EVGA SSC GTX 1060 Vs Gigabyte AORUS RX 580

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today’s video is brought to you by the Corsair commander Pro take control hey what’s going on tech fans welcome back once again to the channel we have another battle of the video cards that’s right now these two are very very competitive against each other you guys know the 1060 and the RX 580 they’ve been kind of going back and forth and back and forth you guys see our scores I think you’ll be kind of agreeing with mute right there so I add the gigabyte da RS rx 580 a badass rx 580 totally overclocked great cooling all that good stuff all in the card in the other hand I have the EVGA SSC edition of their GTX 1068 beginner GTX 1070 it’s going to beat this card I’m just going to say that straight up it’s a little bit more pricey now the ARS card 279 smackeroos the other card 259 smackeroos now these cards are pretty much exactly the same in length two hundred seventy five point five millimeters the other card though the ARS is much thicker you guys can see it’s almost three slots where the EVGA card is pretty much two slots now the other differences are is the power requirements you guys are always asking that so the ARS takes 185 watts that’s what it draws from your power supply this card takes 120 watt beyond that I mean you guys can see some of the good things about the cards they both feature two fans but one thing I have to say about the or that I like over the EVGA card is this backplate so let’s Marie put to set this bad boy down this back plate on the ARS is the kind I love it stuffed it’s got a little overclocking a little protector there so the heat can dissipate away from the GPU on the EVGA how Earlham it with this thing up over here on the EVGA harvard that is not prevalent whatsoever you can see that there’s no backplate on there at all so kind of like you know kind of like for that right off the bat I’m kind of liking this card a little bit better now some other differences however though is that VA or SRX 580 is an 8 gigabyte card so it’s 8 gigabytes this card is only a 6 gigabyte card and hence why it doesn’t take as much power now looks wise I don’t know what you guys think beyond the backplate I think that as far as looks wise go they’re both kind of pretty equal you know ebj is very simplistic Eleni it’ll do anything but like I said they probably kept the price down by not putting that back plate on there which is probably a little bit why this car cost more back plates are more expensive and stuff to manufacture for the card so you know in that respect like I said before I really like the back plate is that obvious like saying badass 50 times as bad I love the back plate so that’s pretty much the two cars gigabyte card really nice card SS C card really nice card obviously this card’s cheaper has less memory less of a power draw but it doesn’t have that beyond that though let’s hop in let’s take a look at our test system right now we’re using a pretty pretty crazy over-the-top test system it’s got a 59 60 processor that costs $1,000 yeah I know it’s over-the-top and few people out there think this CPUs bottlenecking the video cards no way man the x99 chipset has like 40 lanes and it is most badass of the badass that you can really get 16 gigabytes of Vengeance memory from Corsair all in all just a really great system and with that said let’s take this into battle mode [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now as far as the temperatures goes the EVGA card was hitting a maximum temp of 76 degrees Celsius which is a little bit hotter than the era’s card but the ARS does have a much better cooling solution you guys can see it’s much larger and hence wipes a wider card but it was only getting a maximum of 70 degrees Celsius under its maximum load the EVGA 1060 SSC has a base clock speed of 1607 megahertz and a boost clock of 1835 megahertz the gigabyte ARS features two different modes a gaming mode at 1425 megahertz and an overclock mode at 1400 and 39 megahertz and the memory in both cards is gddr5 alright Tech fans so obviously most of us out there have systems and we want to totally be able to control those systems in our environment of course their commander Pro does all that and more featuring accurate Hardware control through a single compact all one device this device is fully compatible of course their link devices as well it supports up to six band connectors for temperature inputs to RGB LED channels and multiple USB devices due to internal USB ports and this can all be managed like I said before through the corsair link software and with the additional two USB 2.0 headers you can connect your course there link devices while only occupying one USB header on your motherboard the commander Pro is also very small and features a low-profile design so it can fit anywhere in your case without problems now honestly the coolest feature mize and especially for people out there who have a lot of RGB lighting inside their system is the dual channel lighting because with this thing you can conduct a symphony of RGB lighting and that just looks killer alright once again a big thanks to Corsair but beyond that let’s talk about the cards now the very first thing I want to talk about is the temperatures of the cars now we all saw that the aorist had a kill or killer cooling apparatus had a really nice backplate all that stuff the EVGA SSC it was kind of lacking those things and it seems to have an effect at the end of the day because the EVGA SSC card was running at 76 Celsius and we saw the ARS 580 running at 70 Celsius maximum so you get that six degrees for variation temperature variation excuse me but you also are sacrificing you know the cards as far as wit goes if your system is really packed up with and you don’t have that extra you know room within your slots to put the card in well then that might be a problem for you but if that’s not a problem whatsoever we see at the RX 580 even though it has 8 gigabytes of RAM versus 6 gigabytes of RAM it’s still running cooler so I got to say thumbs up 2 gigabyte on that that’s a great design and it’s good to see plus the fact of the matter is most of the time a lot of people out there are strict fanboys they only want one car the other regardless I don’t know why that is to me at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who makes the product I usually shoot for the numbers now if you’re a numbers man you guys can see these cards are pretty much head-to-head they really are the numbers go back and forth in a few games the EVGA card wins and a few games the Arabian card wins so if you guys can see that as far as that go it’s a mixed bag but it’s pretty much equal it’s like you know if you were putting in a fighting ring and one guy won three rounds and the other guy won three rounds you’re kind of at a tie you know there’s no other way to break the tie with this unless you want to like separate up if you were going to separate it by price then okay buy prices in the ebj wins but if you’re concerned about cooling then obviously the the AOS obviously win six degrees difference that’s quite a bit that gives you more you know Headroom for doing all of your overclocking stuff and for all your boost speeds because the cool of the card is the better the boost speeds go now one thing a lot of –dress because a lot of people complain about they go why don’t you use the minimum frames per second and the maximum frames per second now I’m going to tell you why because it’s almost pretty irrelevant I mean sometimes when a game first starts up it’ll show one frame per second so you want me to show you that it gets one frame per second then it goes into another thing and it gets 350 frames per second it really doesn’t make that much sense to me and that’s why we don’t do it the average frames per second is pretty much your game experience and that one iota of a second that I got that one frame per second is kind of you know I don’t feel that’s relevant you guys give your comments down below I’m always welcome to hear them but at the end of the day here I do not see a totally clear winner I honestly think that in this particular match these cards come pretty much head-to-head because each has its own special things that YOUnique if you’re looking for price only then one card wins if you’re looking for the total cooling thing another card wins and you know the same things with the design the design I feel on the backplate and all that stuff on the ars card is just very very nice the SSC card nice card but obviously we know that cooling thing could have been cooler there could have been a backplate and stuff like that so it’s pretty a toss-up to me but I always want to hear your guys opinions down below I appreciate you guys watching the channel down below that like button will have all of the information for everything we talked about including that stuff that we showed you from Corsair so we’ll see you guys back in the channel if you’re not sub hey you know what to do and if you don’t notifications on how you’re going to get notified


