Gaming With A Cheap Used Graphics Card

July 30, 2019 posted by

Hey guys, Jarrod here and today we’re going
to see how well a $20 graphics card performs in recent games to help you determine how
much value second hand hardware might have for you. I’ve got an AMD 5870 graphics card here.
I picked it up from a local seller who told me that the card was already second hand,
so I’m it’s third owner. The last guy also mentioned that it ran super hot, so he
replaced the thermal paste not too long ago so hopefully that helps me out here. Originally I bought the card as a temporary
replacement as I was having issues with my 6990, however I’ve been using it for a few
months now and thought it would be worth sharing with you how it performs in some more recent
games to see if it’s still usable. If it does well for just $20, then it’s
a steal, so let’s find out! The system that I’m running it in has a
quad core Intel i7 950 at 3.07GHz and 12GB of DDR3 memory at 1600MHz, you’ll have to
trust me when I say this was awesome hardware in 2010 when I bought it. The SSD is a slightly
newer Intel 520 series 180GB SSD, otherwise the whole machine is getting close to 7 years
old now, while the graphics card is from 2009. I’ve seen similarly spec’d machines going
for real cheap online as most people upgraded from this sort of stuff ages ago, so hopefully
it should give you a worst case idea of how a cheap card can perform. Alright so let’s get into our benchmarks. In GTA 5 I have disabled VSync and ran my
test with FXAA on with a 1080p resolution using Direct X 11. With these settings I was
able to get an average of 56 frames per second. I usually run with MSAA set to 8, however
with these settings I was getting 1 frame per second, so yeah probably leave that one
off.. Regardless it still looked pretty decent and was actually playable. In the Witcher 3 I usually use the Ultra preset,
with VSync and NVidia Hairworks disabled at a 1080p resolution. With these settings I
was able to get an average of just 15 frames per second, so not really playable. With the
medium preset things improved slightly to 26 FPS, and with the low preset it increased
to just 30 FPS, so barely playable even at low settings unfortunately. In Shadow of Mordor with ultra settings at
1080p we averaged 64 FPS, so again like GTA this one was actually playable with good settings.
I kind of expected this, as on modern graphics cards I can pass 100 FPS no problem. Now onto the benchmarking tools, while a useful
indicator note that these results are less practical compared to the real world gaming
results previously shown. I also run these at basically max settings so that I can compare
them to other tests that I’ve done, sure we could get better results with lower settings
but I don’t think there’s much point doing that with benchmarking tools. Obviously it’s
worthwhile doing with games so you can actually still play at a lower frame rate. In Heaven benchmark with the quality set to
ultra, tessellation set to extreme, and anti-aliasing set to x8 at 1080p, the 5870 averaged only
12 FPS. Valley benchmark did a little better, with
the quality set to ultra and anti-aliasing on x8 at 1080p, the 5870 averaged just 23
FPS. I ran both the Fire Strike and Sky Diver benchmarks
from 3DMark and got pure graphics scores of 2,940 and 10,381 respectively. I’ll leave
links to the full results in the video description. Great, so it sounds like the card runs alright,
especially considering the price, but how hot did it get? With an ambient room temperature
of 18 degrees celsius the card was idling at 57. While gaming and during benchmarks
it peaked at 81, so it’s quite a hot card, the guy that owned it before me wasn’t kidding
about the heat issues. So what did you guys think of the performance
from a $20 graphics card? While this may be hard to reproduce as available hardware will
differ in your area, hopefully it goes to show that second hand hardware from generations
past may be worth a look at, there are some decent graphics cards available for a low
cost which can still offer an acceptable gaming experience, especially if you’re prepared
to turn down the settings a little. Be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments
and if you’re still rocking some old hardware, and leave a like on the video if you found
it useful. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos
like this one.


62 Replies to “Gaming With A Cheap Used Graphics Card”

  1. christopher gonzalez says:

    liked the vid. nice job man

  2. Valnjes says:

    Nice video! Gre8 shoots!
    And, last but not least, great background music! I LOVE IT!

  3. RoboCoffee says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to switch laptop displays? There are only old videos on youtube. I'd be nice to see one with your esthetic specially!

  4. Alpha Danger says:

    Nice! I paid $38 from Cex yesterday for a Gtx 560 ti OC edition and it gets 3008 on firestrike when I overclock it more.

