1. dolly kaur says:

    Ma'am I saw your video yesterday and I applied for Internships as per your tips. Within a day I got an interview call and now I have my first internship. Thank you ma'am. <3

  2. UPAM DUDHE says:

    Shivangi thank you so much for every video …i cannot explain how much they have hepled me……because i had many questions…..because i am joining nift delhi for ug course after completing my masters in iotechnology …..but this is what i meant to do….so your videos hepled me lot in solving my many queries!! Thanks once again!!

  3. simran singh says:

    Hello! Can you please list out the companies name which teaches Photoshop..🌸

  4. Nishtha Garg says:


  5. Vaishnav Garodia says:

    How is accessories department at nift mumbai

  6. Divyanshu Kumar says:

    Is there any amount of money required for an internship. I mean do the companies ask for any amount of money for learning in an internship.

  7. preethi 6 says:

    Hiii diiiii

  8. arpita paikaray says:

    Thanks mam❀️❀️

  9. Mridul Soparkar says:

    I wanted to know whether one should send their portfolio with their resume and CV or should one wait for a reply from the company to actually ask for one?

  10. Ankit Jha says:

    "saas bhi kabhi bahu thi"…gr8 video

  11. Priyanka Agarwal says:

    Such A Gallant Girl β™₯️

  12. sakshi soni says:

    who to apply for internship for inaaya ?πŸ™Ši wish someday i can be intern at your store 😍 and personally meet you

  13. Ishani Ahuja says:

    Mam plzz make a video regarding how can a person strting from scratch level like i hve done bcom nd wnt to pursue fashion des.further soo i should i apply to internships….all internships demand some experience soo how can i apply

  14. Aaditya Kumar says:

    Can u please tell me which nift campus is best as rank wise

  15. Priyanka Agrawal says:

    thanks alot your videos are very helpful:)

  16. GULAL TAK says:


  17. Maria Andrea Ruiz De Pineda says:

    I don’t understand what you say, caption would be good

  18. Pragya Singh says:

    hey..i dnt have fashion degree bt im learning tech pack, cad, photoshop etc .. so is there any scope for someone like me as u had mentioned in one of ur video that fashion company look for cgpa n ol.. i have just passed my engg and now i want to switch my career into fashion industry..how to do that…any suggestions or tips ??

  19. Priya Ak says:

    Hello, I am going to complete my 2nd year in NIFT and planning to do one month internship. Can you please give me some suggestions where to apply as I am bit confused about it. Is there any opportunity to work with you?

  20. shivangi dave says:

    Hello ma'am. I wanted to know about what different varieties we can show while making a fashion porfolio. I have seen couple of your videos. And it have helped me. If you can help me with this. I'll really be grateful. Waiting for a response.

  21. Khushi Ghosh says:

    Di please make a video for job opportunities in interior designing

  22. Anya Pal says:

    Hey…… I liked ur videos….this help me lot to know about fashion designing but can u help me which subject to choose in 11th Nd 12th for this…bcoz there are bachelor's of fashion technology for which we have to choose PCM Nd for bachelor's of design in this we have to choose others Nd I don't know this statement is right or not…what to do with this Nd is there xams are based on different streams like fashion designing, interior design or are based on subject like bachelor's of fashion technology or bachelor's of design…..plz help me

  23. Niks Jiws says:

    Hey..its an amazing video . ..but want to that how can we register our label and brand…how to start a boutique ..plz make these videos

  24. MeeYun Rai says:

    so much helpful

  25. Jahanvi Gupta says:

    Can you please tell the places you have done your internships?

  26. Parnika Das says:

    So informative ! Just in the right time

  27. pranav satti says:

    Can you please make a video on what are these design houses expect from their interns? What skills are required?…you did your first internship in your first year, how was you experience? What all they made you do? I'm in my foundation and i want to apply for an internship but I'm really nervous.


    mam can you please make a video on how to get internship under any celebrity stylist as i an aspiring to become one i have also tried alot to connect with them but still no success can you give me some tips on it please .

  29. Kunal k says:

    Thank god maine sahi time pe aapka video dehka dii
    Hopefully Ab meri or mere dosto ki summer internship Achi jaayegi THNKUU dii πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

  30. Charu verma says:

    I'm not a student from fashion school or something ,so is it possible to get an internship related to fashion??

  31. Pashion Aiswarya Prabhu says:

    Great video! All the best and God bless you keep it up

  32. Hitakshi Malviya says:

    Very helpful and informative πŸ˜€

  33. Teertha Kulkarni says:

    Can you please make a short video on what the 1st year students can/should include in their CV and in portfolio?

  34. Mimansa Arora says:

    What is a cover letter?

  35. Pooja Yamsalwar says:

    Thank you dii❀❀❀😊😊love uh

  36. Monika Yadav says:

    Di I am fashion student in inifd …. Plss help me … Agr mujhe kissi designer k under internship karni h toh kaise try kru . K

  37. afnan kazi says:

    Hello. Please let me know if I can get to work as fashion designer without any formal education. Can I work with my skills and a well made portfolio? Please reply, thank you

  38. APURV SINGH says:

    Hi di. Do you have any idea about footwear designing?

  39. Tanya Savkoor says:

    Kabutar. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  40. sakzz Zz says:

    Your videos are so useful and amazing!
    I waana know that do we get internship for 1yr course (Diploma).
    I have done diploma in NIFT.
    So right know I'm reaching for an internship, so do we get for diploma?

  41. Shagun Chhetri says:

    Thank .. But I have a doubt n I am confused .. Choosing between product , interior or lifestyle designing … Can u plz help me out di …..

  42. Mohit Kumar says:

    Plz make a video on how we can study in a foreign countries , about scholarships , etc.

  43. Shristi Mittal says:

    Hey di! My name is Shristi and I am currently studing in nift but not as a regular student. I am doing my diploma from nift delhi which is for one year (also you can spread the knowledge about this evening couse because many people dont know this if you need some in depth information I would love to help you just contact on [email protected])

    So the question is I am not a graduate and my course will be completed in the month of july. I wasn't able to clear nift entrance this year. So should I search for jobs or I should graduate first from a private college and then start my job.

    Nobody has the answer for this question and all my friends are in the same situation. Please help me in this case me and all my classmate will be really thankful to you.😍

  44. Akash maheshwari says:

    Plz tell me , what u want from a intern while u selecting them as a boss .
    Or which collage is best for masters in fashion design I'm india except of top collages of india (Nift, nid , peral )
    Plz tell us .

  45. NEHA PUJARI says:

    Can you explain the format of a cv or like things we need to keep in mind while Creating one.

  46. bhoomi sharma says:

    So if you may communicate with me it will be so helpful for me

  47. bhoomi sharma says:

    Dii I attempt for NIFT exam this year but I lag by 6 marks and I'm school drop-out and I prepared by myself without any coaching and all. I just want to get in the NIFT and pursue my f.des degree but now things being confusing for me as my parents want to get in something else like fine arts and pursue my masters degree from NIFT as they don't want me todrop this year also and I can't able to decide what to do. I think of taking regular NIFT coaching from brds or afa but they are too costly I can't afford them. So please dii if u may give some advice so please give because I just get into NIFT this is my dream from my 8th standard

  48. Punam Jain says:

    U r wonderful…..thanks a lot … This will definately help my daughter who is finishing her foundation year from nift gandhinagar…

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