Funny British Fairy : 12 Comedy Sketches in a London HOUSE – E10-S1

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(mixed talking) (clears throat) – Sorry, excuse me. Are you fairies? (upbeat rock music) – Fairies? What is this, the 18 bloody hundreds? How dare you? This day and age, we prefer to be called supernatural wing-ed nymphs. – I’m sorry, it’s just we don’t normally have supernatural winged- – Wing-ed. It’s more magical, darling. – Oh yes, my apologies, supernatural wing-ed nymphs in suburban gardens. – Correct. – If you don’t mind my prying, why are you in my garden? – Protection, love. – From what? – Well, we might’ve had a
horrific vision about your house. Luckily, Merlin sent us over. – Right. – Yeah, we didn’t really wanna come out. We much prefer the forest,
but orders is orders. – Yeah, bloody orders is orders, isn’t it? You know, I haven’t got
time to bloody be here. I’ve got 341 little imps just running havoc around my house, I
haven’t got time for this. – Right, okay, but you said something about a troubling vision about my house. – Yeah yeah. You’re in grave danger. – From what? – Negative equity. – Yeah, negative equity. (magical music) – What? – When the market value of your house falls below the mortgage
outstanding on it. – No no no no, sorry, there
must be some sort of mistake. – Sorry, there’s a mistake. (laughing) – Don’t think so. Last night, in Q Village, a giant raven was seen feasting on a four leaf clover while hanging upside down on a lamppost. And we all know what that means, don’t we? That the houses round here are overvalued. – But what are you doing here? – We’re here to create
a local short term buzz to raise the value of your house so that you can sell up
before it’s too late. – Now hold on- – Wait, look, it’s very complicated stuff, so we got this helpful little leaflet, make things a little bit clearer. (magical music)
– Lovely. Well, thank you for that. It’s just that I don’t really think that I’m quite in the position to be accepting financial advice from supernatural wing-ed nymphs. – It’s not the only that’s
been done round here. – No? – No.
– No. No, Merlin’s been to
business school, isn’t he? He’s now literally a financial wizard. – You’re joking. – No, in days gone by we used to do things like make sure there was a decent harvest, protect your firstborn
from the bubonic plague, but no one wants that anymore, so we’ve had to re-train
to remain relevant. – Yeah, I’m doing a GMBQ in
advanced flight technology. – Oh, how is that going? – It’s going all right. – Well, I’m… Thank you for this, I’m gonna
go read this information. – [Dark Haired Fairy] Have
a little read of that. – Yes, yeah, I’m gonna, just gonna… – Absolutely. Hey, what comes after S in the alphabet? – Yeah, what comes after S? – T. (laughing) – I’m gasping. What, 28 sugars please, darling. – Yeah, 38 for me. Hobnob so we can go to Miss Eva. – Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Oh, and a little espresso
for that one, please. – Right. – Choppy choppy. Cheers buddy.
– Cheers buddy. – Cheers, little gentleman. There’s no bloody sugar in here. It’s horrible, what’s yours like? – It’s fine. – That’s crap. – [Male Voice] Put the
hood on his head, drag him, bundle into the car and drive
him off to the warehouse. – A great way if you’re an aspiring writer to create a piece of work which can be made into a professionally made film.


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  1. ChocolateLabPuppyDog says:

    Love it! Wing-ED!! Haha… And the bit where he's scurrying through the flower bed at the beginning – so good.

  2. Angela Otterson says:

    Love this video – so funny How did they keep a straight face when he spat tea in the other fairy's face?

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