100 Replies to “EVGA SSC GTX 1060 Vs Gigabyte AORUS RX 580”

  1. Tech of Tomorrow says:


  2. davidcianorris says:

    Miners are Killing AMD's Gaming market again… now is Ethereum miners…

  3. westyk52sparky says:

    what going on with that 1060. my one is running at 2050mhz 9000 mem at 72c. 40% fan.

  4. - 0 says:

    Why no 1080p benches? No one should be trying to game at 4K with either of these, don't you think?
    95% of us are still at 1080p, and this is pretty much the target for this price range up to mid range in 1440p.

  5. Everything is so GREEN! says:

    That case looked nice. But I will hold on to my Thermaltake Swing. It is simple classy and it is actually a cool case when the gaming gets hard.

  6. - 0 says:

    Probably the ONLY downside of the 580 is the lack of blower style reference card options which some of us need for smaller builds.
    Very awesome on both ends here, really the only time either one comes out ahead is in software!

  7. Roberto Fontes says:

    In my oppinion, get the cheapper card! Nice video Elric! You really rock!

  8. artem OP says:

    why did it look like rise of the tomb raider was FPS locked as always cards received 28 or 29 fps

  9. ddhend says:

    The RX 580 is a better deal/idea.. you can buy another at a later date and do crossfire…. 1060 can not do SLi

  10. ddhend says:

    And then there is the back plate…….

  11. GamerZito says:

    @8:45 That's why Tech Report, PCPer, Gamer's Nexus, and other reputable reviewers use the 99th percentile, so those very low – and high -, frames outliers are discarted. I know it brings some extra work to the table but, there are some good tools out there to help you out, i.e. FRAPS Bench Viewer
    99th percentile minimum frametimes are the best metrics to show how much a GPU can – or can't -, deliver a smooth gaming experience at any given graphics settings, and as far as the best tech reviewers are concerned is the way to go. You'd step up your methodology a notch or two if you realize the fact.

  12. faisal rahmat says:

    1060 still worth buying? its realeases almst 1 yr ago…

  13. ROGzone says:

    what does the CF mean?

  14. juggernautxtr says:

    both are Motherboard heaters, and with M.2 being right next to these cards….good luck on a long lasting solution for storage. heat kills.

