100 Replies to “Explore art from around the world | Art Project”

  1. moviesh mash says:

    the XX

  2. Florian Lungu says:

    It sounds like Intro by The XX, but it's somewhat different.

  3. jigs gonzalez says:

    for people like me who have no money to travel to museums but love art…..

  4. Jim Kookogey says:

    It sounds a bit like "The Cure". More research needed. Could be some royalty free music track that sounds like them. This short film is impressive!

  5. nsd says:

    someone needs to find it before the replay button breaks 🙁

  6. charles lucas says:

    Talk about over the top,This is flat out amazing

  7. Chris McCall says:

    Either The XX or the producers of this track should get their lawyer because one of them is guilty of completely ripping this track off.

  8. KnocksX says:


  9. Lúcia Simões says:


  10. TobyFisher says:

    It's an absolute rip off of the XX.

  11. عبالله الشمري says:

    والله حلووووووووووووووو

  12. anas hakam says:


  13. فيصل المطيري says:

    YGhghijsth. Hffij dgj

  14. TheTigerBoss says:

    Few of my profs in university are black.

  15. sockrocker117 says:

    sounds like "intro" by the xx

  16. Dee0nlyone says:

    what painting is at 0:38 pleeease anyone?

  17. mmelkilany says:

    the first art is wonderful of the world in travian game :]

  18. TheEvilGlitchers says:

    Who else came here for the tits? 😛

  19. Jeri Tatajuba says:

    I tried also with both apps but no match.
    Maybe it's better to ask directly the creators for that.
    They are all Greeks very talented and they're working for the award-winning animation production company NOMINT!

  20. AGLAE Pinho says:

    são imagens de uma beleza de perder o folego,o mundo precisa disto

  21. Giannhs Stavris says:


  22. Giannhs Stavris says:

    SONG NAME????

  23. varnum3000 says:

    I love ArtProject and have been searching for a contact email address on their site for feedback. A couple things: some paintings can't be added to a user galleries for some reason and it's frustrating to click on a painting and then go back which brings you back to the start of the artist/museum set of images. It's like getting to page 90 in a book and examining an image and when your'e done, you have to go back to page 1. (I use Chrome for a browser) Looking forward to where it goes.

  24. Tim Rickard says:

    Hows that a good thing? A safe life is a predictable mundane existence, without travelling the world you remain un-cultured and single minded, open your eyes you fool

  25. Rhi G says:


  26. James Begg says:


  27. tuone sempervirens says:

    liked the combined zoom part in the middle

  28. MARSBELLA1 says:

    Beautiful video, like a great trip! Please can anyone tell me what the painting is after you through the ladys eye in the window on the roof – the painting is green with lots of leaves of plants and trees. It reminds me of something I saw a very long time ago. Thank you

  29. MARSBELLA1 says:

    I think the music is by a group called the XX but slightly edited

  30. Yoganastics says:

    Sounds very similar to 'the xx – intro' I'd guess it was a remake

  31. Sandro says:

    when? 0:42 ???

  32. adem tanrıverdi says:

    and lowe'' and dance aga!n :^

  33. MARSBELLA1 says:

    0.45 seconds.

  34. abraxasgomez says:

    OMG,!!! WTF!? AT 1:00

  35. SinistaUK says:

    Whats the song? SOunds pretty cool, not even Shazam knows ;(

  36. r2212xx says:

    I keep coming back to this video for music… Really good..

  37. Freedom3777 says:

    google has no idea, just some track they pirated off of some young starving artist kid who made it probably, and does not have the money to take the google-giant to court over it..

    IHR dottorgg
    DavidDuke dottcomme

  38. OnlineDating Warning says:

    How does this video have any dislikes? C'mon people. The video effects are a work of art in itself. Great work Google. Amazing and a cool project.

  39. Floor in 't Veld says:

    Nice! To who ever made this! I love it! Great work goolge people!

  40. Rabidavid says:

    So what is the music? is it out there to download?

  41. L F says:

    Doesnt work on ipad 🙁

  42. Joseph Rowland says:

    Have you ever read A Midsummer Night's Dream? A donkey-man knocks boots with this fairy chick…hard to explain.

  43. animatoring says:

    Love the depth and music! Please consider expanding this community so all artists can join!

  44. Berserker Werewolf says:

    I like z music

  45. Sarah L Shelley says:

    Anyone know the title and artist of the first painting in the video (of the colosseum type building)?

  46. Alejandro Arango Posada says:

    Great video, google is kicking ass with the vids lately

  47. Trident H says:

    Bit hard to look at with all the zoom throughs. Motion sickness

  48. Emilio Livio Villosio says:

    Corresponde a una vista de la torre de Babel.
    No se quien la pintó.ni la época.
    Los hombres quisieron hacer una torre que llegara a Dios que los castigó,
    confundiendo sus lenguas,
    Antiguas tradiciones orientales que está plasmada en el Antiguo Testamento.

  49. Sarah L Shelley says:


  50. Sheraz says:


  51. Geoffr524 says:

    Really cool video and music

  52. jackhammer511 says:

    Pieter Bruegel the Elder – The Tower of Babel

  53. Brian Abbey says:

    It's funny that in a spectacularly beautiful, phenomenally edited video of some of the most beautiful artwork in the history of mankind that everybody is commenting about the repetitive instrumental guitar track. I wonder about humans sometimes.

