Fairytale of Gielinor

September 16, 2019 posted by

It’s Christmas Eve lads Let your anger go This world is Gielinor Thereís room for plenty more So Happy Christmas It’s RuneScape baby! Put on your party hats Coz all our dreams came true You’ve got ports
and crap orts -The GE’s a joke
-Your graphics are awful Your combat is broke You live in the past
Old School just can’t last Elf City’s not pretty
and you level too fast -We’re hard
-You’re so boring Your game leaves me snoring Next year weíll be best We’ll have 200 quests Your players are awesome And yours are great too Let’s stop all this fighting
And go for a brew And the girls of the Elven Crystal Choir Were singing “Far Away” And the bells were ringing out Wintumber day -You’re a bum
-You’re a punk Your bank’s full of junk Boo sucks to the old school Shut up coz we rule You scumbag, you maggots Your swords look like carrots At least we don’t spin We’re all for the win And the girls of the Elven Crystal Choir Were singing “Far Away” And the bells were ringing out Wintumber day There shouldn’t be just one There’s room for everyone We love your great wildy We love your elf city To fight is such a shame Our hearts are just the same This is the greatest game We owe it all to you And the girls of the Elven Crystal Choir Were singing “Far Away” And the bells were ringing out Wintumber day And the girls of the Elven Crystal Choir Were singing “Far Away” And the bells were ringing out Wintumber day We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


100 Replies to “Fairytale of Gielinor”

  1. Meiyoshin xD says:

    I still watch this to this day. I love you Runescape 🙂

  2. OSRS How To says:

    loool mod mark squinting with 1 eye open struggling to see the osrs client

  3. Jack Whewell says:

    "…you have ge" lmao

  4. Eternal Darkness says:

    Merry Christmas!

  5. StonerMoment says:

    I love this so much

  6. Bellatrix Connor says:

    absolute tune x

  7. MrAdelaideRS says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  8. JuutupenKalaKauppias says:

    Merry Christmas! ^^

  9. sexy pudding says:

    This video is hilarious.
    Can't actually help but get a little emotional though.
    going on 10 years playing this game.
    No game compares.
    Thanks jagex.

  10. OwenGTA says:

    WHYS IT GOTTA BE THE "GIRLS" OF THE ELVEN CRYSTAL WORLD? HUH??? [email protected][email protected]?!?!?LMKWERLTPQWEOGNODKFLdsmgasnfgmkeqlwem

  11. Ajwad Barnett says:

    2:58 lool rape alert

  12. Lucas Willems says:

    Jagex is the best place to work 2K15

  13. Peter123 4 says:

    Chris Archie looks so awkward……

  14. Weshoelscher says:



  15. H3NTAI BEAST says:

    mark donald!!

  16. Princess Pie says:


  17. Jp1995jp says:

    u took away my dream and my childhood when you released runescape 3 thanks for that listen to the players F u

  18. jbone strauss says:

    this is too funny

  19. Firstson Ofthevally says:

    no one legit has a phat any argument is invalid.

  20. the__wolf says:

    I love the idea behind this more than anything imagine a game with the great parts of RS3 and OSRS together would be perfect

  21. ParakRS says:

    Fairytale IV – RuneScape Community Diplomacy

  22. Rick Boby says:

    This made me moist

  23. Chode Master says:

    lol 5"4 what a dwarf

  24. ImProFoShow says:

    mod luna dancing is so sexy 😛  2:53

  25. Jeff Hyder says:

    The mix of the logos at the end is doopee

  26. Keith Darby says:

    Who's the Mod at 0:47 who does the I see you sign?

  27. themultifreak8 says:

    1:49 – 1:50 Best part of my life.

  28. Ralaska says:


  29. David Price says:

    RS3 is fucking retarded, only people with 23 chromosomes play that shit

    OSRS > RS3

  30. Joe says:


  31. Willem Breuls says:

    ayyyy lovin it

  32. Gustav says:

    it's christmas don't be rowdy, atleat you got reach his audi

  33. Skelly Hell says:

    I'm surprised Mod Mark likes Christmas, the one day Mcdonalds is closed

  34. Alec says:

    Speaks volumes when Mod Mark's lines were all "don't be so mad pls" and Mod Mat K's were "yeah, don't be so mad… at him."

  35. Facebomb Power says:

    Please die

  36. remonvvug says:

    I have cancer now..

  37. Mike says:

    Little does Mod Mark know he's th!e fucktard that helped in the decimation of RS3!

  38. bjni says:

    when mod reach was still relevant.

  39. M says:

    This video has existed for two years and this is the first time I'm seeing it? I'm definitely throwing this in the playlist I put together for the family gathering. Every single year motherfuckers.

  40. frogeyes9182736 says:

    2:44 haha get rekt idiot

  41. Josh Marksman says:

    Mod ely is there :O

  42. Cringe Theater says:

    The nigga at 1:42 long gone. GG rekt m8

  43. Richard Pease says:

    Wow 2 years old already!

  44. Voidmager says:

    This is what membership price increases got me….despite Solomon's Store, despite your "promises" of doing the opposite.

