Funnel Vs Brochure Web Design For Trucking Companies

July 26, 2019 posted by

hey how's it going lore aspires to drive a surplus here and today I wanted to talk to you about the importance of having a top-notch website especially when you're trying to attract more highly qualified drivers to come over your companies or even retain the drivers you currently have okay and really two things I want to convey real quickly about websites number one being what people think a website is versus what it actually should be and the second thing I want to talk to you about is why you actually need to have a fantastic website especially in your hiring practices so number one what most people believe about websites is that it's you know kinda like a brochure an online brochure of what your company is okay it has a couple different menus talks you know there's the contact us page there's about Us page maybe our history what services we offer maybe an application page as well for drivers or prospective employees to come apply for your company and it doesn't matter how clean that looks if you have awesome video fantastic images in the end it's a it's a brochure and nobody likes to read brochures so what you want to do instead is design your website strategically that really you know forces the user to take a targeted action that you want right so if you think of it more as a funnel and that's that's really the best analogy is your website needs to be a funnel so every piece of content every word every link drives a user down at predefined path whether they know it or not to get them to take some action right and so if you think about designing a website to attract more drivers for example you really need to have your website it needs to have all the bells and whistles the content you know about Us page everything like that that needs to be there but what you really need to focus your energy on is having clearly defined call to actions that drive to the user down a sequence that increases the probability of them actually doing one of two things which is either a pick up the phone calling you or two applying and like that's it if your website's not converting you know cool traffic and to warm applicants then you're doing it wrong because a website is not a brochure it needs to be an integral part of your marketing operation and you know if you get this right I'm telling you that websites will bring in a flood of warm leads assuming you know how to drive the traffic to that website later okay so get rid of the brochure focus on a funnel second thing why you actually want to have a top-notch website so think about it this way in this day and age we live in we have instant access on our phones our computers to just about everything and you know if you think about when you go and buy something maybe on in the stores right so you you over to Best Buy you're gonna buy a large expensive TV typically you will do your research either before during or after buying that TV typically you'll go over to Amazon probably read some reviews on it heck you may even go buy it on Amazon after the fact but you go and read the reviews you go do your research and that's where the world world were in Oh is everybody does their own research okay and the same thing absolutely applies when an individual is going to work at a new company right so driver one supply for your company maybe he saw your Facebook ad maybe he saw your advertisement Craigslist or indeed or wherever it is you guys apply maybe you have recruiters calling drivers I'm not sure how that works for you personally but accusing he is thinking about applying I'm telling you he's going to check out your website and for better or worse that website is a representation of what your company is on the inside so even if you have a fantastic operations you have great dispatch you have you know incredible facilities newer equipment you have everything but your website looks like it was built back in about 1998 because it may have been or maybe that's just how it looks you're gonna be in trouble and I'm not saying you're not going to be able to get drivers to come work for you but you're decreasing your conversion rate okay so websites will pay themselves off and days they really will you know I know if I were to go work for another company the first thing I would do is do my own research check out Glassdoor of course check out the website check out their Facebook page check all that out I kind of revalidate that hey you know I actually do want to work for this company and I guarantee you that mindset applies to the drivers as well so again just to recap two things one make sure you have a funnel based website that has a clear call to action and that call to action needs to be apply or contact us and everything needs to drive that engagement to that call to action okay and the second thing is got to have a great website because quite frankly your future employees are going to research you there okay that's it stay tuned and I will begin some more update soon thanks

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