Equity and Urban Planning – Build institutional capacity and culture (Lesson 3 of 4)

July 29, 2019 posted by

one of the things that advised planning departments who want to engage local communities and have a focus on equity is to not think you know anything about equity and engaging communities because you don't so you're gonna have to bring in people who do and you're gonna have to listen to them and if they tell you look you need to stipend people then that's what you do if they say you need to have this kind of food and that's what you do you need to have interpreting and translation that's what you do you don't come in thinking that this is the process that you've thought of in your office amongst your colleagues and you're gonna somehow because you have some money to put put out there that people are going to buy into it you may need to build in some flexibility in terms of the schedule of how you need to do things because from a government perspective you have schedules and deadlines that you have to meet factoring extra time for this process it may be difficult to get initially the buying from people who may have a skeptical attitude that government is knocking on their door asking them what they think people do not automatically embrace that so we had to work to generate that trust don't assume just because you haven't had a storm of controversy over the last previous 18 months that in the last three that that will continue to be the case equity discussion is one that not everyone or not as many people as you would like are in favor of there are more people sometimes that are opposed and I think to take the time beforehand to do the background to do the education to do some research and to be as up to speed as possible about equity about the discussion about what's happened in other communities is critical because I think we would have been a little bit better off and our process had we known a little bit more

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