    You make fun of actual advice that would make your game better. You make a forum asking for our advice only to do this. You purposefully make the game seem in players' control so you can make updates seem like our choice when you purposefully appeal to a pre-determined majority. All to spend our membership money to make fun of how we could do better at saving the game in a single week than you could in 5 years says quite a bit about the game.

    Any other game company doing this would be met with nothing less than ridicule and hateful comments. Be thankful you have enough money to provide daily meals to your families, as few of you deserve such a luxury. Be thankful for the bots that infest your game. Be thankful for the few who will not leave simply because they (as singular individuals) have more time invested into this game than your entire dev team has combined.

    But I am more than pleased how you guys view a once successful game as a joke!

    P.S. – "You're an angry person, these people don't deserve it and yada yada:" slit your wrists please, it'll be the most (and likely only) contribution you've made to the human species.

    – Sincerely, every RuneScape player with half a brain worth of comprehension.

  45. Saphire Addams says:

    Back again. Its Christmassssssssss!!!!! ❤🎄🎁🎉

  46. bat country says:

    fucking kill me

  47. alenor3 says:

    Merry christmas!

  48. S J says:

    Merry christmas everyone

  49. DefCat says:

    I play both oldschool and rs3, I love both equally. I really hope to one day write music Jagex 😀

  50. Cras gomez says:

    did they hire two hookers for the video?

  51. EnemyofHK says:

    you guys should have delayed the end game….so many oversights :((((((((

  52. IM Nick says:

    merry christmas everyone!

  53. Acarajete says:

    sorry but osrs sucks 🙂

  54. Cats and Crates says:


  55. PvMhijden says:

    i don't get the whole rs3 vs osrs, let's enjoy what we have, and just stop this stupid fight.

    And i'm i right in saying that mod matk is one of the better pvmers?

  56. Hood Milk says:

    Merry Christmas to all

  57. JustAnotherGamer says:

    First comment this year, ayyyyy

  58. Tito Martinez says:

    signing in today at 4:36 A.M to watch this on christmas day =)

  59. My therapist is useless says:

    Every time I hear Fairytale of New York I think of this song. As soon as I hear the music hit all I can think of is the lyrics to this version. I secretly love it.

  60. Cairo Fahrenheit says:

    This is amazing

  61. Auke Doelman says:

    This is the most fucked up thing I've seen today lmfao

  62. Mr Bug RS says:


  63. Ben / Singed says:

    Probably the cringest thing ive ever seen

  64. Andrew Olson says:

    Had to watch this after watching the 15 year celebration. Made my day

  65. Bring My Wallet says:

    Hi I'm mod mark. Mod mark smd u fat meatball motherfker

  66. mr x says:

    awe mod mat k is so damn cute

  67. Danji says:

    Can't wait for it to get the recognition it deserves and to be the #1 chart topper Christmas 2017

  68. wheelisnotscene says:

    It's already time to start listening boys. Bring out the Christmas vibes.

  69. Josh Smith says:

    RIP RS3

  70. Rick 'RlCK' says:

    RuneScape – MTX Money ft. Chinese Investors

  71. Lovsaphira RS says:

    I came for Mod Ash's performance

  72. Dean Van Echteld says:

    hahah legends

  73. Osrs Spy says:

    1:42 he got a new Audi for christmas it was blue

  74. Daniel Galea says:

    Who is watching this for Christmas 2017? 😀

  75. Dun Hildas says:

    Wait, is this RS3 vs OSRS? 1:42

  76. subscribes says:

    Cant believe this was uploaded 3 years ago

  77. GentleMen RS says:

    Still watching in 2017

  78. BunnyHelp says:

    Happy christmas!

  79. Rs Freshie says:

    Time to tune into this again 😍😍

  80. Daniel Galea says:

    Merry Christmas RuneScapers! 😀

  81. kalenakeeper says:

    Still watching in 2017

  82. Stoogs says:

    it's christmas eve, lads

  83. ジSenpaiScape says:

    Ha saw mod wolf when he still was on the rs3 team

  84. Revolver Ocelot says:

    I can’t stop watching this, it symbolises what I love about Jagex so much and the joy of RuneScape

  85. Winston Huang says:

    This is the only YouTube video that I disable my adblocker for

  86. The Right To Jigg says:

    >There's room for everyone
    Except for RuneScape Classic lol…


  87. Jesserfly says:

    Heeey you can't wield 2 Godswords! XD

  88. B-Radical says:

    It's nearly that time again 💜

  89. nervousboy1111 says:

    Christmas 2018 anyone?

  90. GottaSlay says:

    its that time of the year agane

  91. Toby K says:

    mod mark as santa claus made me incredibly moist

  92. Fremmy says:

    It's this time of the year again!

  93. Right Wing says:

    Thank you Reddit for reminding me that this happened.

  94. Dustin James says:

    Who else is watching in December of 2018

  95. R Y says:

    Still golden at Christmas in 2018 💙

  96. BlueCarloz says:

    Who's watching in 2018?

  97. Stoogs says:

    still love this btw

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