  15. Oxabar25 says:

    Tech of Tomorrow what is the graphics card model recommended for me: Gigabyte AORUS RX 580 – or Sapphire Nitro+ rx 580 what is better ?

  16. Mr. Mister says:

    good job brother like alwsys

  17. Lehel Hanko says:

    switch to 0.1 and 1% lows for God's sake

  18. jagsfanrick says:

    Freesync monitor could come into play too.

  19. Ditendra says:

    EVGA cards as always look crappy… Not even a backplate? lol

  20. Todd Simone says:

    Elric, people with mid range GPU's like these play on 1080p

  21. HATE YOU says:

    wow your a corswhore…………

  22. Mr. Freibier says:

    future: 8gb, dx12/vulkan > 6gb dx11

  23. TheJoyfulDragon says:

    Dude you should TOTALLY do 1080p as well a utilize 0.1 and 0.01 minimum framerates.

  24. Dante says:

    Guess the EVGA wins due to better pricing for basically equal performance.

  25. Erika Nakagawa Gaming says:

    I was literally wondering about this yesterday.

  26. Abo Abdo Akel says:

    wer the min fps frind

  27. teeblack06 says:

    RX 580 for me

  28. Faggatron says:

    Made wonder why these cards are getting such low fps. Realized that it was 1440p lol.
    gtx1060 still wins, glad I bought it a year ago

  29. stephen Lewis says:

    +tech of tomorrow thanks for showing me the corsair fan connect. im working on a mitx system now. an im looking for a fan solution cuz the motherboard doesnt have many

  30. hello walkman says:

    580 wins overall..

  31. Syed Jaffar says:

    I love the way you hold the card.. xD

  32. Hipocrates R. says:

    Never had an AMD Gpu in my life but regardless I'm not a fan boy, is just circumstances, after saying that I guess all comes down to personal preference and build needs, The Aorus won't fit nicely in cramped spaces, the EVGA is a little hotter, Aorus 2 Gigz more but more expensive, backplate versus cheaper, so comparing here is going to give spins in circles endlessly, is like a bet for 2 teams so you lose and win at the same time without tangible profit, is all down to personal liking and that's it.

  33. fx exile says:

    hahaha 1 fps

  34. Syuna says:

    I bought an msi gtx 1060 instead of the evga cuz I heard of the thermal pad issues an didn't wanna risk getting one that overheats an my msi runs at 65 or lower on load so happy with my decision

  35. dea gt says:

    This are FullHD cards, where are 1080p benches?

  36. lemusicable says:

    That backplate is useless when it comes to cooling, there are tests for it…also…the video card is mid range more like main stream so the price it's very important…I wouldn't pay that much extra just for a backplate….

  37. Survive.COCONUT says:

    i bought zotac gtx 1070 mini

  38. Yak says:

    How come reviewers never bring up Freesync vs Gsync? These monitors make a huge difference in the gameplay experience and smoothness. It matters so much more than a few FPS here or there.

  39. ARNOb Rahman says:

    ok, i prefer rx480 8gb. gtx1060 is cool but i need that 2gb extra vram for futureproofing. and amd cards gets better and better as it ages .

  40. The noob Gamer says:

    In my opinion average fps matters the most. But also how stable is that. If you have huge fps drops than the minimum fps counts. Especially if it happens a lot in the game. Something that i dont think happens with these cards (maybe in 4k).

  41. Ldunk says:

    I'm glad you used spy vs spy, haven't seen them in a while.

  42. Cliffjumper2b2 says:

    Basically just choose the brand you like the most, at the end of the day you still will get a card that will take you forward and if it cant run ultra then play on high. (theres no difference unless you paused the game every frame, that would be f*cken boring.)

  43. Kashyap Barman says:

    1060 consumes lesser power because it is a much more efficient architecture…please understand these are nontrivial architectures and just saying low memory means low power is an incorrect statememt

  44. Vanille Shake says:

    is this r7 + rx580 build okay? https://geizhals.eu/?cat=WL-806686

  45. Davis says:

    You only have 1440 and 4k? what about 1080p?

  46. Vergil Aviado says:

    That benchmark song. Thats what I came here for.

  47. Zenthora says:

    ad 1% lows and 0.1% lows, it's more relevant than avg. min. and max. fps, it's extremely accurate and defiantly shows which is better

  48. Furrrvle TDO says:

    does anyone know how well a 580 crossfires with a 480? You can barely find the 480 anymore. More importantly, how much of a PSU do you need to do that crossfire? I have a 750W Bronze and I am kinda worried the 580 has such a massive power draw (a rather unacceptable one, IMO) that my PSU would not be enough. I have once done a 380/285 crossfire and I would think those older gen cards would be even more of a power hog, but that 580's recommended PSU is pretty ridiculous.

