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– Long story short, it was the end of class, and my computer sleeve was unzipped, and when I went to take it, well, you know what happens next. (laptop slams the ground) Yeah, it sucks. You can imagine how I felt. Well… If you’re in a similar situation, the first thing you should probably do is to go contact Asus customer support, online preferably, because it’s easier to give them your product serial number, and from then, they can tell you your warranty status. If the warranty needed in your situation is still valid, then you’re pretty much set up for a free repair besides the shipping cost to send it to them. They’ll take care of the return shipping. Once you’ve figured out that your warranty is good to go, you can then fill out an RMA form. which is a return merchandise authorization form. That can be done with an Asus customer service agent, through the live chat, for instance, or you could also fill out the form yourself. I’ll leave a link to the website in the description below. After that, you should receive an email with two attachments. Be sure to read the instructions and fill out the checklist, and then put it in your box. If you want to play it safe, you probably should insure your package. Also, make sure it’s well packed to avoid damage. Asus recommend two inches of padding. Once the facility receives your device, you should be able to view the repair status online. All you have to do is enter the RMA number that you received when you completed the RMA form. I really do think that this is an awesome feature for those who like to know what’s happening with their device. You can also see an estimated complete date for your repair. Without including shipping time, The average turnaround time is from 7 to 10 business days, which is pretty good! Do take note that this turnaround time does not apply to devices that have physical damage, such as in my case. Without including shipping, it actually took 17 business days to fix my device. I’ll elaborate a little more on how they fixed it a little later. I do want to say that it is possible that your device will be deemed unrepairable, depending on the damage. I’ve been told by an Asus customer support agent that if that’s the case, you will be advised and a replacement device will be issued, usually of the same model. This is also a reason why they ask you to back up your data beforehand. Once the repair is complete, the repair facility will do final testing to make sure that the product is working properly. When your device is sent out for shipping, Asus will send you an email to notify you of that. The online RMA status will also update with tracking number information and the name of the shipping company that they’re using. Asus states that their standard shipping method is Fedex Ground, although for some reason, they shipped out my package through Purolator Express shipping. Personally, that doesn’t bother me because I still received my computer within three days of the repair being complete. In terms of Asus’ packaging, I was actually pretty impressed. The box in which my device was shipped in was very sturdy, although a bit too big for my device. Thankfully, this extra space was compensated with this good-sized air cushion in which my computer was resting. A few layers of extra padding were added on each side of the air-inflated cushion to eliminate all movement in the package and to add extra protection. At that point, my device was pretty much unbreakable. Now when the time came to unbox my Zenbook, I actually thought for a second that they gave me a new computer, that’s how much it looked like a brand new device. Now it turns out that the repair facility replaced every part on the outside of the computer, that would be including the keyboard, the screen and the whole casing. Now thankfully for me, this repair left all of my files intact, which is really awesome. Overall, the Asus RMA repair process is very well thought out, organized, and professional, allowing it to be very smooth of the customer’s side. Now, in terms of the repair itself done on my notebook, it was very well executed, to the point that I would pretty much think that my device came straight out of the store, that’s how much it looked like a brand new device, and all of that for the price of Can$40 for insured shipping to the repair facility, which in my opinion is a really good deal for this kind of repair. Also, don’t forget that all of this is under my experience with the RMA facility here in Canada. Also, if you want to avoid getting into a similar situation like me, I definitely recommend getting a computer sleeve that will add protection to your device and also enhance its portability. Now just into the habit of always zipping it to be sure that you don’t get into any accidents. I’ll leave an Amazon link in the description below. If you still have more question and would like a customer point of view, you can ask those to me in the comment section down below. If they’re technical, Asus customer support could also answer them. If I’ve helped you out in one way or another, I’d appreciate that you show that to me by liking the video, and if you have any interest in the notebook featured in today’s video, I’ve actually made a review video on it, so you can go check that out. Have a good day!


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  1. Jembro ? says:

    Great to see you back, and great that you got that situation fixed

  2. Wazzabbi Zoulou says:

    Olloo my name is Edwarf

  3. TheHope12322 says:

    Worst RMA service in the industry!

  4. Yash Patel says:

    I have send my laptop about 2 days ago. Its really slowed down suddenly. I tried troubleshooting but its the same. So its in rma department right now.

  5. Athos Constantinou says:

    Hey Im looking at buying a used 1070ti strix will I be able to use the warranty? Did they ask you for proof of purchase or just serial number?

  6. NASPELTZ says:

    Great review

  7. Max Caulfield says:

    do u have any experience for RMA Motherboard?

  8. Mantarochen says:

    Sadly this one of the few cases where it's going as planed. I had a really fun time with the RMA support. I'm a graphics designer and I need my GPU. I bought the Asus Strix Rtx 2080 and soon after putting load on the card I got frkin alien artefacts all over my screen. Called up the support, no Cross shipping. For a 1000€ product that I need on a daily bases. Even logitech send me a completly new headset when mine broke down without even having to send in the old one. I said ok to myself, shipped it to Asus (For frkin 12€ worth of insurance) and waited for like 6 days before they told me that they did A 10 MINUTE GAMING TEST and that my card was fine. Got it back opened up the package and the entire card was plastered with scratches. This Support is a joke. luckily Amazon was so nice to replace mine with a new one. Even with fucking Cross-Shipping. Bloody heroes. Never ever going to use the Asus Support again. No wonder Asus has 1 Star on Trustpilot.

