Easy Isometric / 3D Game Art (Cubes, Circles and Textures in Affinity Designer Tutorial)

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24 Replies to “Easy Isometric / 3D Game Art (Cubes, Circles and Textures in Affinity Designer Tutorial)”

  1. Jay Rinaldi says:

    Hi Brad. A little tip for the 'shadow/light' part you did at 11:10: In my opinion it is easier/more convenient to add a layer effect (color overlay) or even go with the adjustment layers (for more control) on the group you want to "recolor". so you can copy/paste that effect easier to other elements (especially if they don't have the exact same shape.

    ps: great that you're back on tutorials. I've missed those sooo much!

  2. Lea Seidman says:

    Y’all need Brad’s course. It took me from totally confused about vectors to loving them.

  3. Reznolv says:

    Thank you so much !

  4. Terren Bruce says:

    Great tutorial, thanks so much. Informative and fun!

  5. ip man says:

    LOVE THE TUTS. thanks man !!!

  6. AC AC says:

    Really cool… I'm looking forward to trying it out myself. One quick suggestion, it would be cool if you called out any keyboard shortcuts that may apply when you are doing things. For instance ctrl/cmd+g for grouping etc… You could say the shortcut or just have it pop at the bottom right corner of the screen when you do the action.

  7. Patrick Kalange says:

    Great tutorial. Is there an easy way to get the realistic cast shadows, all at the same angle like in your original example, or were those created by hand?

  8. Abc 123 says:

    Hi Brad, please give us reviews of your Proko course and samples of
    What you have learned ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  9. Chris Pollard says:

    I'm all-in with Affinity. The Photo/Designer/Publisher trifecta is AWESOME. The only thing I really miss from Photoshop is the timeline for doing gif animations. But I have an old copy of PS CS6 for that when I need it.

  10. Eric Hollaway says:

    Holy schnikes! These are some amazing tips! Currently taking your cartooning in procreate class as well.

  11. Cam says:

    Been wondering when you're going to do some art and not just product reviews. Great stuff!

    How's it been since you've been going back to art school?

  12. krishnan0586 says:

    Hey Brad, nothing wrong in this method or not here to show-off or something
    but, in AI or PS, you can map actions to function keys with Isometric Actions, making it way easier in just one click.

  13. WLVFX says:

    Opens 3D app, press a button and creates cube, which takes seconds. This seems to be a very protracted way to make 3D objects, plus you can only make flat planes and square objects.

    If you learn basic Blender, you'll probably make this kind of thing very quickly.

  14. justsendit says:

    Cool tutorial! Thank you, Brad! 🎨

  15. Ghost Paper says:

    Thanks Brad! I'll watch this so I can compare with the Experience of Isometric design between Affinity and Illustrator!

  16. NEØz says:

    Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft

  17. Giant Panda says:

    Loved this tutorial 😀 😀 I'm just wondering do you use the same technique when creating characters in isometric view?

  18. SockBot says:

    This is so cool! What a useful feature for game design

  19. EoThorne says:

    One if my projects uses isometric. TBH, I'm stuck. It's not easy being green.

  20. Brad Colbow says:

    I have no idea why the quality of this video is garbage. Hopefully Youtube is processing a better version now. The original video is 4k.

  21. Dopa Min says:

    I just got into Minecraft and now this. Gotta watch now 🙂

  22. Toxin says:

    y is the quality so low?

  23. Toxin says:

    this is cool brad thx

  24. Haibarou says:

    Hey guys i have a question: if you had the choice between getting Photoshop or Affinity Designer/ Photo for free what would you have chosen?

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