  49. Disloyal Dashie says:

    AMD Has made a great card ! They are really pushing against Nvidia and the GTX 1060. However, i have always used Nvidia cards , i started out with a GTX 9600GT Alpha Dog Edition, i had a GT 640 card and now i have the EVGA GTX 1060 SSC. I must say it a a great card and i am 100% satisfied with it

  50. Saucy G says:

    How much of an overclock could I get on that printer behind you?

  51. mbsfaridi says:

    Always nice to see see the same GPU with different coolers compared.

  52. Ivan Khalifa says:

    RIP Gtx 1060 😂 damn amd is back in black and with the new ryzen is fucken awesome confirmed is better than the intel core i7 way long better , i already order my first build with

    Ryzen 5, 1500 With Spire Cooler
    16Gigs of ram 2×8 ballistic sportLT
    MSI RX 580 OC 8GB
    MSI B350M Gaming Pro
    EVGA 430 W1
    WD Blue 4TB HDD
    Phanteks Eclipse Series P400

    Total: $965 cant wait guys 😀

  53. DJHeroMasta says:

    Ooohhhh Crossfire!!! I was like, "How TF is it doing so well in 4K for just a few dollars more when it's practically a refreshed RX 480.

  54. Dakota Bassett says:

    Would love to see this in a overclocking battle. I own a 1060 SSC and it's hard to find any videos on this specific card.

  55. AMGV Media says:

    i think rx 580's are selling well… can't find too many available outside ressellers charging a premium.

  56. Sam Hewitt says:

    try using 1% and 0.1% lows.. Also 580 is winner for me because it does better in dx12/vulkan and higher resolutions, + crossfire/multigpu. 1060 certainly isn't a bad purchase and it will no doubt ggretly out sell the 580 but I would definitely recommend the 580 instead.

  57. Obie327 says:

    Both of these cards are winners in this specific match up. Thanks for the video Tech of Tomorrow.

  58. Dan Filip says:

    You are an honest person .I have the feeling Amd makes greater efforts to be competitive.

  59. Takács József says:

    A prefer the AMD, because AMD driver updates gives more extra horsepower than nVidia's. Price difference is small. AMD has large advantages in some games and smaller disadvantages in others. Plus i trust more in Gigabyte cards. Good test, thank you!

  60. Enju says:

    i probably would've went for the RX 580 this round because at least there's crossfire support where as the gtx 1060 has nothing for SLI, but either way in the end I saved up for the 1080ti

  61. Jamos says:

    really annoying that the EVGA 1060 has no backplate, it's a £250 card at the best, what the hell? I've noticed that most nice looking 1060s imo for my white pc build have no backplate or have poor features, I'm leaning towards the EVGA 1060 SSC 6gb. Unfortunately I can't get an AMD gpu because I do a lot of rendering and 3D work, and I use IRAY alot, so no Cuda cores is a huge deal breaker for me, so it's Nvidia or nothing :'( I wish they had the same backplate on this 1060 as they do on the 1070 model, I would even pay more for that because I like the card so much :/

  62. Fredrik Ingren-Ahlman says:

    8:40 Showing some kind of "average overall" of minimum is relevant. Running a game with a minimum of say 50, average 55 and highs around 60 is going to look a lot smoother than 35 minimum, 60 average and a 80 high, because there will be less variation in frames. I completely understand why you only show average fps, but a smaller variation between minimum and highest fps will look smoother, even if the average frame rate might be a bit lower

  63. Le monde de LeRoiTiti says:

    Loved this video. Do you intend to finish your series on how to be a youtuber? Because your first was a real killer. I keep on watching it. I really hope you finish that series. Thank you in advance.

  64. Alain Lafleche says:

    Experience get you higher !! Congrats !!

  65. Nicholas Van Der Schyff says:

    Love the spy vs spy graphic, takes me back to the Mad Mag days! Personally I would go with the Nvidia card, cheaper, less power draw and with the right brand cooler. Also prefer the driver support too.

  66. Yan CGC says:

    Add 1% and 0.1% lows for your performance metrics alongside the average frame rate.

  67. nitin ankit says:

    wtf how can Rx 580 do ultra settings 4k in some games then how can the 1070 he reviewed be weaker in terms of gaming

  68. Gucci says:

    Love the metal!

  69. Rafaan saeed says:

    When that benchmark heavy metal goes down I'm too high to watch the rest of the video HAHA!

