External GPUs – How do they work? – DIY in 5 Ep 73

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Knock Knock. Who’s there? eGPU. eGPU who? Just this little guy trying to make all your
graphics dreams come true. Hello, everyone! And welcome to DIY in 5. I’m Trisha Hershberger and last episode
we chatted about building your own external SSD and it got me thinking about what other nifty
external upgrades are out there. A big one that’s relatively new and not
as well-known is the eGPU, or external Graphics Card. Today, we explore the world of eGPUs – what
are they and is one right for you? If the tips in this video give you pause,
in a good way, then go ahead and subscribe so you don’t miss a beat. So you want to turbocharge
your gaming framerates but you don’t want to, or maybe physically cannot,
put an actual GPU into your system. Perhaps an external GPU
is the answer for you. eGPUs are still really new
to today’s tech scene and most people have
never even seen one in person! This is what it looks like – it’s an external
enclosure for a desktop-style video card that can plug into a laptop or other system to
boost graphical performance. These things are pretty beefy – after all,
they will need to house the card itself, a power supply, probably
some type of cooling, maybe a PCI Express slot to
accept your video card of choosing. Some even come with a card pre-installed,
like this model from Gigabyte. Now why would you want one? Maybe you want to transform your laptop into
a gaming powerhouse – who doesn’t want that? In olden times your upgrade path
would be shopping for a whole new laptop. Now the future is here! And we have the ability to upgrade graphic
performance via an external solution. I mean, this is really exciting tech that has been
on the horizon for a while but is finally consumer ready – to a degree. Because eGPUs are just
starting to make it to market they are not quite as plug and play
as other externals, such as the hard drives
we discussed in the last episode. You need to have the
right laptop or system and a fair amount of
cashola to make this dream come true. So what type of system will you need? One with a high-bandwidth, two way connection
and, for laptop users, a connection that’s small enough to fit into
that trim laptop profile. Yep, I’m talking USB-C – and not just vanilla USB-C
but USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Thunderbolt 3 is described as
“USB-C that does it all” and it boasts twice
throughput of USB 3.1 Gen 2!! That’s like two 4k video streams! It’s new tech like Thunderbolt 3 that even make
something like an eGPU possible. Now don’t reach for
your wallet just yet. We still have more compatibility
requirements to get through. The current eGPUs on the market have
their own criteria for systems compatibility. The Alienware Graphics Amplifier, for example,
works with specific newer Alienware machines that have a special port and a super chunky
cable capable of running the crazy amount of data necessary to
make this magic happen. Other, non-proprietary boxes like Razer’s
eGPU or PowerColor’s Devil Box have their own list of
certified compatible laptops. Ok, so let’s say you have a compatible model
laptop and you are ready to take the plunge. Well, there are a few
other things to be aware of. Boosting your graphical prowess alone may not be
enough to run certain games that require, say, a certain number of processing cores. In this situation, your graphics performance
could be limited by your processor’s ability to keep up. Another thing to be aware of is frame-rate
penalty or overhead due to the connection itself and depending on your combo of video
card, eGPU enclosure, system and display type, the performance gains you see
might have some variation. So who here has actually messed
around with one of these? Is there a specific model
you recommend? What did you think? Or did you fully try to DIY it??? (boom) Tell us your stories in the comments. I, for one, cannot wait for this tech to be
adopted and further refined. As primarily a PC-based gamer, the more options
I have to continuously bolt-on upgrades, the better. Again, this is cutting edge stuff, so if you want
more information on external GPUs and the options currently out there, we’ve left you some handy dandy links in the description. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next
time with more DIY in 5!


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