Fix a Sinking Office Chair For Less Than a Dollar! [Tutorial]

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49 Replies to “Fix a Sinking Office Chair For Less Than a Dollar! [Tutorial]”

  1. Maxsimodem says:

    here was my fat ass thinking I was just phat

  2. Cyber Park says:

    thank u bro ……………..thank u so much

  3. Rigie Fernandez says:

    Thanks! Saved me a lot to buy a new computer chair.

  4. Motovader72 says:

    Brilliant! I have two 3D printers, I just printed a spacer, thanks for the great idea!

  5. Norm T says:

    After watching this I thought this fix is not the answer and did my own… Just some emery paper on the shaft of the gas lift and bam fixed… see over time the shaft gets too smooth… so a little roughness helps it not slide past the seals . Best part just turn the chair upside down and move the covers aside and rub the emery paper for a minute or so … then you are done.

  6. j m says:

    well I use my chair at the highest setting anyway…
    if warranty doesn't do something I might as well drop by the home depot.
    is there any weight concern?
    I am around 350 lbs will the PVC hold (me) up?

  7. Carmine Mambro says:

    i just fixed me. It cost me $1.29 CAD. Thank you so much.

  8. Rehgret says:

    Because of this method I have restored my chair back to its former glory. Thank you so much!

  9. Lynn Herrera says:

    Amazing! this 62 yr old lady just fixed her own chair! I had the pvc in the garage, cut to length and ta-da!

  10. Partha Prateem Patra says:

    Very nice idea . Thanks this saved a lot of money. also works with PVC pipe

  11. Bianca v says:

    I love the song

  12. OBELIXER says:

    Or…. Get a strong hose clamp and open it up flip it around the ax and fix it at the correct height.

  13. Scott Briggs says:

    Well, first of all, none of the local hardware stores even had these couplers, I had to order them from Amazon as usual. Not even a plumbing supply co. had them, which was pathetic.
    Also, with my office chair, full size coupler was too long, and I hacked a good inch and a half or so off it, and it still doesn't fit, the clip end doesn't even emerge through the bottom of the wheel
    base fitting. I ended up ordering a new gaming chair and it's being assembled Monday because I have basically, zero patience. The old chair though, with the full coupler in anyway, minus clip,
    isn't sinking anymore. So there's that.

  14. Mary Lou Hoffman says:

    I just did it. Thank you for this great tutorial.

  15. Gwen Turner says:

    77 and female and very challenged when it comes to fixing things. went to my hardware store, they cut me a pvc pipe and gave it to me. my chair is no longer sinking, but I have a ball bearing thing left over, guess i don't need it. my chair is great. thank you very much.

  16. Old Crow All Naturals says:

    oh gee a hose clamp on the rod is faster chair does not need to be disassembled and easy to adjust the height if you want it lower but good thinking

  17. Struggle Prepper says:

    The exact repair for the exact same chair. You complete me.

  18. Guy Haardeng says:

    Fantastic fix. Tried a mechanical clamp which only worked a short while before sliding down. Thanks

  19. MakoEyesOfSapphire says:

    Appreciate the life hack will try this out soon

  20. BlackWind121 says:

    So no joke, I actually bought a new chair after this happened to my last one. Current chair is rated for someone heavier than me and now it's sinking down too -_-

  21. Xara D'Karn says:

    So I had an office chair 20 years ago. The cylinder basically broke. it sank all the way down lower than I could possibly get it before it was broke. It was the perfect chair as long as it lasted. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to make this happen again. Every single chair I buy sits way too high. Edit. Looks like this video may have helped.

  22. M M says:

    I have this problem with my office chair. I will try fixing it now after watching this video.
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  23. kyolud says:

    Ty! I tried this and it worked! Ty, ty, ty!

  24. Melinda Rathkopf says:

    Thanks. I had a 1 1/2 " PVC pipe in the garage and just cut a piece of that. Worked well.

  25. iiKiNG says:

    So can I make it go up and down or is it just going to stay up?

  26. Murray Johnson says:

    Thanks. You saved me the price of a new chair.

  27. Mark Schirripa says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. If I fix my chair with this method, will it still move vertically?

  28. Floe Simmons says:

    Thank You!!! Damn chair sunk before I had the chance to skip the Ad. My chair was doing great until the Mrs. decided to sit at my desk. 😂 She gonna kill me for that comment.

  29. Bishop T. L. Pratt says:

    I did it. It worked like a charm

  30. Herbert Sweet says:

    It worked for me. I sawed down a piece of PVC pipe to 5 1/4 in in length for the spacer. The small parts ( 3 metal washers, one plastic spacer and one roller bearing) all went helter skelter when I took the clip and top washer off. When putting it all back together, the clip gave me some gas but I finally got it back on. This was a much better solution than bringing yet something else to the dump!

  31. chris bond says:

    You forgot to replace the shrouds!

  32. Jef Rey says:

    are you putting the pvc between the bottom of the chair and th top of the black piece that connects to the wheel or from bottom of the chair to the legs? Bottom to the black piece for me is 3.5 but to cover the whole length of the shaft is 9inches. Thanks, and great vid!
    I got mine temporarily held by strategic use of duct tape and a c clamp, lol. Be nice to free up that c clamp though.

  33. Obliv says:

    i sometimes play car games with a wheel, think i might do this but not refit the clip and washer.
    The weight of the chair should hold it together, while its upright, and i can just lift the chair up and slide the tube out to let it sink right down low for the odd car game.

  34. James Davis says:

    Excellent!!!! Thank you!!!

  35. MoonliteAngel109 says:

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! ^-^

  36. Chris Mason says:

    I can't get that clip off to save my life.

  37. JM says:

    Home Depot? Never heard of it.

  38. Hazarath Dragon says:

    ..this is awesome, I have the same darn chair! I just sit it it, doo-de-doo, then I… get that sinking feeling. x.x So, will do this, thanks!

  39. vraven1997 says:

    I have another office chair, would I be able to swap the cylinder from my old chair for my current chair?

  40. kbcampbe says:

    Thanks! Two chairs fixed in 20 minutes. Woohoo!

  41. Marie Beswick-Arthur says:

    Thank you so much. It worked. On both our chairs. We live in Mexico. Home Depot here had a part for about 30 pesos, (two dollars Canadian). You have saved us from having to buy two new chairs. Thank you again. 🙂 Your video was so helpful and thorough.

  42. Jerry Maiullo says:

    YOU SIR, HAVE MADE MY DAY!! I will at some point today be on my way to THE DEPOT to grab a piece of that poly or some PVC to fix my chair. No longer having to scour the web for a new chair!!! Ty soo much!!! LOL

  43. Abbas Ibrahim says:

    i'm watching this while i'm sinking down
    no joke

  44. bigdog mack says:

    Excellent video I knew there had to be a way to fix my chair….i purchased a 300 dollar chair for 5 bucks at goodwill but the chair would sink when you sit in it…now i know how to fix thanks

  45. Shawn Craven says:

    Went to hardware store they asked for garden or farm i said i'm rigging a office chair they chuckled hahaha

  46. Freelyx says:

    Worked great for this 6'1" tall 250 pounder from Texas. Thank you ever so much. I bought a gaming chair and didn't even have it for a full year before the cylinder went on me. This fix was cheap, fast, and perfect. I never put the chair lower anyway.

  47. TransformedByJesus says:

    I'm 5'4, I only needed a 2 1/2" piece for the correct height

  48. Hesham Elmariah says:

    this video is fire! thank you so much

  49. Terry Lockridge says:

    Can't name my First Born after you, but it would be close Thanks so much

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