  70. Nive s says:

    I'd probably go for a Strix 1060. it's the same price as the Gigabyte 580, has 3 fans, and if I'm not mistaken a backplate comes with it as well. if the Strix was tested it would've won over the 580 though. I'd go for the Strix because in 1440p in this test is beat the 580 by a couple frames in most of the video games tested. nobody is gonna be playing 4K with Budget/Mid Range GPUs. but you can't go wrong with either one. if you want Higher Clock Speeds, Overclocking Head Room, low 70s to High 60s temperatures (i mean on the Strix btw) then grab a 1060. if you have FreeSync and…FreeSync? Lol. i honestly can't think of any other perks the 580 has. OH. Crossfire…and FreeSync 🙂

  71. VipGamer265 says:

    test rx 580 on VR

  72. Kevin Spurrier says:

    So clock for clock how does the RX580 ever perform lower FPS in the benchmarks vs. the RX480? as noted in some of the slides… unless IMO some of these RX580s are O/C so much that they are throttling back in certain situations therefore differences in results. I assume these benchmark runs are not all equally created? I have an RX570 and RX580 and a pair of RX480s in another system and per card my factory O/C RX570 performs similar or above the RX480 and the RX580 beats them all in every single benchmark.

  73. Empanada Salvaje says:

    CF is crossfire ?

  74. gameflux says:

    I would take the Aorus !

  75. Adam says:

    wasn't amd screaming the 480 was better then the 1060 just a few months ago? lol

  76. Nigel Morris says:

    Good video… I am looking for a new card.. And tied between the gtx 1060 or the rx580.. My current pc is amd fx8350 4ghz, 16mb ram and a gtx 960 2mb card..3440×1440 aoc 34" monitor. So I would be great full of any input on which one to go for..

  77. Royal Mark says:

    nice, Id say may as well go with brand loyalty in tiesituations

  78. mohammad arslan says:

    omg the thumbnail pic
    spy vs spy <3333
    my fav game when i used to play PlayStation 2

  79. Buddhist Cow says:

    No 1080p benches? eeerrrrrr.. disliked

  80. Mat Mat says:

    almost any rx 500 or even 400 series are imposible to buy because of stupid bitcoin miners. >:(

  81. The Goblin King says:

    I'm trying to find what card I should buy but it seems the card that does better is different in every video I watch, sometimes even by over 10fps difference. I'm SOO CONFUSED

  82. SHIVAM SINGH says:

    great video but need to work on graphs of benchmarks … I have seen better…

  83. Animalyze71 says:

    sweet battle, was a little favored for AMD though but the 1060 will keep up wit the equal quality AMD card. 8gb will always perform a little better than a 6 with no tuning. 1070 will tear that 580 apart though.

    Already have the 1060 SSC and it's a flawless card all the 980 backplates are the same dimesnion as all the 10 series cards so if you already had a back plate it'll fit on it. EKWB even uses the same part numbers for their backplates and water blocks.

  84. C Will says:

    yeah, those prices don't match Amazon 🙁

    also, where did the RX 580 CF come from?

  85. Anindya Chakravarty says:

    Forget the tech. I love your music choice <3 :O

  86. djb presents says:

    Y the he'll does rx 580 so much better

  87. Leni says:

    The EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB FTW+ Gaming cost 300 dollar in sweden and the Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB Aorus cost 300

  88. maroan mejric says:

    the rx 580 xtreme doubled his price!!! 🙁

  89. Felipe sm says:

    Why you losed your time testing these cards in 4k? Should be better if you has testing in 1080p and 1440p.

  90. endlesslord1985 says:

    I always go for gtx. amd has way to many drivers problems

  91. AlmightyHoncho says:

    Watching this in 2018 you need to get hired for tech commercials.

  92. Huntyboy102 says:

    Spy vs Spy, love the thumbnail!

  93. John Logsdon says:

    New drinking game… every time you hear "back plate" take a shot! Great review. Thanks

  94. Lars Arcelo says:

    love the background music… m/

  95. SixKillerLV says:

    And at the end of day GTX 1060 wins 200W on load vs RX 580 300W (if you pay your bills by self of course).

  96. Luka Rapava says:

    Can somebody tell me a good motherboard for AMD Ryzen 7 2700x and Gigabyte AORUS RX 580?

  97. Emil Popovic says:

    1060 looks much better

  98. Pan-Da studios says:

    Would be good if it had 1080 benchmark tests too

  99. brickbatz says:

    Glad to see my gal's RX 480 holding it's own.

  100. Waheed Hassan says:

    lol 300W.. My Aorus RX 580 consumes 140W at full load @1365Mhz clock which I can monitor using AMD driver's own performance monitoring tab which has power usage also. While it idles at 5-7W.

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