  54. elliyas jones says:

    i know this is going to fall on deaf ears but there was an add either for photoshop or google ads and it was a painting of a women on a bench with an umbrella and a bearded man leaning over said bench talking to her and in the ad it was mad all modern and changed into a girl with a guitar and headphones and same bearded man dressed diffrent

  55. MrLoomania says:

    Love how it starts with the tower of babel… some amazing work in there. Wish our society wasn't losing this.

  56. Sherard B. says:

    U have to look at this video in a different light! Only then will u understand its true meaning… example: notice shortly after the mayan calendar photo do we see the Trumpets being blown and the plagues fall upon us…. and 150 different possible locations doesnt means were the pics were gathered from… Why did da man pull back da curtain!

  57. al M says:

    loved the music
    SomeOne give me the name of it

  58. Kirk Divizio says:

    Looks interesting.

  59. stealthis says:

    The beginning drone sound is extremely similar to Plastikman [Richie Hawtin]'s track "Ask Yourself" from Closer.

  60. Wayne Carr says:

    what do you call a half peeled baby on a barbeque


  61. Tara Proudfoot says:

    I used Shazam, it's called Evolution by Hy2rogen

  62. frogsoda says:

    I can't believe this has been around for a year and I am just hearing about it.

  63. pangGo says:

    theres gotta be a longer version of this!

  64. levi thompson says:

    ya it does i was wondering if anyone knew what it was tho

  65. Lauren Somerfield says:

    Anyone know the name of the song??

  66. The Mundane says:


  67. honestjohntellsit says:

    It's not that song. I just listened to it. Shazam is wrong. Probably picked up a sample. I dunno what song it is. Might have been done by some corporate faceless google suit. Still ace though.

  68. sfernan garroj says:

    Genial, solo esperamos mas museos y cultura Colombiana. Grx

  69. Regina Vieira Oliveira says:


  70. bibek shrestha says:

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  71. Mia Feigelson says:

    Simply fabulous !!!!
    Thanks for your invaluable contribution to the Art World !!!!

  72. Jorge Clavellina says:

    Images of the Blessed Virgin Mary in HD!!

  73. Joyce McGriff says:

    Got the word about the Art Project from Oprah Magazize. This is a fantastic find to have so much cultural enrichment at mt finger tips

  74. David B says:

    Great art.

  75. ThePieMonster says:

    ▬▬▬.◙.▬▬▬                        Bob is building an army.
    ═▂▄▄▓▄▄▂                           An attack helicopter has 
    ◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤   ☻/  joined the army
    █▄ █ー ███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬   /▌    Copy and Paste this all over
    ◥█████◤                           /      YouTube if you are with us

  76. Puri Choren says:

    Me encantaa !!!

  77. USINGISMILE says:

    Out of the gazillion sites on the net, Google Art Project is in my top 5!!

  78. Strength_44 says:

    Song name and artist?

  79. Mia Feigelson says:

    GOOGLE ART PROJECT is an online platform through which the public can access high-resolution images of artworks housed in the initiative’s partner museums. The project was launched on 1 February 2011 by Google, in cooperation with dozens of international museums.
    On Museum Day, I'd like to congratulate all Museums worldwide and particularly ART PROJECT, POWERED BY GOOGLE, for allowing us to enjoy virtual visits to Museums and their Collections we may not visit in the real world !!!!

  80. LauraMuser says:

    Does anyone know what music was used for this video? Would really appreciate it 🙂 

  81. Charlotte C says:

    Whats the song?

  82. saklavi27 says:

    that music is perfect for this visualization. Who did compose it? I have heared th simliar track and I can't find it. Can somebody help? 

  83. Grzegorz Nowacki says:

    Beautiful and inspiring ツ

  84. Mazdak Farzone says:

    Could not add application because it conflicts with "Cloud Print" … just typical

  85. altothecash says:

    Very nice Video. Not a brand new idea, but a good implementation of that idea.
    Does somebody know the name of the soundtrack song or the name of the musician?

  86. Jeanette Hoffman says:

    Cool, but makes me dizzy.

  87. rob M. says:

    Excellent, cheers to ya, Google… Sometimes i've gotten in pointed debates with arts & sciences friends over WHO really helps media / education the most or least, of our New Media Barons — Amazon — Apple — Microsoft — Google ?
    While NONE of them, nor others, are immune to privacy pitfalls, it seems this & similar projects tip the scales in favor of Google in key areas, IMHO. Nothing like the power of education & cross-cultural art, sports or music to dissolve prejudiced negative attitudes.

  88. Reekdeb Bhunia says:

    Never gets boring
    Google Art Project

  89. Katherine Earp says:

    Love this ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  90. Dmytro Ivasiuk says:

    wooooow thank you google!

  91. ֆuper ֆłձŗʂ Muֆicձl says:

    ★ ★ ★ ★★

  92. Juan Garcia says:


  93. Peter Gambier says:

    This is great,love the music too.If you like this go to Ted talks and watch an amazing one by
    Amit Sood called 'Every piece of art you've ever wanted to see'.
    it's truly awesome and mind blowing and if that doesn't get folks especially kids
    into art and museums I don't know what will.
    I went to Tate modern a while back and saw the Salvador Dali paintings there,
    to see them in the flesh so to speak is incredible and well worth a visit.

  94. uriel guzman vizcaino says:

    is cool….

  95. 李昊哲 says:


  96. Abhineet Dey says:

    What's the name of the background music?

  97. Kryon Games says:


  98. KF KF ART says:

    creative video!
    Welcome All to KF KF ART – ETERNALBEAUTY!! -Be the first earthlings, touching to miracle!

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