'll tell you I know brain to Miami baby let's do it not see me flying ever drop down my eyes open this Imam and war zone thank you guys once again so much for watching and make sure you consider subscribing to fight light like this video comment down below what you want to know next from me and if you want to know more about men's lifestyle including your fitness make sure you consider subscribing to my channel connie's and and follow me on instagram yeah thank you once again so much for watching homeys


5 Replies to “Get Flat Abs at Home – Abs Workout by Kanish N.”

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    Instagram: @kanishnongmaithem
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  2. Brian Albert says:

    I learned a lot from watching your video, thanks. Great work!

  3. Norwall Music says:

    Super tremendous creation! 💗

  4. FightClubStellingen says:

    Wow! That's an interesting method! Cool exercises! Norhing I've seen ever before! Super insightful! You're really getting into the mechanics!

  5. Faiaj Hossain says:

    first comment.

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