  5. MrPegasek says:

    got one for 15 $ and is running on 350 w psu and is fine love it

  6. BoneHead says:

    GoSh U gOttA UpGrADE eVErY monTH iF y0U plAy oN pC

  7. BoneHead says:

    i would be the guy to build a high end pc, but then switch all the setting to their lowest
    to hit ultimate fps

  8. Guille Ghemi says:

    I think 5870 is one of the greatest graphics cards ever made and this is why:

    -1st high end gpu with dx 11 fully support (gtx 480 was released pretty much later)
    -1st gpu with fully eyefinity support (multy display resolution)
    -1st dx 11 gpu with up to 2gb of vram
    -1st gpu that could run crysis pretty smoothly.
    -1st gpu that supports up to SIX display, at displayports, wich was ridiculously unbeliveble in 2009
    -1st gpu who broke the 2.5 Teraflop limit
    -Today is faster than budget's gpu king: the gtx 750ti and gt 1030.
    -Also its equal in performance than: HD6950, even faster than hd7790 and r7 260x, and its only 7 to 11% slower than gtx 480 but consumes 35% less at stock clocks , even outperforming the 480 in some titles.
    -the oldest gpu that is pretty much capable to run absolutelly every game out there.

    The radeon 5870 at its time took a HUGE step beyond hardware computing boundaries. This card made all previous gpu look like toys, even if we compare it with its predecessor, the HD 4890 (most powerful dx10 single gpu ever made, wich actually has more TDP than the 5870)

    TW3 and watch 2 dogs are the only games this card struggles at 1080p, but at 720p you got up to 25 fps boost at medium settings. You can also run Rottr at high settings at 720p at 30-50 fps. and i can say this because i own a 5870, and a 4890, and paired with a q9550 (u can see the video on my channel) i made a pretty console killer pc for only $80 USd.

    Keep doing this stuff bro!

  9. plim8O says:

    81c* thats hot xd

  10. ANEX says:

    did you try 720p or 1366 x 768 resolution on the Witcher 3,? it would probably be playable then.

  11. BoneHead says:

    Would love this card but my psu only had 240w and no 6 pin so i got a hd 7570, beast in lighter titles but slows to a crawl in newer games

  12. TECH Everything on says:

    how can buy these graphics card please sir help me

  13. Aizaz Ahmad says:

    I buy this graphic card

  14. Honk Honkler says:

    Ok for 20 bucks, but you'd ideally get one without a reference cooler lol

  15. Leon Pozo says:

    My daughters PC is rocking a 5870 on a 2500k @4.3.. Plays most games fine. My son has a 7870 on a 2600k @4.3gig and I have a r9 290x on a 1700 @3.8gig. I plan on getting a new gpu for me next year and my gfx card wil lgo to my boy and so on hehe. Or i sell it and buy a 7870 for my daughters pc. Will see what i can find off ebay when the time comes. I sold my 980ti a couple of months back and the 290x was a freebie off a good m8

  16. probaseballza says:

    could I connect it to a laptop?

  17. Wheelivery Annan says:

    I bought a gtx 580 1,5gb for 30 euros if i buy another one my pc will use over 500watt for my gpus but i do have performance like a 1060 for 60/70,- lol

  18. Travis Bowman says:

    Does anyone play the isle an if so what is the best an cheapest graphics card im not entirely sure what im running im new to pc gaming

  19. Emil Frigårdd says:

    I havet 50$ is it worth or IF not recommend me

  20. HoppsTech says:

    I'm surprised that GTA 5 would run at 1080p! Great video man, glad to see people go over these old components

  21. Valeera says:

    i get 160-180+ fps on ultra on Wow

  22. Nig says:

    Do you guys know any good sites to buy used components??(except from ebay)

  23. Mick says:

    well, it's faster then my laptop's 920MX so yeah I feel fucked for paying 770€ for it

  24. Steve Smith says:

    why didn't that Orc die at 2:21? Headshots are instant kills

  25. Paradox Bladez says:

    for 20 dollars this graphics cards are a steal

  26. ccr ccr says:

    Please send me the link to buy this card at 20 dollars.

  27. ccr ccr says:

    Please send me a graphics card

  28. The Dark Neon says:

    2018 price 200$ avg.

