Everything you need to know about the GTX 16 VENTUS XS series | Gaming Graphics Cards | MSI

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22 Replies to “Everything you need to know about the GTX 16 VENTUS XS series | Gaming Graphics Cards | MSI”

  1. Okabe Lintahlo says:

    Oh i'm first 😀

  2. VVolfz says:

    I love the colours !!

  3. Spyder Logan says:

    Constructive Criticism: I guess Pieter hasn't gotten the memo…If you're going to be in 'Product Marketing' you wear a Company Branded properly fitted dress shirt without the white t-shirt showing. Very unprofessional look for a worldwide brand such as MSI…and unacceptable for a representative in a YouTube video, in my opinion.

  4. OZMX says:

    279 Get it before they go

  5. Astl3 says:

    Cant afford 😫

  6. Мирас Бактияров says:


  7. Мирас Бактияров says:

    Msi супер

  8. Perry2186 says:

    So what is the difference between the Armor and the Ventus coolers

  9. 99 Hoskapitany says:

    120w tdp card with torx fans and no 0db mode… so yeahh no thx, armor is much better.

  10. Timotius Aditya says:

    Plastic backplate?

  11. Alex Steve Giménez says:

    When will the Aero ITX version be available? Can't seem to find it anywhere!

  12. TOP 6 says:

    So I bought this one, but my fans are at 47% in idle and won't let me change them lower, only higher

  13. MotoMario1 says:

    Everything you need to know about the GTX 16 VENTUS XS series in under one minute because there isn't much to know

  14. psychopath 21am says:

    Worth if u build pc with 750/800$ budget?

  15. Xaerias says:

    This card is amazing value, I'd say much better than the 1060 6GB cards. Works like a charm – I have the MSI 1660Ti Ventus XS OC card.

  16. Clyde Allen says:

    can my GA-H110M-H handle this card?

  17. Cherry Popper says:

    Well that told me jack shit

  18. 以蔵岡田 says:

    can someone tell me the diff between armor gamig x and ventus xs

  19. amir tawfik says:

    Does it fit in alienware graphics amplifier

  20. Kable says:

    thats not even remotely everything i needed to know……..

  21. Yavor says:

    I bought the card and I'm satisfied with its performance. The only issue I have with it is that it is too loud when I'm gaming.

  22. ratideluxe says:

    Is it possible to disable the fans in idle with afterburner on this video card ?

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