  9. Prethiraj Paul says:

    I got 2 questions, so I got my laptop from an amazon 3rd party seller and it did come with the warranty card and the device is registered on asus' website, so does that mean it is automatically under warranty? Also I went to fill out the RMA form just to check and it says when I put my serial number in it should auto fill the rest of my notebook description but it doesn't so I'm a bit freaked out.

  10. Mixwell says:

    Been a while bro 🙂

  11. VideoTech UK says:

    I'm about to send my GPU (AMD RX Strix 480) to them, I have the warranty all prepared and about to pay for shipping. After hearing these reviews, should I still send it to ASUS? I'm honestly kinda worried, I need my GPU for video-editing etc.

  12. Lisa b says:


    I'm sure that there are many satisfied Asus customers having had their computers, monitors and other components repaired. However, as a customer located in Canada, I am not satisfied and of late, Asus have now lost any and all of my previous loyalty!

    1) Six years ago, I researched and specified all desktop components based on Asus and Intel. 2) I also purchased a new and expensive Asus monitor (cost at the time) for $1000.00 retail.

    During the build, I noticed that their Q Shield did not align with the motherboard ports. I contacted Asus and they prepared an RMA and told me that I may get a new board or I could "likely" get a refurbished board! Hell, I just bought a brand new board at full retail and your telling me I might get something other than new? <<<<<< That put a sour taste in my mouth and damn it, I tweaked things a bit and had it fitted.

    Over the years, all systems seem to be operating great, until recently that is! So now in Feb 2019 the monitor begins to wink at me, then it begins flashing at me and then rolls over and die's.

    I contact Asus and they tell me to submit and RMA and ship the monitor to them for inspection and service repair. OK Fine, no problem. Since they already and obviously know what the issue(s) are, I ask for an estimate cost. They tell me just over $400,00 U.S. (about $540.00 CAN) plus shipping both ways. OK Fine, no problem. I ask where the repair facility is located. They tell me that they cannot discuss that and I must submit first the RMA and pay the repair fee in advance and then I will be inform of where to ship to! So I respond that it makes a great difference if I'm shipping within Canada or have to ship to the USA with customs and mail cost's, etc; and that I need to evaluate all the of the cost's! They still would not tell me the repair facility location! So i'm like>>>>> OKKK FINE!!!

    I then ask them for electrical schematics of the monitor so that I can service it as I have an electrical and electronics background. Nope we can't do that! Asus, clearly it's not that you can't, it's that you won't!

    So what do I do? A) I do have another monitor to keep me up and running and so there's no rush. B) When I have time, I open up the monitor and located the offending part. I go online and locate the item I need, order it and sit back and wait. Soon after after the item arrives and I install it that day. Yes it is working/operating absolutely fantastic once again!

    After all said and done, within three hours of my time start to finish and the cost of $65.00 CAN which included the part, shipping, dollar exchange rate and customs duties, I have the monitor working again!

    As an extra note: I could have simply gone out and bought a NEW Asus monitor of the SAME MODEL for between $500.00 and $600.00 CAN!!!!

    My opinion of Asus>>>>> they have gotten too big for their britches, exude and air of arrogance and losing touch with their customers. My future builds or purchases will not be Asus products and I will not be recommending Asus to anyone else!

  13. haroon iqbal says:

    My hardrive got corrupted on mine 2nd time. I hope they can fix it. First time the fix was good. Don't know of they can fix it again though

  14. Alex F says:

    asus rma is fucking garbage, if my shit doesnt get sorted out ill never advocate asus again

  15. The Meteor Kid says:

    So I bought my device in America and went back to Europe. Couple weeks later I think I have a motherboard issue on the laptop. Now how can I send the device and will it have to go over seas or will it be sent to a repair center in Europe? It still has 11 months of warranty.

  16. beindoter says:

    Purchased new asus z series motherboard from reseller month ago. Upon receipt did successful boot test w/cpu, ram, psu, kb, mouse but neglected to test o/b audio. Finally assembled everything when case arrived 2 weeks later and guess what? Yes, defective audio chipset of all things which rarely happens. Reseller no longer had replacement. Didn't speak to asus live chat – no one home but filled out RMA and submitted form that was approved 3 minutes later and RMA# issued. Asus allows 30 days from RMA issue date for you to return. This was yesterday but I've heard many horror stories re asus warranty repairs (product returned with worst problems or refurbished replacement) and contemplating the return or keeping mobo and buying pcie sound card. But this is a gaming computer I built for resale but I won't sell a damaged component so I may just suck it up keep it.
    Thanks for your video.

  17. AB's Kitchen Recipes & Vlogs says:

    Great review of the Asus RMA repair process. Very informative. Like 35. New here #1187

  18. Zukodama666 says:

    Hey just sent in my gl503ge for blue screens after only 1 week of owning it just sent it in we will see what happens

  19. Corfu says:

    I just applied to send my ASUS FX504GD for RMA for external damage just like yours. My laptop sustained damage after treating it like gold and both the hinges broke and in turn snapped and damaged my back case and my bezel.
    I’m hoping that it covers my warranty, I didn’t think of contacting ASUS customer support first but hopefully I can dispute it if that’s the case.

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