  29. DiGiX says:

    I had a HD 5450 1 GB with and sempron I unlocked it to athlon and increased the core and memory to 200 and 560 MHz respectively which gave me 20 fps in ac4 at high to medium settings in 800*600

  30. Syyr553 says:

    can it play Sonic generations?

  31. ghost ridder 1738 1738 says:

    uhhhmm would have helped me to spend 20 dollars instead if 100 when all i wanted to do was play gta 5

  32. DawnShadow Gaming says:

    Lol my current pc is the followingAmd Athlon II x4 620 quad core clocked at 2.6GHz12GB of DDR3 ram with a clock speed of 1600MHza Seagate 1tb hddJegy GTX 760 3GB GDDR5 192 bit graphics cardand it play most games pretty wellcheck out my channel and my newest youtube video to see how it runs against games from its time.the x4 620 is an average mid range cpu. im about to upgrade to the x4 635 which is 3 steps up and is a high tier cpu from 2013 and can handle just about anything to date pretty well lol

  33. Spajderman says:

    I pay 70 $ for hd5870 asus, before like 2 years and its still 60$ + here in Bosnia and Hercegovina, here computer stufs very $$$

  34. Honk Honk says:

    AMD cards age much better

  35. DEADXE OG says:

    Im a prowed gtx 760 owner

  36. Gr1m r3aP3r says:

    get a x5650!

  37. Colin says:

    Their pci gen 2 not the new pci gen 3 . Their OK

  38. Random guy says:

    Can I run pubg? On lowest and would it lag?

  39. Risky Bicky says:

    I have one of the original i7's and its still going strong, being a 920 I could upgrade to a theoretical 980, but as I still don't see too many issues gaming i don't see much of a need.

  40. Josh Powell says:

    u bottle necked it

  41. Sunny Antony says:

    Send me a link please

  42. MRJCH24 says:

    I use the HD6870 the hottest that has ever got was 72c with a overclock.

  43. Shoaib Sikandri says:

    HELLO …. IAM AFAQ… Can i install evga gtx 1050 2gb SUPERCLOCKED card in my own core 2 duo e6600 2.4ghz 6gb ddr3 ram and psu is 365watt max and my pc model is 0A58h …PLZZZ REPLY SIR

  44. Wrecksheeps says:

    Those suicidal coolers…nhaaa.

  45. Honeyball Lecter says:

    1:57 Oh shots fired at consoles

  46. weeg91 says:

    Jarrod you need to swap the montiros the tweeters are orientated the wrong way

  47. weeg91 says:

    you forgot to mention these big cards need PSU upgrade so not exactly cheap

  48. weeg91 says:

    Funny story, My parents decommissioned 5870 from their PC, I sold it because it was in a junk box in their shed, I refurbished it and got 30bucks for it. Then they discovered it was gone and to spite me asked for it back, when I looked for another second hand one, prices had actually increased! . The reason for the surge in popularity apparently is they are great for mining. Karma I guess.

  49. Zeek M says:

    Nope, I won't buy used.
    I won't buy anything will lesser specs than an R9 270x or anything not investigated for issues.
    I won't buy anything over $200.00 , It's phuckin polygon graphics for heaven sake. WAKE TF UP!
    I won't but nVidia.

  50. Pepperoni Toni says:

    Lol I still run a 5750 on my spare rig

  51. Fin Trenery says:

    i have a i7770k 8gb of ram a radeon 7770 gpu and still dont get more then 30 frames on gta on lowest settings 🙁 what can i do ??

  52. Browningate says:

    Lol, "ther" instead of "there."

  53. Blazencreed gaming says:

    This isn't a 20 dollar graphics card it's $640

  54. Blazencreed gaming says:

    You should test out a geforce 7600 gt oc for a video I wanna see what it can run

  55. technology and gaming says:

    hay bro can you sell me that graphic card i didn't get that GPU in India so can u help me little bit for gaming


    I got a Evga 770 With bower cooler for 110€

  57. IGameSometimes says:

    can i use this on win 10?

  58. Ali Zuhair says:

    can you give me the website that you bought from?

  59. Nugres says:

    Where l can buy this graphich ?

  60. Ali Abbas says:

    Old GPUs not of thay RGB bullshit

  61. Ali Abbas says:

    I want a i9

  62. Yanuze says:

    I have a gt 710 that i bought 3 years ago and it costed me 80 bucks, it's terrible.
    Thanks for making this video you've helped me 😀

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